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Although Spain is increasingly common, in the United States and other countries the "marriage" between dogs are very common.

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With the imagination installed full in organizing weddings and new ways of understanding life, animals are more present at the ceremony and wedding. Whenever since many boyfriends want to give a special role to their dogs with whom they share many moments and emotions. In this post I’ll give some tips for both.

Rotuladores para perros
Pens dogs. Click to buy

1. MANICURE: To an event no longer go to the hairdresser and at least manicure, usually you take your dog too but beware of enamels used in some nail services or as I’ve seen on television, who after taking the manicure request be given a glaze  nails layer of her dog. I’ve seen several times and medical-legal issues aside I will say that is a danger to your dog because the legs are lame and therefore the enamel is not raised thinking about this. Otherwise the two brands that I recommend. London Warren was a brand pioneer within enamel for dogs. Its creator, a super friendly and approachable person clearly saw this problem and not only solved but went further, creating markers that are record sales and no one has released. The pens are comfy to apply for yourself and even to decorate.

If yours is still the classic enamel or want to buy for your dog his own, although he applied your barber or hair stylist, here the Fashion Dog Spa has a broad product line, high quality. Here is the video presentation of the dog fashion nail spa and how to apply:

2. BRUSHED: These two brushes are no substitute at all work of hairdresser, are for a final touch before leaving home. Both are of Dog Fashion Spa the first one is made of olive wood, the second of them meets an antistatic function.

Cepillo para pelo largo y cepillo para pelo corto. Haz clic para comprarlos
Brush long hair and short hair brush. Click to buy

3. PERFUME: Special pet perfume Les poochs are excellent, authentic luxury and exclusivity. You have a short line from which you can choose between two or three products are available throughout the year. Throughout the year produce limited editions of their Christmas or summer perfumes according to the raw materials that are produced at that time they are available and are more successful as its perfumers. The special perfume for summer floral Les poochs compound buquet with moss and green aromas. Although you see this bottle that does not tell you anything, it is numbered as it is a limited edition only for the summer.

Michel Vip is the most exclusive perfume have only produce it every two years because they fail to gather enough until two years Osmanthus flower petals, hence one of the formats is king. This perfume has notes of pink grapefruit and mandarin flower. The feelings that you have when you smell are the same as before a Sorolla, it is the expression of the perfumer’s art!

Les Poochs perfums and Michel Vip. Click to buy

This fragrance can be shared by the pet and the owner, and in fact most of the lucky ones who can get the use in various occasions. And I say lucky because only be accessed by invitation, due to high demand and limited supply. Each glass bottle is handcrafted, numbered and signed.

4. COLLAR AND LEASH: It is important that dogs are controlled, either on your wedding or your own, do not forget the belt.

Hartman & Rose Collar (top left). Collar silver (below). Water Lily Collar (right). Click to buy

Hartman & Rose and Chien Coature Necklaces are of excellent quality and design. Two houses specialized in luxury items for dogs with a long history and a fine reputation. Now they take a lot garlands Want a wreath? Look how beautiful the Chien Coature with necklace and bracelet have for you! Garlands of flowers are very nice but keep in mind that animals do not have allergy to any of them or try not to eat them, bother them … because they will try by all means take them off and even worse may be harmful to your health .  An allergy to a dog or for us,   is no nonsense.

5. HEAD ACCESORIE: Now that headdresses are so fashionable, and  Ascot next week … How pass adorn the head of our dog? Here you have this gorgeous tie Chien Coature adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Wedding dresses. Click to buy left and right

6.   DRESS BRIDE AND GROOM: There are thousands of models of «traditional» bride and groom dresses, high quality most of them pre-order tailored, but I thought to give you a different idea,  it is summer and convenience will be a harness, so you can use it also for attach the strap at one time. These harnesses faux crocodile with shiny stones forming a butterfly for the boy and for girl an angel wings, two overall trend drawings, are very original and beautiful.

Yvette Road, the designer has thought of everything, come with matching tie ( you can use bow adding a rubber lined) and can also be purchased on its website a leash to match. One day it´s a day! Although these harnesses will serve to more times than a wedding dress and tuxedo or smoking habit, as in USA for weddings.

Capa escocies
Scottish coat and Tulle. Click to buy

7. SCOTTISH WEDDING: With these models your pet is ready for a type of wedding to me particularly loved! Weddings in Scotland. With Kilts of old family clans, a real haggis with neeps and tatties (turnips and potatoes) and traditional dances.

Kilt with authentic jacket. All in one piece. On the web you have two models to choose from.  If you just want a detail, you can decorate your dog with this pretty bow tie with matching collar and leash. When the gentlemen dress kilt, ladies wears fomal with this long skirt dress inspired by a model of the first collections of Vera Wang it was a success and honestly, few have covered as well as Orostani Couture here.

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