First Dog: Basic Accessories

Probably this year , Santa will bring you, your first pet.

No matter if you’ve been to choose the most exclusive shop, the most famous breeding or association where they collect abandoned animals. Everyone who choose the option that is most identified. Total freedom, which is a great gift! I will not demonize any of them, because all seem correct for different reasons.

No importa de dónde venga, lo importante es que ya está contigo
No matter where it comes, the important thing is that you already

Today I’ll tell you what you really need, so you do not miss among the myriad of wonderful objects of great quality and design intended for pets and you launch a buy until you spend your budget on a lot of ideal things but you’ve forgotten some of the most essential and end up replacing them with lower quality, inadequate or excessive exceeding your budget. If you have an unlimited budget, go ahead! I can advise in both cases, you have only to ask. 

Compra objetos esenciales, los caprichos (como este avión) vendrán después
First purchase the necessary items to meet their basic needs.

If you have an unlimited budget, go ahead! I can advise in both cases, you have only to ask. The minimum It’s established by the basic needs. It is clear but not only think of eating, sleeping, hygiene, stool… Education and Health are too. And comply with current legislation in your country and abroad, if you plan to travel with your pet. The latter issue is more complicated and extensive  I  can advise you, if you have doubts don’t hesitate to contact me. Hygiene and disinfection, not only your pets, but all its objects is crucial as prevention to keep it healthy.

La sanidad es tan importante como la alimentación o la higiene del animal
Remember to go to the vet even before having the first pet for advice.

Although you leave the food bowl empty and only fill it when the vet meals advise you to set. The water bowl should always be filled with clean and renewed at the disposal of your animal.

Unleashed life. Anderson Collection. Click to buy

There are many types of beds, pillows, sofas and other furniture specially designed for your dog or cat rest. Although we all know you can do it anywhere, it is not indicated. We must educate everyone to have a site and each site is for an established function. I have chosen you this marvel designed by Paola De Anna, made in Italy.

De Anna. Dedalo. Click to buy

At least two or three times a day you should take your dog for a walk. You do not need to do kilometers, especially small breeds, as they will run out and the walk will be a torture than a pleasure. I love the firm Hartman & Rose, its quality, its exquisite materials and designs. Therefore, almost always I choose their designs.

Hartman & Rose. Holidays Collar / Hartman & Rose. Holidays leash. Click to buy

All documentation relating to your pet: vaccines-at a minimum regulatory vet visits, important observations, microchip, etc., should of carrying at least when traveling with her/him, but you must take it   when you go for a walk in certain cities, since in some legislation is becoming very strict and the local police can request certain information about your animal.

Aristopaws. Pet leather case documentation / Clean Go. Bags. Click to buy

Please do not use grocery bags or the like, there are nicer bags, specially made for this purpose.

Amazón. Harness set belt for pets. Click to buy

It is very important that your pets go caught during the trip. Both for your safety as for theirs. Also see to enforce legislation on this subject in your country. A great solution is this, because you can adjust the distance to the seat back as far as you see fit. Your dog or cat will not feel upset because it only holds a harness. There are blankets to covering the seats and even spacers between the front and rear seats to be discussed in a post about travel.

Today I´ve decided to present a variety of toys that I have never spoken. Toys that stimulate their intelligence entertain addition, most systems are based on puzzles.

Nina Ottosson. Puzzle toy to develop intelligence. Click to buy

Vet visits are mandatory. Do not skip a single one of them nor their recommendations, search the best professionals, like you would do for you.

Go for a while an educator with your pet, especially if you’ve never had one,  is very good. You can also choose the option to read books that are usually specialized depending on the breed of the animal or watch educational videos with general guidelines and breed of your animal. If your pet has a mix of races, choose the predominant.


Basic hygiene kit Aroma Paws / Cesar Millán. Videos education behavior. Click to buy

For general guidelines I really like the advice of Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, because in my opinion are full of common sense. It has so much stuff you can buy at your web. In this other web you can get more information on his books in Spanish, tv channels in Spain (mediaset of course!) And Latin America.

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