Fine Tunning After Summer

The four most important issues that you should consider with each season change.

Autumn is very close. I like to advise you carry your pet to the vet at least once each season. Revises toys and utensils used by your pet and replaced by new ones, and even more appropriate, if there have been new unusual circumstances, such as lower potty training, teething changes, or they are simply worn. Another point that seems interesting to contemplate whether your pet needs an education or re-education through changes in behavior or perhaps visit and treat any other professional such as a physiotherapist, for example.

Tus mascotas también pueden echar de menos las vacaciones
Your pets can also become depressed

1.- Vet. I always recommend a visit to the vet per month if your pet needs more or less, it will indicate you by the professional. Vet will ensure that keep up to date calendar of vaccinations and a general check, in addition to the different queries that arise in the course of daily life. The vet can even order analysis and other tests  for a thorough examination of your pet.

Visita a un buen profesional veterinario
Go to the consultation of a prestigious veterinarian.

The veterinary professional also monitor that does not have any more frequent pest in summer or mosquitoes, fleas and other agents have not made any wound which should provide specialized attention and prompted how to treat at home or if you must return to the clinic for cures. Also during walks or due to high temperatures may plant their paws require some special care to consider.

Dog 1
Dental and ear review are a constant in the routine visit to the vet. / Dog Fashion Spa. Brush pads for dogs and cats. /  Natural Dog Company. Soothing, moisturizing and protection for dogs plants. /

Here I leave a video where you can see the variety of Fashion Dog Spa products and how they are easily applied in caring for your pet. Perhaps the change of water or diet and even other factors such as teeth, affecting them in the digestive function. Well, you see, there are a thousand and one reasons to go to a good vet after summer for a perfect set and a qualified beauty salon. On many occasions they are together or one of them may recommend you to the other type of professionals.

Un buen baño en casa o en el veterinario es fundamental
A good bath at home or at the vet is essential

2.- Grooming salon. The visit to the groomer is not only reduced to a haircut. A good professional will have products to repair damage caused by sun, sea and even the swimming  pools and high exposure open air. Although usually you bathe the dog at home, the ideal is often go to a groomer.

Gato al que se le está cortando el pelo y cepillando en una de los centros Messy Mutts
Messy mutts. Cat being groomed at Messy Mutts bodmin.

I mean dogs because almost all are devoted to it, since it is more difficult to deal with cats, to the point that some professionals need the intervention of a veterinarian who anesthetize the cat. Others have a natural gift for it and work with cats fantastically well.

In a good  grooming salon know cut the nails properly and even make «pawdicure» , treat paw pads and smooth, dyeing, and comb without harming the animal at all. And most importantly: how high cut the hair of every race of pet you carry to them. If they don’t know anything, and are good professionals will tell you frankly what they are not able to do.

Messy Mutts. Bowl de viaje
Messy Mutts. Travel Bowl

3.- Review of enamelware. The review of each and every one of the enamelware you use your pet is essential. Both those who use daily as are specific to travel. It is a general rule that if something is not in good condition can not make the function for which it was designed correctly, but also in this case you take in account the safety of the pet itself. 

I refer not only to change those toys in bad condition similar. The basic accessories: drinking and feeding, resting place, leash and collar, poop bags, toys, shoes and clothing and grooming accessories hair: shampoo, daily brush, scissors… Check the travel accessories you used during the holidays, before saving, do not keep in disrepair. If you do not urgently restore them now, wait till the next season, maybe they come out new models.

Durante el verano los niños y las mascotas pasan mucho más tiempo juntos, asegúrate de que ambos saben cómo tratarse
During the summer children and pets spend more time together, make sure both know how to treat among themselves.

4.- Education. It is a fact that during the holidays we adopt more relaxed life styles and therefore we not require much from our pets – although you do sport with your dog-. This is not to turn your dog into a robot, but it’s essential the dog can live as one member more of the family. There is the possibility of being in contact with other pets «less educated», our dog runs also relaxing and forgetting some of the good habits, needs a re-education, we can do it ourselves or go to a good professional. Obviously I advise a professional and better yet, who educated him at first.

Puede que sea el momento de reeducar a tu perro
It may be the time to educate your dog

On vacation they may have been in contact with more people, of those who have received special attention: Children who have played a lot and now they miss, not only for the extra exercise, but also the love and companionship, it is important to recognize that certain erratic behavior such as misbehaving indoors, biting furniture, cushions or mats, for example, It can be given for these reasons – boredom and inattention – like you can also give a saddening the can by considered lonelier than usual as I told you in a previous article.

Perros de asistencia
Perros de asistencia

Another important point to consider is that perhaps have changed the conditions of your home or family and you need to reeducate him to best suit them and even can be a service or assistance dog.

Note: If you want to know more about assistance dogs and associations in Spain and outside, you can read my previous articles.

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