Luxury Dog Treatments

Aromatherapy, psychology, brackets, homeopathy and more.

There are pets that live lives of real luxury and not just for clothes, food and accesories they use. Its owners are able to offer them the latest treatments available in the market and that actually work to maintain their health and wellbeing. Leave aside the demagoguery on luxury (even for pet), because we know the economic engine that is, among other many reasons that are irrelevant at this moment.

Las mascotas pueden disfrutar tanto como sus dueños cuidándose
Massages for dogs: relaxing or therapeutic.

Only in Spain annually move an average of 6,000 million euros in animal drugs in this amount are not included  the remedies and alternative medicine, which also works. The choice between the two, or a combination of both advise you to put according to the veterinarian you trust. Within luxury treatments I do not consider rehabilitation, castration or other surgery that your vet may recommend your animal or education of your dog. This seems to me normal.

Cuando hablamos
Dog psychology can be very useful.

I refer to as luxury treatments which I will speak of exclusivity, because of its high price at which they can only access privileged treatment and economies or any product to be directed beyond the normal needs of your dog. Although it is depending on the circumstances.

El psic´
The psychologist can also correct erratic behavior.

Animal psychology is considered among these treatments. Psychologists are important for treatment of behavior problems. Perhaps people who have collected abused animal   not all are cured with love and demonstrations of affection, but in some cases to be received (this love) by the dog it must have the ability to receive and some by abuse  have developed their own personality a barrier, so strong  that have a lock and for much love that you give them they can not be able to receive.

El especialista puede corregir conductas erróneas
El especialista puede corregir conductas erróneas

To do this, many have done with patience, but with proper psychological treatment you will get it sooner. This is just one example, since there are dog breeds classified as dangerous or who develop an aggressive or erratic behavior that however much effort you put on it, you should check yourself to see a specialist. Psychologists can help you with your pet in case of terminal illness and in the case of skin diseases (in fact the skin and nerve tissue are closely related from the womb in mammals).

Acupuncture for dogs.

For decades we live the boom of alternative therapies. Make sure this really are serious and applied by professionals. Here can see a list of everything that is considered as an alternative therapy. For animals are most commonly used  acupuncture, massage (acupressure, shiatsu, reflexology), aromatherapy, homeopathy and osteopathy.

A lo
Even natural remedies must have sanitary registration number.

At this stage of XXI century we have a lot of pet hotels, considered of high quality, but the consumer is not satisfied only to treat your dog great on luxury facilities with a good stay and delicious food combined with some Extra as styling and beautiful gardens. Now consumers are looking also aromatherapy baths, pet massage – at least-  or therapeutic after bath and full styling. If you also make a personalized study of the dietary needs of the animal and a menu to follow them the better, and all this can be completed with other extras like psychological therapy, complementary vitamins, etc. The price does not matter, what is really interesting is the health of the animal.

Lo último es
The hyperbaric chamber is also very useful in horses

No need to wait to go on holiday to a  hotel to take your pet these services . In some shops with hairdresser you can already access the bath with aromatherapy, massage and full styling while you wait with a glass of Champagne in the VIP area. In Barcelona Yorky’s Central Store for example, you can have all these services.

In the latest beauty treatments is the oxygen chamber or hyperbaric chamber, famous for the urban legend that Michael Jackson himself used it for its anti-aging properties. It is based on the administration of oxygen at higher pressure of air once you’re inside it.

La cámara
Pet oxygen chambers.

The hyperbaric chamber or O2 Airpress chambers is also used in the treatment of wounds rebels, killing bacteria that can grow in environments where there is a shortage of oxygen, precisely those that cause gangrene and other diseases. Tell me if it would be a luxury or a necessity if your dog were in this situation. Whose wounds are used even for horses legs are common and very important treatment.

Wesley, the dog with brackets who is revolutionizing internet.

Dr. Jim Moore of Michigan (United States) is one of the professionals who make it but there are other dogs dentists even in Latin America, in principle he puts it for those dogs who really need them, but in my opinion there is a thin line between necessity and aesthetics in a subject like canine teeth, since usually a denture with problems whose solutions are the brackets will most likely have chewing trouble and therefore eating and digestive troubles , this is something very serious .

Fortunately in Spain, Britain, Germany, Sweden, United States and Brazil is becoming a common practice. In Colombia Dr. Suanúa Serrano canine specialist veterinary dentistry is a real expert on the subject.

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