Selena Gomez sells her «Texas cottage»

The singer and actress has put on sale her luxurious mansion, for the small amount of almost three million dollars ... do you dare to buy.

If you thought the goddess Fortune had abandoned you, if you were in darkness for not having managed to make some a sleep remote and inadequate or impossible, today, in The Luxonomist, we’re going to give you an immeasurable joy, always, of course, that you own almost three million dollars and the intend to buy the mansion that the most popular It-Girl of all time has put on sale in Texas, don’t you have that money or you haven’t missed anything there? Well, join the club (we will be stronger) and enjoy the incredible views of the house.

Entrance to the mansion

If by chance you do not know who we are talking about, we will also clarify: we talk about Selena Gomez, actress, singer, philanthropist and a few more things, but, first of all, person, a person with a big smile with which she has conquered millions of fans around the globe, as many as the more than 46 million who follow on Twitter or, more incredible, the 112 million that visualize her in Instagram … to not know who she is!


If you want to know the exact location (but without latitude or longitude) you are reading the correct paragraph: The mansion in sale was bought in 2,015 (to feel closer to the family home) and is located in the private luxury neighborhood of Montserrat (with streets like Marbella, Palencia or Benavente), has been put for sale this month of March (2.017) for the amount of $2,990,000 (about 2,823,000 euros) although they could have rounded (I say) and its address is 4,649 of Saint Laurent Court, in the city of Fort Worth (for you to see it on Google).

One of the living rooms of the house

If you’re passionate of the numbers here goes a nice batch. The plot possesses 6,000 wonderful square meters, in which are circumscribed the 930 square meters of the hearth, distributed in two heights. The house was built in the year 2005 when the actress was 13 years old and (we suppose) no intention of living there. It has 5 bedrooms inside, two kitchens, 6 bathrooms and a toilet. In case you are curious, the main room reaches 35 square meters (an apartment would call it certain people).

The master bedroom

If you think that this is little, wait, there’s more. The mansion has a projection room to see movies with the neighbors or brag to the family of the photos of the holiday, with eight reclining leather armchairs to fall asleep (if you do not get caught). For friends or to do business, it has a games room with billiards, a cocktail bar and a music machine of those that both like in that part of the world. And, if you have cold, nothing better than the living room with a chimney (really) to reconcile with the heat while looking at the wooden beams of the sloping deck.

The house has a movie theater

If you are an athlete by nature (or medical prescription) nothing better than to go outside and practice basketball or tennis on the outdoor court, or golf on the perfect lawn that looks in part of the field, or, better still (it seems to me), give you a good dip in the saltwater pool (with slide included) in which , sure, Selena Gomez will have ever bathed, by the way, the pools of this type require less maintenance and are less dangerous because it do not possess chemicals (like the chlorine).

The pool

If you enjoy the details you will appreciate the great wine cooler that is in the main kitchen, the cable TV, the lounge fan (for summer months or charged environments), the High Speed connection (without Internet we are nobody), indirect lighting (not to dazzler you) the various wooden staircases, the exquisite curtains or vaulted ceilings that provide the mega-cover inclined, whose eaves, inclined at 45 degrees, will make it difficult to the leaks of water in the house.

The kitchen

If the song Kill Em With Kindness has not touched your heart and you are still not a fan of the singer, you may change of mind when open the main iron door of the mansion, from a concrete promenade. From there we can admire one of the secrets of the building: the panels of micro-concrete imitating stones that protect the building of the exterior. These panels not only have the advantage of being fireproof, resistant and waterproof, they can also carry insulating materials (acoustic and thermal) or provide a camera where to house it on the facades.

Sports facilities

If the actress of The Fundamentals of Caring has not reached your satisfaction, perhaps you will rethink it when you discover that the house she chose as a residence, just 40 minutes from Dallas, it has a covered porch (wooden) to enjoy in summer and a spectacular Gazebo (symmetrical plant pavilion independent of the main building), automated irrigation system, guest room , the deck is slate and its interior paving is of three types: ceramic in the areas of greater transit, of wood in the rooms and of marble in the baths.

The bathrooms

If you are still reluctant to buy the mansion, You think that can afford to park your six cars in the garage (up to eight if smaller), outdoor cooking, you will have a central gas heating system (economical and practical), you can stroll along the private path for cyclists and walkers in the neighborhood, enjoy the pool collective when you get bored alone at home or read a book in the park, all protected by Montserrat’s security agents.

Game room

If being a Star of the Entertainment World is not your thing but you want to live like one, this is your chance to do it for (only) almost three million dollars, of course you can always take note of what you like about what you saw and read here for your next real estate purchase, the knowledge does not take place, nor good taste has borders.

Outdoor Room

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