Pets in Emerald

Firms of quality pet products, have designed items with the most traditional color of emerald, to take advantage of the properties associated with this gem and its color over the centuries.

Traditionally, there are some colors associated with the months of the year by ancient beneficial properties attributed to each color by different sectors such as navigators, medical, etc. This is widely used in jewelry and fashion. Today I´ve thought: Why not for our beloved pets? The emerald has been associated with it beneficial properties for the heart and larynx, invigorates the elderly, applied in eye diseases, destroys bacteria and pathogens-hence universally, clothes in operating room is in this color-, today I do a selection of articles in its most frequent color, green.

perro 2 4 y 5
Mirage (left); Hartman & Rose (top right) y Hartman (bottom right)

1.- Collars, Necklaces and leashes for everyone. You know that I love to differentiate between collar to walk and necklaces to be elegant at home or go glamourous to a party. In the magical world of pet supplies you can find everything, in emerald of course. I love these collars, special  for greyhounds,  there are great brands and collections that are real gems and those I dedicate a whole post later. They worthwhile. I do not see why not use them more in all breeds because they are super comfortable for the animals.

perro 6 7 y 8
Hartman & Rose (left); Fabuleash (top right) and Regal Hound (bottom right)

2.- Dresses: In this time when you have many invitations I have selected a few models for your pets can follow the dress code of the event then where they are welcome.

perro 9 copia
Toni Mari. Dress with emerald skirt. Click to buy

3.- Beds: It’s time you go changing his bed for a less warm and more compatible with the new temperatures, at least on this side of Equator. You can also take it on the boat or get outside, after all, this model all the all line are specially designed for it.

Cama de exterior Countour de Puprwear
Outdoor Contour Pet Dog Lounger. Click to buy

4.- Sun Protection: Summer is almost here, outdoor sports, activities where water is the protagonist begin to have a special relevance and need to provide your pet with the necessary elements to protect it from sun and water hazards.

Gorra protectora del sol en color esmeralda de Puprwear
Gorra protectora del sol en color esmeralda de Puprwear. Click to buy

5.- Fur, hair and nails: Adornment hair and nails is installed in such a way in our society that if you plan to go with a look groomed forget to wash your hair at home – unless you’re an artist of «ghd» – and wear at least permanent manicure. The rest is kept and clean, but not elegant. With pets happens exactly the same, we live in a society of the image and this multi-billion dollar fashion industry, it´s not only about inner beauty.

y rotulador para uñas en color esmeralda de Warren London
Critter Color, a temporary color system for pets / Pawdicure Polish Pens, dog nail polish. Click to buy

No need to  dye entire fur of the pet, you can do a little drawing, that is the latest in trends and if you still do not dare or do not like, you can always put a little bow.

El mítico collar Pantera de Cartier
Cartier Panther.

6.- Emeralds and pets: There who adorn their pets with real emeralds, as the case of tahi jeweler to introduce his beloved dog to a  competition he did with his mother emerald stones and brilliant a crown, in the many versions that I have read in history, they never say whether or not win. I only think   that he’s jeweler goodness and the crown can be removed! Because the «Love» went  $ 4.2 million.

What I am absolutely convinced myself that if there is an animal-pet to many billionaires – with internationally we were all in emerald subject is the magnetism that has in his eyes the iconic Cartier panther.

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