Heiresses Pets

Inherit and enjoy fortunes, houses and attention that many humans want for themselves, but perhaps they have loved better their owners better than those people around them.

Although in Spain you can not bequeath  any good   to an animal, you can bequeath an animal to the people you choose with conditions, such as: The beneficiary is not the owner of the property until proven who has cared perfectly the animal to death of it or You let the animal and an amount and/or sufficient assets to their care or while accepting his share of the inheritance accepts perfectly the animal care. However in countries governed by the Anglo-Saxon inheritance laws or governed by them, animals can themselves be beneficiaries.

 Dog drinks water
Dog drinks water in a gold and crystal container, one of the most exclusive in the world.

There are a number of more or less famous stories that occurred this case. Today I will make a ranking of the richest inheritance pets – mostly dogs and cats – and the most significant anecdotes that lead recorded by the press and jurisprudence from 1994 to the present day. Today, that is so fashionable for some exibir his luxurious lifestyle in social networks, «the last thing» is to teach how to live their pets. I already talked about it in but today we will give another approach thoroughly.

 Diamond collar for dogs and cats.
Diamond collar for dogs and cats.

1.- Gunther IV: This German Shepherd inherited from his canine parent – Gunther III – 92 million euros of the Countess has Karlota Liebstein. He has caregivers, veterinarians and chefs who will prepare a diet of caviar, meat and exquisite white truffles – his  weakness – daily, and a corporation that manages its money has been held up her inheritance to 140 – 200 million euros (according to sources). But as sometimes happens when there is so much money and the owner can not be run it directly, there was a time when it was even doubt the existence of the countess and even the dog Gunther III and IV.

Gunther. He inherited from his doggy parent.

Anyway, on behalf of Gunther IV there mansions in Italy, Germany and the Bahamas. It is assumed that he has come to buy a house to the Madonna herself by 7.5 million in «cash» and was a result of this operation when the alarm about whether it would be a financial assembly activated.

Patricia O'Neil & Kalu
Patricia O’Neil & Kalu

2.- Kalu: It is a chimpanzee who in 1985 was found tied to a column in Zaire, Patricia O’Neill, daughter of the Countess of Kenmoore and Olympic swimming champion Frank O’Neill, it will inherit a fortune of 90 million dollars (66 million euros ) and a ranch in Australia. He currently lives in South Africa and maybe enough has been reduced this figure since it appears that Patricia O’Neil has lost 40 million pounds. People says that Patricia have arranged it well in her will to leave nothing to her husband. Patricia O’Neil has founded a sanctuary for animals that can learn more by visiting their website.

Toby Rimes
Toby Rimes. New Yorker and famous for its solidarity.

3.- Toby Rimes: He lives in New York, he inherited a fortune of 30 million dollars (22 million euros) from his owner Ella Wender, currently 92 million and is famous for its charities.

Trouble died at age 12.

4.- Trouble: Until the family can inherit Leona Helmsley in 2010 when Trouble, the Maltese terrier died, they became a genuine judicial ordeal because they disagreed with the arrangement of the famous hotel and real estate heiress who bequeathed $ 12 million to her dog.

Tommaso, the stray cat.

5.- Tommasso: Its owner, an Italian widow collected from the street when he was two years old because she recognized in his eyes her own loneliness. Moving for all those who so often our animals understand us and have been in the best and worst moments of our lives. Tomasso inherited 10 million plus homes in Milan and Rome with employees to care him and for maintain the mansions in perfect condition.

Gigoo, The millionairess hen
The millionairess hen.

6.- Gigoo: It is a hen that has an estimated 10 million dollars (7.34 million euros) inherited figure.

7.- Conchita: Gail Posner left her three dogs, one of them her chihuhua Conchita her Sunset Island mansion in Miami Beach valued at 8.3 million and 3 million more in money for maintenance of dogs and mansion with their employees, namely nurse who cared for Mrs. Posner during her illness until his death until they find the right partnership to care for them.

Conchita, Gail Posner
Conchita , chihuahua with her mistress Gail Posner.

The problem came when her son felt offended by receiving only $ 1 million, within four months of all that had spent the dogs in her mother’s life in spa,  super luxury collars, genuine fur coats  -something exotic for Miami- that not always dogs liked. As the anecdote in which Mrs. Posner bought a necklace of $ 15 000 genuine diamonds for Conchita and was not to her liking, so always said that the only «girl» on the world for whom the diamonds were not her best friends was her dog.

Tinker, el gato millonario

8.- Tinker: It is an English cat who inherited a house worth 700,000 euros, two cats to keep him company and 145,000 euros for their maintenance.

9.- Eileen: She inherited 110,000 € and a property where she lives with her five kittens.

Jasper fue envenenado
Jasper was poisoned

10. -Jasper: He inherited 100,000 € and was the first cat to pay legal fees in Britain. His guardianship was inherited by the son in law of its owner, Sir Benjamin Slade who «advised him to» and invested his fortune raising it to 200,000 €. He was named the most indulged cat of UK travel by limousine and maintain a menu of beef fillet, sole and mussels from New Zealand. He died poisoned.

 Oprah Winfrey with Lucas & Layla
Oprah Winfrey with Lucas & Layla

Some animals who will inherit. 
For animals that can enjoy fantastic lives and live as if they had inherited an immense fortune are Oprah Winfrey’s dog whose fortune -Oprah’s- is valued at 9,000 million dollars. It is known that she has real weakness for his 5 dogs (Sunny and Lauren -Springer Spaniel-, Sadie – Cocker spaniel- Luke and Layla).

Oprah Winfrey's dogs
Oprah Winfrey’s dogs

When Sophie, her cocker spaniel died 8 years ago, she made several allegations in her TV program for pet adoption through animal shelters and showed photos of Sophie. She also donated $ 150,000 to build the Sophie’s Place an incredible center for animals. Oprah has in his will that his dogs inherit 30 million dollars so they are superbly fed, cared for and pampered when she is missing.


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