Luxury Food for Pets

Delicious and cared food specially designed for the most exclusive pets.

A few months ago I introduced few gourmet products such as caviar, beer without alcohol, snacks, «wine «, popcorn, cupcakes and macarons and I talked this summer about ice cream especially designed for dogs and cats . Today I want to talk about foods that are a meal in itself, not a supplement that can be considered a prize, appetizer or dessert. Sales of pet food are a booming business. An estimated 19 billion each year move in this sector, which represents only 10% of sales related to the world of pets.

Luxury dog food service .

These establishments have in common the idea of high quality food for pets, using only the finest natural ingredients available at your fingertips without the presence of additives. Another of their motivations is to reduce diseases and allergies in our pets as we are especially sensitive to foods. Their menus are particularly suitable for allergic and sensitive dogs.

Pet specialty bakery in Colombia.

The daily rate, passes bill to us,  both people and pets and some of the first to pay the account are food, skin and hair. Then there is the emotional plane. So important! Eat food that has been cooked for you has a wellness component and even union with the person that is provided or has prepared for you, so many pet owners insist on cooking for themselves or opt for these new forms more practices.

The Little Nell Hotel. The «Little Nell pet menu» designed by Paul Wade.

There are specialty stores ready meals as Pets Deli which is also restaurant. Pets Deli is in the center of Berlin. There dogs and cats can taste the wonderful dishes that are specially prepared for them, designed by a nutritionist expert in animal nutrition, with the best ingredients from the market, while you take something in the café. There are monitors who are responsible for dogs or cats while eating.

Pets Deli Product Selection and Kangaroo meat with linseed oil. Click to buy

You can also buy food and other essential products in the normal diet of your pet and take home, freeze, buy frozen, have it in the refrigerator for several days in perfect condition or buy meat at the butcher. The origin of all ingredients is specially controlled eg deer and venison come from the Biosphere Reserve: Swabian Jura and from the Bavarian Forest. Vegetables are completely from organic farms.

For dogs only?. Varieties of prepared meals. Click to buy

This company was founded by two German women, one of them is  veterinary , who believe strongly in natural dog food and the fact cook for them because a special bond is created. Obviously not everyone has the time to do this and already they do for us. All recipes include meat with vegetables of the highest quality. They offer the service of a nutritionist who analyze your dog, specifically recommended diet that your dog need and they can cook following strict custom instructions given by the expert.

The Honest Kitchen. Some products. Click to buy

Although it is actually dehydrated food is cooked completely natural and a «home» mode but absolutely with all the guarantees to be consumed by your dog or cat. They have lot of products and a very interesting web That although is reform now or as they say are preparing something awesome. – I believe them, because they are a sure value – The idea was dehydrated recipes to make them more convenient to carry and keep. Still they have a good time in a refrigerator after being prepared by adding the powder a little cold water -natural temperature water- . It is the largest pet food that is certified by the FDA for human quality of its food business.

They have a very interesting youtube channel in which the founder itself tells you and answer questions as well as some clients involved. If you want to see its entire range of products for dogs and cats as well as the fundamental video in which Lucy Postins presents the company and the products drop by  where it is currently sold as the new website is not operational.

Pairing wine and food of The Honest Kitchen.

You must having a  great confidence in your products to do what Lucy Postins did , founder of The Honest Kitchen, and is nothing more and nothing less than inviting André Mack (owner of Mouton Noir Wines and awarded former head sommelier, three-star hotel Michelin Per Se in New York) will do the wine pairing for seven of his recipes for dogs.

Doggy bag. Meal ready to eat.

Perhaps it will seem less sophisticated, but I’d say it’s another way of understanding luxury. The recipes are excellent, there’s no doubt, and they take it home. Already it has 8 restaurants in Sydney that have adhered to this service. Your food and your dog or cat, arrive at the same time in perfect condition to your door. But not only will meet one or two nights a week, you can order food for the whole week dehydrated or wet .

Dog ready to take his menu.

We must differentiate between hotels and restaurants pet friendly , and specifically for pets. Ussualy  people say that America is the best place in the world to be a dog, but Europe is very good too. In the UK and specifically in Soho Londoner you can go with your dog to Andrew Edmunds or in Highgate Village to the ancient tavern The Red Lion & Sun, and you will find not only that your dog is welcome but staff will give a bowl of water and even special meal for him. In Spain Barcelo Company hotels are pet friendly hotels.

As an example of hotel luxury pet I´d like quote the Ings Luxury Cat, have a delicious and varied menu of meals based on top quality prawns, fish, meat and vegetables served in porcelain cat, among many other amenities.

The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel. A la carte food served in porcelain.

Currently there are plenty of gourmet quality balanced feed for all animal tastes to meet the demands of the owners whatever. To me they have especially seemed remarkable Swedish latter of Wonderwoo because it is meticulously from the product to the idea of supplying all the food needed for an entire month without shipping, put on a diet the animal if that is your need, innovation and manicured original packaging.

Wonderboo. Dog food. Click to buy

Petokon highly purified water is specifically designed to meet the needs of pets and prevent disease and most common complaints of dogs and cats. There are relaxing, favorable for immune system, without minerals to prevent kidney and renal facilitate and antirheumatic function.

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