Prepare a picnic on the beach

Have you ever got a dream enjoying a romantic evening in front of the sea?

Lorena Salamanca. 10/08/2015
Organiza un picnic especial
Organiza un picnic especial
Organiza un picnic especial

I would love to provide you this week with some tips to prepare a picnic on the beach without incurring into headache. In order to carry out all the necessary for your picnic, not interrupting that romantic and enjoyable moment, I would recommend you a traditional wicker basket that you might find in any wicker or in any store specialised on this type of products such as the online shop Picnic y Barbacoa  or even , why not , giving a chic touch to this experience, make use of a Basket designed by Rosana Moltó, whose products are handmade and, beautiful and carefully decorated.

Capazo de Rosana Molto. Haz clic para comprarlo
Basket designed by Rosana Moltó. Make click to buy

As tablecloth, you might make use of a cotton and thin towel as the Tunisian Foutas that you might find at La Maison de Lossan,  100% cotton towels, very light and easy to wash and carry in your bag , in addition to the great advantage that does not adhere the sand.

Since we shall have to support an extra weight on our backs, I would suggest disposable tableware for the picnic setting. This type of tableware is light weight, being its best advantage that you do not have to bring it back once used. For sure, we must take care of throwing it away in the appropriate place. My challenge was to find out a different disposable tableware; not spoiling the moment «picnic on the beach” that I was preparing.  You might find lots of alternatives in the market but, the difficulty was in coming up with elegant crockery, while practical. After several searches through Internet, I found it.

Foutas para la playa. Haz clic para comprarlas
Tunisian Foutas, make click to buy them

El plato con Flores is an online shop where you might find an endless variety of disposable household products: crockery, cutlery, glasses, etc .. as well as those necessary products to complete any kind of decoration . It is a convenient and practical alternative that might provide you a dressy funny to your moment.

But, if you are seeking for an alternative that , plus the convenience, provides an environmentally-friendly household connecting you, more even, with nature during your unforgettable evening,  the store offers crockery made with palm leaves by Indian craftsmen, compostable and made ​​without chemical additives, varnishes and dyes.

Traditional wicker basket. Make click to buy it

Once the composition of the basic elements is ready for your picnic, the last would be that special touch that everyone wishes to provide to this moment and thus, customize it to your liking.  You might count with some nice cushions, in line with the décor, or even a few puffs as those offered by the firm Pufmanía. In the event your evening is planned to be enjoyed under the stars, don’t forget a lighting element such as these lanterns that you might find at La Maison de Lossan.

Vajilla ecológica y botellero
Crockery made with palm leaves and Ice bucket. Make click to buy

To keep the drinks cool, you might opt for an ice bucket that, if also has a LED light incorporated, will help you giving depth to the environment that you are creating as the one offered by Philips and that you might find in different stores such as Años Luz Iluminación.

And of course, add anything you consider that could provide an extra to this special moment that I assure you are going to enjoy.  «The biggest obstacle in life is waiting for the morning and lost today» (Seneca , Philosopher). Until next week.

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