Floral Workshops Around the World

Do you want to design flowers, but do not know where to start? Floristas del Mundo prepared an extensive list of workshops with the best designers of the moment.

Exquisito bouque con el toque de Holly, las rosas Combo (color café dorado). Fotografía Jodi & Kurt PhotographyRamo de novia del que caen cintas con y jazmín con la nueva técnica inventada por Holly. Fotografía Newton Roy

In the United States, collaborative economy is also a fact in the floral industry. Obviously, social networks are essential in this explosion. To name a few groups using the free technology provided by Facebook, there are Real Business Flowers, Flowerona for Florists, Dutch Floral Design, Communauté des Fleuristes and Floristas del Mundo.

Spectacular floral decoration by Holly Chapple at Hope Flower Farm. Photography Jodi & Kurt Photography

Does a doubt assail you? Ask and you will receive the answers: where can you get the exquisite Koko Loko rose; who to order the best garlands of foliage (prefabricated); how much to charge for a sky of flowers over the dance floor; what you need to know when you first appear at a wedding show; how to make an anemone from a lisianthus; the mechanics behind a wall of flowers, and an infinite etcetera.

Bouquets listos para entregar de Leafy Couture. Fotografía Sarah Richardson
Ready-to-ship bouquets by Leafy Couture. Sarah Richardson Photography

Secrecy is history and florists who ruminate enclosed and hide their recipes, have little time left. Sharing knowledge is the shortest way to achieve professional success and to create with the best tools. However, to explain how to make a high design for a main table in a wedding, can be difficult. It makes a huge difference to see a designer working and then you replicating the prototype with your own hands under his careful direction. So here is the importance and the reason workshops have become so popular.

No hay que ser una florista profesional para inscribirse a los talleres de Holly. Fotografía Jodi & Kurt Photography
You don’t have to be a professional florist to sign up for Holly’s workshops. Photography Jodi & Kurt Photography

With the information disaggregated in each blog and web page, the task of finding which one to attend can take hours, if not days. That is why Floristas del Mundo has prepared a list with more than 150 workshops that will be taught during 2017 by the best designers in America and Europe. (Note: except in Mexico, the language used is primarily English).

Demostración de arreglo campestre en un taller en el estudio de Leafy Couture. Fotografia Jane Beadnell
Demonstration of a country setting in a workshop at the Leafy Couture studio. Photography Jane Beadnell

Group courses are open to both amateurs and professionals. They are in great demand because you contact other designers making networking. In addition, participation in some of them entails becoming part of a community and its consequent benefits. These workshops range from how to make a spring wreath in the English firm Leafy Couture for 56 €; To a three-day immersion in the state of Utah, United States, with designer Nicole Land of Soil & Stem for € 3,528.

Expert in texturized brides is Sarah Richardson. Jane Beadnell Photography

If what you are looking for is a class, there are options too. For a two-day tutorial with photo shoot included, Katie Davis from Ponderosa & Thyme charges € 2,786. And prices can escalate further. Kiana Underwood, the famous Tulipina, charges € 3,435 for the same 48 hours. Obviously, transportation, accommodation and dinner are not included. Take out the accounts and you will know that today, a considerable part of the florists’ income comes from education.

Exquisite bouquet with the touch of Holly, roses Combo. Photography Jodi & Kurt Photography. / Bridal bouquet from which ribbons and jasmine fall with the new technique invented by Holly. Newton Roy Photography

And, finally, the online courses start to rage. Last week, Amy Osaba from Amy Osaba Design demonstrated how to make a flower arrangement through a webinar, answering questions about her style, the type of material she uses, her technique and the cost. 361 designers from Russia to Peru were connected to the live event. A real success! If I made is a company linked to the OnceWed blog that offers courses in flower design, style, photography, packaging and business. Sarah Winward and Bows + Arrows have courses made with excellent filming, PDF and practical work, for those who do not want to travel.

Left: Christy Hulsey owns Colonial House of Flowers in Statesboro, Georgia (USA) Right: Spectacular arrangement in basket with amarilis, anemones, roses, buttercups and six types of foliage. Happy Bloom Photo

Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers
Christy was chosen Mayesh Design Star of 2017. Mayesh is a flower and foliage wholesaler founded in 1938, and in charge of the Dahlson family since 1978. With them she will tour the United States conducting workshops that encourage designers to experiment and be fearless; work from the inside and gain security; and remember that «it does not have to be perfect to be beautiful». There will be discussions from topics of design and creative process, to photography and social networks.

Mayesh llevará a Christy Hulsey por todo Estados Unidos. El tour comenzó la semana pasada en Los Angeles. Fotografía de Jeremy Chou
Mayesh will be taking Christy Hulsey all over the United States. The tour began last week in Los Angeles. Photograph of Jeremy Chou

It will also showcase the Flower Pulls program. Each 7-hour session (lunch included) will be featured by a professional photographer and the students will be able to take home, not only the flowers, but also the photographs for their website and portfolio. Colonial House of Flowers had 50 years of family tradition. When Christy took over in 2012, she infused the flower shop with new life. Today is a booming company and she hopes to transfer her experience and knowledge. «I believe what you send into the Universe you will receive. You know, like the kindness boomerang effect».

Sarah Richarson es una destacada florista en el condado de Yorkshire, Reino Unido
Sarah Richarson

Sarah Richardson by Leafy Couture
Despite being in Otley, a Yorkshire town of only 14 thousand inhabitants, Sarah in one of the most requested florists of the English county, where there are several noble houses. She opened her workshop eleven years ago in his mother’s cellar and today has the agenda booked through 2018. One of her most recent satisfactions was to make flowers for the wedding of an Olympic cyclist.

Pastel colors in these delicates Spring bride’s bouquets by Sarah. Jane Beadnell Photography

Her passion for teaching other florists led her to open her flower school. Students work with seasonal and British flowers when it’s possible. With Sarah, they learn about textures, palette and the importance of perfume. She also teaches brides to make arrangements for their weddings (DIY). This year photographer Emily Quinton is the special guest and she will give an Instagram course for creatives.

Holly Chapple con las rosas de jardín de David Austin. Fotografía Kate Headley
Holly Chapple with David Austin’s Garden Roses. Kate Headley Photography

Holly Chapple by Holly Chapple Flowers
Flower designer for more than 20 years, Holly is a pioneer in the training of florists. At Hope Flower Farm, Virginia, USA, she organizes one-on-one classes, workshops with top guests like Gregor Lersch and events like Flowerstock. She created the Chapel Designers organization and holds conferences in and outside the United States since 2011. The next has just been announced and will be held in North Carolina.

Holly Chapple (de azul) al término de un taller con sus alumnas en Hope Flower Farm. Fotografía Jodi Miller
Holly Chapple (in blue) at the end of a workshop with her students at Hope Flower Farm. Jodi Miller Photography

Holly started making bouquets for brides in the dishwasher in her kitchen and today is among the best designers per Martha Stewart Weddings. Although each weekend has a large wedding, has made up to eight simultaneous events. She has just launched her first online course, which reveals how to make a «Hollyish bouquet», a technique that is revolutionizing the floral industry.

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