Massimo Dutti a Step Away From Unesco

It could not be, the fabulous store of Massimo Dutti in Mexico did not obtain the award by its incredible facade, the winner building: Chanel.

The Prix Versailles is an international prize of architecture from recent stamp (only takes three editions), is promoted by UNESCO and the International Union of architects and is subdivided into four main categories: Shops, Shopping Malls, Hotels and Restaurants. At the same time, each of them has two special mentions, the interior and the exterior of the building, in the category of Shops & Stores the year’s winner was a building known by the avid readers of The Luxonomist: the boutique of Dior in Miami , and I do not think that they have erred, it is a fantastic building.

In total there were 70 buildings who opt by different prizes, 18 in the category of shops, 16 in the malls, 18 hotels, and another 18 for restaurants, already to be in this short list is a prize, but only several buildings had to receive the awards… Are the rules! In the category Special Prize Exterior the big winner was the store of Chanel in Amsterdam, beating the pulse to the merchants of Bentley in Dubai and Massimo Dutti in Mexico, in addition to three others, with no suitable designs (everything must be said).

But in this article we will not talk about the winner, the building of Chanel, whose fantastic facade of glass bricks (hand-made) has served to obtain the mention. In this article let’s talk about the spectacular construction of Massimo Dutti, subsidiary of Inditex, mark Spain, designed by the Mexican study Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos for the city of Mexico and located on the street with the most important offer of luxury in the country, the Avenida Masaryk.

The store was inaugurated in April 2016 and covers more than 1,400 square meters of surface divided into three floors and cover passable (the solar is of 415 square meters) showing its collections for women, men, children and, of course, your Personal Tailoring (where you can customize your clothes). Also will be held inside cultural events or fashion brand promoting.

Architects say that the building respects the environment through the design and appropriate scale, however, the neighborhood of Polanco is one of the leading commercial of the city, having great prestige among its inhabitants and turning it into a tourist site of first. So they have imitated historical levels in the area and have covered the building with a lattice of grates type lattice of dark that leave no inert to the viewer.

It is clear that has been this ingenious re-interpretation of mexican lattice which has given them the privilege to be recognized internationally, with the inclusion in the list of 70 buildings of Versailles competition. And it is the elegance that the property is undeniable, as well as the versatility, the panels with lattice are fixed to a metal framework which is anchored to the facade, giving way to light and allowing to the panels to be transformed into windows, showcases or parts fixed.

Occupies a part of the facade a huge glass cloth, on the access door, showing part of what the brand has to offer. The lattice is made from fiberglass, an inorganic material composed of glass filament agglomerated with resins, which, when binding, generate a structure of great strength, helping to the plastic or concrete to achieve qualities of higher benefits.

This material is very resistant to erosion, so much chemistry as natural, in other words, not deteriorate, not rot, has a low weight and a low maintenance (almost zero might say), in addition, is very versatile, adaptable to all types of netting material and shapes, all this makes it ideal for the implementation of facade as that concerns us. Other considerable features are the inaction with electricity (not driving it) and with the heat (does not transmit it), in addition to its low price, the fiberglass is not, not at all, an expensive material.

Inside, if you’re able to not focus on the clothes of the brand, you will be greeted by a Hall double height, from which you will recreate by its simple decoration, Yes, the designers have opted for a minimalist style that runs through the entire building, with simple lines and materials clears, leaving the product as the protagonist during the different seasons. This is achieved using pavement of marble travertine (even on the stairs), simple furnishings in wood and steel, as well as redesign of Massimo Dutti original parts for this shop, as its pendant showcases, its tables of exhibitions or its area of payment. Undoubtedly, one of the geniuses was also, minimize the staircase between the first and second floor, placing the treads anchored between glass balustrade and the opposite wall.

As it is not the first time that you read an article signed by me, you know that I reserve the best for the end, of course, the walkable roof terrace. Nothing like a coffee or a drink while you glimpse the mexican skyline, stepping on a comfortable floor and surrounded by vegetation. Yes, it is clear that they have thought in «almost» everything for the enjoyment of the customer. Perhaps they will not earn the mention of the Prix Versailles, but who cares, the important is that the building like to their customers…

Photos by Jaime Navarro, courtesy of Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos.

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