Packaged Food for Gourmet Dogs

The latest news on packaged food luxury gourmet dogs for a balanced diet.

There are many brands on the market of packaged dog food that are presented as high quality. The best known brands by all are making great innovations, but are consumer brands. Here we talk about luxury. In recent years  some of  excellent brands of packaged gourmet dog food have launched. Ideal for those who want to give their dog the best raw materials, perfectly nutritionally balanced covering all their needs and delight them.

Hay muchas marcas de comida para mascotas. Hoy os hablaremos sólo de las gourmet
There are many brands of pet food. Today we speak about the gourmet

Compy supreme are croquettes in disc-shaped for dog with normal activity, active dogs, working and females in gestation. For me it is one of the best example of luxury gourmet food, for several reasons. It is made of salmon, rice and tapioca among other ingredients, all chosen to develop and strengthen the hair, skin, agility, antioxidants and own natural defenses.

Compy supreme. Salmon with rice pack. Click to buy

Forget the ridiculous myth that runs  the Internet on the inconvenience of giving fish to dogs. This food is prepared by Bynsa, they have extensive experience and are highly qualified manufacturer of dog food. You have all the guarantees. Precisely for dogs with sensitive digestions diet is used based on salmon and rice, just like Compy!

Are very interesting contributions of L-carnitine to minimize the accumulation of fat and keep the weight adeucado as well as aloe vera and probiotics among others. The packaging: In addition to an original, stylish and different design has a zipper that makes once the dose for a meal is taken the rest of the product can be kept in perfect conditions.

It is recommended to distribute the dose in two daily meals. It is ideal as a balanced diet to meet your needs. It worth seeing the video . Compy is one of the most comprehensive luxury foods you can give your dog.

Comida Mhims para mascotas
NHIMS. Brick chicken with vegetables. Click to buy

Wet food preparation especially for dogs. Cooked with care and gentle process, very traditional way. It’s very interesting the presentation at tretabrick. Similarly we bought our soups and creams in this type of packaging, some of gourmet brands, is this product. They have only two choices: chicken with vegetables and fish with red berries. Both very interesting because of the great amount of nutrients and trace elements that contribute. The berries have been specially chosen to provide natural antioxidants to the diet of your dog.

Platinum. Brick chicken with vegetables. Click to buy

It is one of the major brands of food quality is more demanding lately. They have some products that deserve to be highlighted today as the bricks of wet food, for the high quality that has the same well as the wide variety you have to choose which facilitates a varied diet. Worth that you go through the web. For its cooking process so smooth they are easily digestible for your dog. They have a variety of presentations, which makes it especially comfortable to carry when traveling with your dog or to make the purchase  for the month.

Pure pet food. Different diets: Normal and Meaty Sweetie.

This British brand is dehydrated prepared food, which has undergone all the processes gently as possible to avoid damaging the nutrients and retain all its properties. The ingredients are of the same quality as those used to produce food for people. In particular I want to talk about their online «Meaty Sweetie» have two great products for when your dog is bored or any flavor you want to give something different products, one of them based on duck with apple and one with chicken and coconut.

Of course, they have meal of chicken, turkey and duck with vegetables. The packaging is also very good. And the web is fun in presentation but very complete and serious in content, provide the ages of the dogs or the possible diets that the dogs can be followed.

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