Pet Healthcare: 7 Tips for Summer

Tips for your dog spend a cool summer, safe, healthy and glamorous.

Sunglasses for dogs. (Photo: Click to buy

In summer we protect ourselves from the sun with different accessories and sunscreen, and seek shadows and cool places, away from insects (especially if we are allergic to any). We not neglect our hydration and nutrition, adapted them to the temperatures, to make it more palatable to us.

But, what happens to   our dog or cat?. If we miss any of the care to keep in mind is primarily due to ignorance. In this post I will give you a few tips for our pets have a healthy and cool-in all senses- summer.

Should leave the hair of animals with certain protective length. (Photo. lapoochdoggrooming) Click for more information

Although they think that shaving is a good solution, the expert don´t say that  . With some exceptions that will indicate your vet, hair of dogs and cats have a regulatory function of temperature, it keeps them warm in winter and cool in summer. If  you  shave them you will eliminate this natural protection.

Dogs with very thick hair, so you see them hot and uncomfortable, it agrees that the shaving but always leaving an inch, approximately 2.54 centimeters, to prevent them from direct sun in the skin, avoiding sunburn   and make the regulatory function of the hair continues.

The right thing even in summer is not shaving cats. Diamond necklace dogs, click to buy

«Cats, should not shave, because they are very good in the regulatory function of the hair and doing this would suppress this natural aid, it would be useless : harm instead of benefit work,» says Mark J. Stickney, DVM, associate clinical professor and director of the veterinary services of general surgery at the Hospital of medical education from Texas A & M. I recommend a visit to the vet and advise if you cut their hair, go to a professional groomer.

A few days ago, in the post of «doggy wedding»  I recommended 2 great brushes by Dog Fashion Spa you can see here. Today I propose these others. brushes are among the best on the market, have a variety of models, depending on the type of hair, brushing, massage, handle material, pad, picks, etc. I present you these are special for long and medium hair, spiked stainless steel, ergonomic handle specially designed so you do not get tired when brushing and is comfortable and enjoyable. The pad is of extreme quality.

Cepillos. Haz clic para comprar
Long and media hair brushes. Click to buy

Brush your pet daily. It has great benefits:

  • Brushing removes dead undercoat, helping air to circulate close to the skin and thus keeps the coolest pet.
  • In the summer months, the pets can be bitten by insects and finish with moist dermatitis, but matted hair removal (dead) with brushing helps keep the skin dry and prevents infection such cause dermatitis. (This is another tip of Professor Stickney)

You have to keep dogs and cats in the shade, especially in the critical hours of the sun, as we do ourselves. Therefore, make sure your dogs and cats have a place in the shade and that this place is cool and airy. Generally, cats are more mobile and smaller than dogs and therefore they  can move themselves easily to a darker place to  solve their heat.

Estructura modular de madera
Modular structure owned by Mrs. And Mr. Caplan, designed by René Vital & Elkin Aguilar. It won the «Barkitecture Houston» 2011. Outside shadow stay for pets ideal for patio and garden. Click for more information

This structure is not only ideal for keeping pets in the shade and helping in every way to maintain your ideal temperature, too:

  • The wooden slats are placed so that let the air run between them.
  • It has plants around making a naturally cool environment.
  • The primary way for the dogs cool themselves is through panting. According to Professor Stickney: «This will work best if the air around them is cooler than your body temperature.»
  • It has a small pool where dogs can splash and refresh their legs and even your entire body and so help to lower your temperature.
  • Dogs also exchange a lot of heat in their paws, so if splashing in cool water will lower its temperature.
  • Dogs also exchange a lot of heat in their feet, so if splashing in cool water will lower its temperature.
  • It can be shared by many animals and even by its owner.
  • Aesthetically it’s beautiful.
Cama fresca para mascotas. Haz clic para comprar
Cool pet bed. Click to buy

If unable to provide optimal conditions because it’s really hot, keep pets indoors. The normal body temperature of dogs and cats can range between 100-103 ° F  or 37.78-38.44 ° C   , when the outside temperature is this or even higher, it is difficult for pets keep cool by panting, so must take the inside the house. I propose this fresh bed:original and innovative . You have it in different sizes, thicknesses, colors, etc. It can be used indoors and outdoors and even on the structures in which your pet usually rests.

It stays fresh thanks to a patented filling  inside that upon contact with water (with which you fill it) keeps it fresh. No need electricity to run, or maintained. It has a year warranty. I could have put any of the thousands of fabulous models existing houses, sofas or chaise longue interior but I think it´s far better  this fantastic news. Do not forget other important elements when it comes to keeping cool and a good temperature for your pet, such as: fans, air conditioning, sprinklers or pools.

Pet Safe. Drinkwell® 360 Stainless steel pet fountain. Click to buy

This source is one of the latest models that have been patented. It was designed by a veterinarian in USA, provides up to 1 gallon or 3.8 liters of fresh, filtered water. The different waterfalls make the pet more interested in the source and so go more often to drink. Provides clean and fresh water your dogs and cats continuously  . Try your hydration is assured. On hot days, you can even put ice cubes. By the way, check the site where you put the water source.

I advise a source rather than a bowl, since water flows have filters,  are more stable and therefore less likely to spill, more clean … and in addition to providing many advantages, both dogs and cats they love! You can see a lot of feeders and sources of the highest quality and design as well as buy directly hereMake sure the food is suitable for the summer, cool and attractive. I leave a picture to give you an idea of what I mean.

Alimentación de verano para mascotas
The Manor House Hotel. Menu for dogs.

To protect your pet from pathogens is critical:

  • Comply with the immunization schedule.
  • Frequently,  renew the protective collar and use of the best quality. Your veterinarian and your pharmacist will help you choose the best for your pet.
  • You should brush your dog daily to remove dead and matted hair and even wet, avoiding as we discussed before the moist dermatitis and even myiasis (worms in the skin).
  • Frequent visits to the vet.

Any dog can suffer sunburn. This is another reason why it should not be shaved. The short-haired dogs are more prone to suffer them. It is important to consult your veterinarian about the type of sunscreen that   should be use by your dog. Never, under any circumstances, leave your pet in a parked car. No matter the time you will be out or if  you let the windows a little downs … NO. A parked car on a hot day, even if the shadow, gets very hot and can be fatal.

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