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The only thing you will not find here is a red rose bouquet for Valentine's Day. Be original if you want to surprise your loved one.

Do you want to surprise her with flowers but you flee from the typical gifts? Here you have the best and most original Instagram florists for you to succeed … and maybe inspire you for your wedding …

One of the most successful florists in its country (Photos: Jane Florist)

Jane Florist, (Korea)
Its aesthetic is clean, but with thoughtful details. The bouquet can have only three flowers, but the papers grapping that surround them make them look like a little jewel. This business strategy has made it one of the most successful florists in its country. That’s why it’s not surprising they have 54.9k followers on Instagram.

She engages with the delicacy of her images (Photos: Chloe and Mint)

Chloe and Mint (United States)
In California, the land of may successful designers, Jenny Yi appears timidly. Graduated in Fine Arts, she worked with several companies dedicated to events before launching her own. With just 3,600 followers on Instagram, she engages with the delicacy of her images. Florist, stylist, coordinator and event organizer guarantees the cohesion of a project.

This artist is a rare synthesis in the wedding industry (Photos: Cristin Francis)

Cristin Francis Aqueduto (Portugal)
Unique. Not only her feed is spectacular, but her stories on Instagram are a real pleasure to follow. Great flower designer, stylist and photographer, Cristina owns a country house turned into an event center in the north of Portugal. This artist is a rare synthesis in the wedding industry. In their arrangements, each flower is a protagonist role. Nothing is strident or caramelized. And every element regains its past nobility splendor.

Lisa Collins loves leaves, branches and foliage

Sweet Woodruff (Canada)
It’s been seven years since Lisa Collins opened her studio in Toronto. Her first job at the age of 14 was at a flower shop and she was hooked. Nevertheless, she took a parallel path. Her studies of interior design and urban planning helped her later. The sense of space is a preponderant presence in her photographs. She loves leaves, branches, foliage, as well a clear palette that inspires tranquility.

Anastasia Panina loves the ocher colors. (Photo: Asya Bloom)

Asya Bloom (Russia)
The biggest bouquets in the world are made by Russians. Or, at least, that’s my impression. In the work of Anastasia Panina this winter there is a splurge of flowers and golds (her clientele in St. Petersburg asks for it), but she does not fall into vulgarity. Her style is romantic, more than suggestive, imposing, while her arrangements impress by its movement and exquisiteness.

Caroline O’Donnell is one of the best florists in Boston. (Photos: Wild Folk Studio)

Wild Folk Studio (United States)
Caroline O’Donnell, one of the best florists in Boston, is self-taught. And now, she is now giving workshops, if she is not organizing parties and marriages or distributing her designs across the city. With social awareness, she organized with her creative friends a pop-up shop, and the profits went to help women in her neighborhood.

Lucy Hunter has moved on to floral design after her landscaping work (Photo: Lucy The Flower Hunter)

Lucy The Flower Hunter (United Kingdom)
Maybe it was only a matter of time before award-winning landscaper Lucy Hunter from North Wales discovered flower design. Her account evokes what we all have in the unconscious. The British countryside where a rustic saddle coexists with a gold-leaf mirror, and a pile of books can stand as a pillar of a flowered urn. As well as her journey through different workshops of renowned designers. And her adventure has just begun!

These bridal bouquets by Janna Brown are spectacular (Photos: Janna Brown Design)

Janna Brown Design (United States)
If you ever dreamed of marrying on a cliff looking at a raging sea, Janna Brown is your florist. The flowers must have a stage to stand out, said the legendary Constance Spry, and Janna does exactly that, and more. Her services range from organizing a wedding (in Alabama or any corner of the world), through her wild designs, to grapping a shell with a velvet ribbon, as she is also a great stylist.

Exotic and elegant designs by Simone Goosh. (Photos: Fjura)

Fjura (United Kingdom)
Simone Goosh, an Australian, conquered the Londoners with their provocative aesthetics and elegance. She does not bring the garden into the house. Rather it soaks with exoticism whatever she touches. Orchids are one of her favorite species and every flower that impudently manifests its beauty. Her designs speak with their own language, which is appreciated.

Colors and abundance of textures are the weakness of Mandy Ogaz (Photo: The Potted Pansy)

The Potted Pansy (United States)
Mandy Ogaz’s weakness is fall. She goes into the woods of Utah and when something catches your eye, snipe! She likes that freshness, bold colors and texture abundance. An arrangement is always an unrepeatable path. «I put my soul in every project, designing pieces to touch hearts and move souls.»

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