Helping Santa Claus

With these proposals, your pets will help Santa Claus.

On Christmas Eve Santa Claus has an arduous task to deliver all the presents to those who  have been good. Certainly he has a huge and a perfectly qualified staff, but it never hurts a little help.

Socks prepared for pets gifts.

Do not forget to put a sock also for your pet. This by Oscar Newman have matching the jersey, but you can buy both parts separately. The collection (No) Nice / Naughty is super trendy. A good gift for that Santa leave to your dog in the sock, are these organic cookies shaped gingerbread. The latest by Bubba Rose!

Oscar Newman, Sock and Sweater Nice Naughty / Bubba Rose, Organic cookies. Click to buy

It would be good for Santa that our dogs and cats who know us great and so many times have shown us how smart they are will lend a hand to Santa Claus so he can go to  every home on time. I´ve had the idea of dressing – or at least with a complement – decorating for Christmas dinner to our dear friends so that Santa Claus can recognize them as his assistants.

Chien Coature, Cornucopia coat. Click to buy

And just have to leave on the balcony or in the usual place of each house gifts and your pets can help distribute. You can even make a game with children, pets and a white wicker basket with wheels to carry gifts. It will be fun!

Chien Coature, Happy Holidays Harness / Leash / Collar. Click to buy

The idea is to go according to the dress code that you have the habit or established this year for Christmas dinner. You will generally wear a cocktail look, so I propose a few outfits for your pet that could fit perfectly. For a sophisticated look, nothing better than Chien Coature designs. They have a small collection inspired by Christmas named Happy Holidays, but honestly, anyone that you choose fom this brand will go great.

Chilly Dog Sweaters, Elf sweater / Spoiled sweet pets,  Elf hat. Click to buy

If you dress your dog like Christmas elf, Santa Claus can recognize it more easily as an assistant. The other day I read an interview with an elf . He tells that lives   in Lapland and that their work is not just about wrapping gifts and attach the cards. They also deal with everything related to Christmas in addition to remember those who do not behave quite right to return on the right path or be left with nothing.

Ruff Ruff Couture. Patchwork dress with Christmas details / Patchwork tank with Christmas details . Click to buy

The crux is that not everyone knows hearing them because they are too stunned after the sound of his own mental tangle that do not receive the message that life can be happier and less complicated, especially if you fussed about what’s really important. This model is ideal, at first sight recalls the clothing of elves. In more detail, the patchwork give a very warm and Christmas air.

Gwlittle. Christmas tree costume. Click to buy

Since last year, we know that you are nobody without a «treefie», a selfie with Christmas tree in your social networks. You will leave everyone amazed if the photo in your networks is with your dog disguised of Christmas tree with ornaments. But what would a Christmas tree without gifts? This personalized ornament that you can make yourself with the  pawprint of your dog or cat, I think is the most endearing. Those who have lost one of our beloved and faithful companions know well.

For all who do not believe anything if they do not see a video, I leave it to Santa Claus «catched» in full flight above the city of New York with all his reindeer. It is morning because the poor is fatal with time zones, do you see how he need help? Keep being good…

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