Keep Cool, My Friend

 Find out how harnesses, blankets, necklaces and other gadgets will help your dog to be chilly. Plus a selection of gourmet ice cream and summer treats.

Pup R Wear. Collar to keep cool to Yorkshire. Click to buy

In this series of articles on how to make your dog more enjoyable summer and variety of accessories and tips to help you, there are still some issues to deal with. Today we will see how to keep their  body cooler beyond the shade, toilets or cutting some hair. 

As I mentioned in previous articles, the normal body temperature for a dog can range between 100-103 ° F or even lower it to keep fit virtually the methods that we use: chilly drinking and eating food, even ice cream. Appropriate clothing for heat and maintain a cool environment away from sunlight, but this must be adapted to them.

Ruffwear. Vest to keep your dog cool. Click to buy

Ruffwear is an excellent brand of pet supplies. Its products have high quality, design, impeccable finishes and care of every detail. They even have a line of products for people. This vest uses body heat from your dog’s body and through the moistened tissue keeps it fresh. It is designed to reflect the sun’s heat and does not contribute as a source of extra heat.

Prestige Pets. Blanket to keep cool your dog. Click to buy

This blanket Prestige Pets is a light, fresh and soft to the touch fabric. Luxurious and comfortable for your dog to take him undisturbed, for dogs that can not stand a vest but are very hot, has two fastening points.

The tissue is activated to dampen but never feel wet dog. You can do the test by putting   your  hand between the blanket and dog hair. As the day progresses and the tissue is doing its function, it acquires a stiff look, a sign that takes moisten. Do it again. This fabric is 100% synthetic, easy to wash and maintain in perfect condition.

Kumfy Tailz. Harness dog (kept warm or cool depending on the season) and Aqua Cool Keeper. Bandana to keep your pet cool. Click to buy

This harness that takes up minimal space for dogs who are upset with virtually anything you put them designed by veterinarians through years of experience in their respective offices and their own research. It serves for the whole year because according to the season will achieve keep cool or warm your pet and protects the less hair covered part. Remember the important regulatory function of body temperature that has the hair of dogs and cats and that we discussed in «The summer of your pet»

This bandana is suitable for use by all your pets (dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits …). It helps to keep it cool, put in cold water to cool and be ready in one minute. It remains fresh for 5 days. It is reusable. Hand washing. You have more very beautiful models and other interesting products on the web.

Motley Mutt. Collar to keep cool your dog. Click to buy

These collars cooling bandana fabric lined with dogs are a simple but effective way to help keep them  cool. They can be used putting inside an added layer of cooling, such as plastic necklaces are not so pretty fabric alone and are less adaptable. There are several models with roughly added rows, to use it as hot are your dog or his size.

Doggles. Juguetes para perros. Haz clic para comprar
Doggles. Dog playing to catch the toy. Click to buy

Maybe your dog needs a little help to get into the water. You can encourage with these fun floating toys. Overall dogs love to play and much more if you cast them to an object and they have to bring. These two models: The duck just floats.

The second has a ball for those who need extra help, and  are more interested in playing with the ball, if you take away the toy with the ball and you throw it into the water, sure that it also releases and rescues, passing bathing. Both are by Doggles, I like this brand for its variety and quality, and safety for pets in the materials and finishes. This is fundamental.

Thirsty Milo. Click to buy

Definitely if there is a travel  waterers fashionable that´s : Thirsty Milo. In principle it is a waterers, be up to 1.5 L of water. But you can buy two units and use the other as feeder. Those so beautiful bags with stainless steel bowls have passed into history and been replaced by inventions of medium-low quality that I never advise.

The Thirsty Milo has nothing to do with it. It has a very functional design made of high quality plastic and not waste anything of stored water since the cap fits perfectly. Stability is another plus. You have it in various color combinations. Added bonus: it is very comfortable for the pet to drink directly, can even drink two large dogs at a time.

Ice cream flavor «shredded pork» ARRF Scarf, honey ice cream and banana Billy + Margot and cooler to take ice cream. Click to buy

This ice cream is made from meat, yogurt, cheddar cheese, peanut butter, by flavor. It’s great because it’s like a completely handmade food for dogs, ideal for those days when they don´t feel like for eating food, because the heat not only reduces appetite in humans.

In contrast to the above, the line of ice cream Billy + Margot can be considered a dessert or a snack. Its flavors are banana and honey, apple and carrot and banana or strawberry and apple. You can buy on the web this cute cooler. Just remember to put them in the freezer upon arrival at your destination and transported with ice-packs since it´s merely a virtually waterproof bag.

Homemade ice cream for dogs made with molds. Click to buy

For those who relaxes by cooking,, a great and original idea is to make homemade ice cream for your pet. So you will use exactly the ingredients that are used to take and avoid those that have banned you. There are dogs or cats that have food intolerances and we need to be prepared for a very personalized diet, so they should not give up a good ice cream. In this web you can find the recipe for ice cream exactly this picture. Molds can find multiple ways in consumer stores like 

In excessively hot days and at critical hours, your dog should be like you, sheltered and fresh, if you can not find out should be inside with air conditioning. There are houses that already have a built both cooling and heating for the winter.  If you don´t like your dog into your home and don´t plan to put air conditioning in his house or may not be possible by its particular characteristics, there are special house pets fans with them your pet won´t  suffer any danger because these fans  work without electricity. The best known model is the Pro Select Crate Fan,  here you can find this and other popular models too here.  

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