Dress Your Pet for Christmas Parties

 Dresses, tuxedos, harnesses and accessories suitable for dogs and cats at any Christmas event.

Less than a month to Christmas. We all have business lunches, meetings of a thousand and one type with family and friends. In many of these  you can attend with your dog and even your cat. With dresses, tuxedos, harnesses and accessories that I present to you today, they will go perfectly suitable for any dress code that may require the appointment in question.

Anthony Rubio. Tuxedos and Toppers. Click to buy

In all come to mind images of female dogs with pretty dresses, but what about the male or large dogs ? And the cats? Today we discover a world in which all can attend wherever there is an event, perfectly adequate.

Chien Coature, Removable harness dress with embroidered rhinestones and long skirt of feathers. (Photo: Jon Bolton) / Anthony  Rubio, Dress inspired by «The Great Gatsby»  (Photo: Anthony Rubio)

The best brands of pet clothing using the pre-order system in all or most exclusive models. You must be very careful to measure your dog and order the garment in question because the returns will not be possible.

Returns is not just a question about «made to order», but also of hygiene and health. Isn’t that you would  want to pay for an item that has passed through another dog even for a moment, then – at best  for dry cleaning – was the same price as if unused? It is not as if you try on clothes  in an exclusive boutique, dogs don’t usually wear underwear, for example.

Anthony Rubio dress. Click to buy

Being commercially honest, this garment is already  must be for «sale» by being practically used (Honestly, if all goes better with ethical behavior). But in this market segment   promotions and discounts it is not commonplace and even political of brands  and even the stores that distribute them prefer to discard the garment that offer it at a lower price.

Female dogs.
This comfy dress with feather skirt is ideal for any family or friends gathering. Suitable for small female dogs super presumed to which love wear   everything you want just to look gorgeous.

Louis Dog Dress with feathers. /  Louis Dog. Quilted vest with bow .

Both, quilted vest as  hooded  sweater are ideal for a casual meeting at countryside, we even wear  any weekend. I have chosen those that have a special touch. Your dog may be outside and inside, playing with the kids and they both will have fun. You can find this vest also in red on the web. And a very similar pattern in light blue. Is both extremely comfortable to wear as to add or remove.

Louis Dog full coat with Swarovski. /  Orostani Dog wearing pink dress with floral skirt. Click to buy

Light, comfortable and warm insulation by Thinsulate. With authentic Swarovski and a nice pom pom on the hood. Ideal for any casual look at Christmas, both female and male small dogs. As the day progresses and the dress code is becoming more demanding, you can choose between these fantastic designs. You can choose in cream suede, pink or green metallic and from size XXS to XL. The provision motif reminiscent of some collections of Susan Lanci.

Orostani Dog wearing pink dress with floral skirt. / Orostani. Dress with ballet skirt and camellia

How can we forget the spirit of Christmas present from Christmas Carol by Dickens in its many versions is always golden and filling, as in this design by Orostani. We go to Haute Couture hand of one of the best brands: Chien Coature. This dress has exceptional characteristics. Besides that of course is done only on request, the skirt is completely detached from the body is like a harness.

Gilt Chien Coature Dress / Daffodil Chien coature. Click to buy

I recognize that yellow is not a color that really like in Spain, but besides being completely fashionable and continue throughout next season SS 16, other countries, not only like, but keep tradition of wearing a detail in this color the last night of the year  to attract money.

Male dogs.
Your dog will not leave anyone indifferent with that jacket with a quite vintage air. It is tailored in black velvet embroidered with lace sleeves. More than tuxedo jacket is a jacket for white tie, from midnight, usually except few and acts to which it comes in the morning, as some diplomatic status or State.

J’adore le chien fabolous Dress Coat. / Scottish dress, plaid coat and tie. Click to buy

I already told you I love the parties in a Scottish castle. Life is otherwise. The kilt is equivalent to the maximum etiquette. And although it is not suitable to wear a tartan that does not correspond with your family, do not be so strict … there are some that have already been «popularized». Your dog may accompany the smartest party with all the glamour of  «Old Europe».

Chien Coature. Purple velvet dress. Click to buy

For colder days, this purple velvet dress, you can also find in more colors on the web.

Large dogs.
All models that I´ve selected, except those expressly, come up to size XL. To give you an idea, this means that dogs breeds such as Doberman, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Mastiff, Siberian Husky and German Shepherd, height and weight within normal standards, use this size.

Bunny Dress Louis Dog / Orostani gown made up of hundreds of leaves and rhinestones body. Click to buy

Even up to size XL. With warm fleece. 6 layers of ruffles in black and ornaments give a touch so chic! It is available in pale pink and light gray. But there are larger breeds dogs or by their particular  characteristics for them I like haute couture.

Anthony Rubio. Dinner Jacket. (Photo by Yoni Levy)

In Chien Coature will be pleasant of make any models and even modifications within the design.  But I want  to show  closer the work of Anthony Rubio.

Few cats like to dress up, but little detail like a bow tie or neck with this one, a rhinestones collar  or even a small body that simulates tuxedo shirt will not disturb them.

Cat with bow tie. Click to buy

If your cat is among the few that supports a dress or tuxedo encárgalo previously measuring it. If doing so you are between two sizes of the table, choose the largest, it is preferable that the suit remains a little loose.

Susan Lanci Harness with bow on side / Chien Coature. Butch Collar. / Chien Coature. Pink Princess Collar / Susan Lanci.Harness with bow.

There are some animals that don’t like you to put the slightest embellishment or only allow  a necklace or harness. Today there is everything in the market with great designs and quality. Please respect them. To them I propose harnesses by Susan Lanci  ideal for small dogs or large dogs. On their website you can see more with Swarovski large stones, many colors and prints. They have a lot of collections!

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