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It's a fact: The it pet exist by themselves. Because they have this special category not for the reason of their owners are cool.

The term «It» refers to something that is the «Absolute Attraction». Is not beauty, but what the French call «je ne sais quoi» or  in Andalusia name «Angel» or deeper : «Duende». If you have it, you will conquer the heart and soul of all the people. It is not a new term,- take more than a century in the global vocabulary – but implying besides being «to have a finger in every pie». It is to make money for your mere presence, photographs and merchandising articles as well as blogs, social networking and everything you can think of to monetize your charm that everyone will want to have or at least copy.

Choupette, la gatita de Lagerfeld
Choupette Karl Lagerfeld

We talked about Choupette, the so elegant, feminine and special kitten Karl Lagerfeld who has starred in advertising campaigns even outside Chanel and has a line by «La Maison» exclusively for cats, or the richest pets Internet as the two pomeranian Boo and Buddy but in this article I delve into another aspect and I will update you on new It pets, because as the popularity changes for people and there are new it girls as in the case of the Hill family, also happens in the world of It pets. But if one thing is clear in this scenario is that Choupette is the top and it will never change.

Línea de accesorios que salió de una serie de caricaturas inspiradas en Choupette hechas por Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld. Line of accessories inspired by cartoons of Choupette made by Karl Lagerfeld. 

I will focus on dogs and cats. Leaving aside other animals that have come to the fore except the pig Bacon and the Biddy and Darcy urchins, that I will mention, for different reasons.

Choupette, la gata de Karl Lagerfeld y su colección cápsula. Compra aquí
Choupette kiss a little figure of Karl Lagerfeld. She is as smart as the sense of humor of its owner. I love it! 

1.- Jiff Pom. This pomerania who has own web and 2 million daily visits in social networks, is an actor who moved from Illinois to Los Angeles to succeed as so many others. He has won the Video Music Awards MTV Award for his participation in the Katy Perry’s video: «Dark House». He has starred in ads for Target and Banana Republic.

Jiff Pom en albornoz y su funda para iPhone 6. Cómprala aquí
Jiff Pom wearing a bathrobe /  Jiff Pom. Iphone 6 y 6s case

It has several Guinness Record as the fastest dog on two legs on different types of careers. On their website you can find more information about it, as shown on Disney Chanel or all of the merchandising you can buy in the store, as the cover for iphone 6 and its emoticons.

Doug the pug y su dueña Leslie Mosier
Doug the pug and his owner Leslie Mosier

2.- Doug the pug: Doug is a pug whose official website is where you can buy all his merchandise in addition to ordering the products that are coming out as Doug’s book to be sold on Amazon. You can also access from here to his link of your favorite social network.

Leslie Mosier, its owner is making a fortune thanks to him, who adopted in Ohio before moving to Nashville (Tenesse) where it is commonly believed to be. The huge media coverage in social networks Doug –has about 6 million followers across all social networks, including links of vine.

Doug the pug, toda una estrella perruna
Doug the Pug at Starbucks

Among his most frequent activities are  appear on the most watched programs of American television and radio, the most popular concerts like Lollapalooza and Billboard Hot 100 Fest or hanging out with friends like Justin Bieber, Meghan Trainor John Legend and Ed Sheeran.

Doug the pug. Camiseta Pugs not drugs. Compra aquí
Doug the pug. Shirt «Pugs not drugs»

It is the first animal verified on Spotify. Doug appeared in an alternative music video with Demi Lovato and the award of American country music with Dustin Lynch on April 3rd, 2016. In the written press (magazines and newspapers) the first to write an article about Doug was Mashable, then came Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, TIME, Huffington Post, and many others.

Robin, el maltés de Paula Ordovás
Paula Ordovás’ maltese.

3.- Robin the Maltese. In the Spanish scene, my favorite is Robin, Paula Ordovás’ bichon maltese. Paula is the blogger of, makes many of the things that the «It dogs» do themselves  as traveling, dress fashionably, but is also leading advocate of PAW (Pets Are Welcome). But do not make money as the pets above mentioned, like the famous dogs of Leo Messi or Neymar, Robin has its own account and thousands of own instagram followers.

Pancho protagonizó el anuncio de la lotería y actuó en varias películas
Pancho, starred the advertisement of the lottery and acted in several films and television series.

Unlike our missed Pancho, who starred so many commercials and even movies and he did win a lot of money to his owner, the style of the most famous It dogs.

Nala Cat y White Coffe Cat
Nala Cat y White Coffe Cat

4.- Nala Cat & White Coffee Cat. Nala and White Coffe are dating, Nala lends its web to White coffe to bid their products and even to defray medical expenses through donations between 5 and 20 dollars. Also on the website besides in their social networks – you can see the latest photos and stay on top of their adventures. Of course they sell merchandising of both, and some of them are really nice products for cats.

Darcy la eriza japonesa
Darcy. The japanese female hedgehog.

The Darcy and Biddy hedgehogs have about 300,000 and nearly 600,000 followers on instagram, respectively. Darcy is a japanese female hedgehog, lives in Tokyo who has summer and winter clothes and bespoke furniture. I like the idea of having these hedgehogs, they are cute, but honestly I do not think there’s so many people who know how to care properly a hedgehog and if they are comfortable being pet.

Eugenia M. de Irujo con su cerdo Bacon
Eugenia Martínez de Irujo with Bacon.

Bacon the extremely well-known little pig who was given by a friend to the Duchess of Montoro, Eugenia Martinez de Irujo, lately has been the delight of many people, who not only visit her instagram (the Duchess’) but has read the press in Spain lately. I liked  the phrase «Ask me about Bacon»  that Eugenia told – calmly and  with a wonderful smile – in answer to the number one thousand question on her private life when she went to an event. Honestly not only I love the phrase but was the inspiration for this article.

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