Somosaguas by Marcio Kogan, a Luxury of Urbanization

In Pozuelo de Alarcón live the cream of our society, footballers, politicians, entrepreneurs and artists, live in luxury houses, such as those that make up the urbanization that we present today.

If we talk about choosing a place where to reside, it is not that it is a demerit live near of famous personalities like Felipe González, Cristiano Ronaldo or Miguel Bose, they will not be the protagonists of our choice, rather the contrary, will be their homes, the most of the luxury of first level, with everything one can wish to have… so we look at their residential areas as, of course, Pozuelo de Alarcón, where reside the above persons, and, in particular, in one of its latest developments, a new urbanization for use and enjoyment of their owners: «Somosaguas by Marcio Kogan».

As we are people of the world will find that these homes have been designed by someone reputable, to be possible, international, Marcio Kogan, Brazilian architect, founder of the Studio mk27, who with his team created this urbanization of luxury, composed by 21 custom homes ranging from 1 bedroom up to 5, and from 90 to 240 square meters useful, with private garden each of them with different provisions and volumetric games disparate.

Of course, also would like us that the construction was done by the hand of a promoter of solvency and quality known as, for example, who concerns us: Caledonian, 100% Spanish, which lives and longs for unique projects or how call them now, singular. And it would make us smile knowing that, as if it were a suit, they have nominated the buildings as if they were «of my size», with sizes from the M to XXL, we will think “that´s good” when we see the building to measure.

If we talk about choosing housing, we will not take into account that we will walk the same streets that Diego Pablo Simeone, or José María Aznar, Ana Torroja make it usually but, obviously, yes that the estate has plenty of common areas, garden, have a pool of 11 meters long by 8.5 wide, which protect us 24 hours a day (security) and that the community garage provides direct access to our residences, as, incidentally, we will find in this development.

As we are people concerned about the future of the Environment, us forward to know that these homes, where we live, have energy efficiency as a leitmotiv, reaching, through savings of 80% of the consumption of energy demand, the so dear letter A, first of the Spanish vocabulary and representative of the maximum score in this matter, in other words, these homes are the more sustainable structures of the current real estate market, this is the case!!

Continuing with the same protectionist anxiety, you will want to know details such as that the hot water and the heating are produced by a community thermal power plant with biomass boilers of high performance, which are fed with wood of «pellet» that come from sustainable forests with zero carbon footprint. This achieves greater economic efficiency, to reduce the prices because of the volume, is released to owners of the maintenance and, most importantly, avoid the danger of gas installations or boilers in our (future?) house.

We affirm with rigor that we like the facade to ensure good thermal insulation from the outside, avoiding thermal bridges through an envelope isolated of the structural elements or with little exterior carpentry placement in the bedrooms. Will provide us with security that used mortars are breathable to water vapor, flame retardant and resistant to cracks (due to its high modulus of elasticity), even more so when they tell us that it will not allow the proliferation of microorganisms.

Of course, as we love the maximum comfort, we imagine easily enjoying one of the best systems of underfloor heating in the market, the firm Switzerland Polytherm, able to distribute the temperature according to the needs of the body human, with more heat in feet and less on the head, saving up to 15% of consumption. And of Switzerland comes also the carpentry, with triple chamber of argon gas and safety glasses, crystals able to block solar radiation from the outside and prevent that we lose the warmth of our homes.

Nothing of to seek to live near of Rafael Catalá (Minister of Justice), Alejandro Sanz (illustrious singer) Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid coach)… but yes of to enjoy a custom interior layout of our possible housing, kitchen equipped with the brand Gaggenau, German furniture of the Bulthaup brand, appliances or countertops ceramics from the Neolith brand. Houses like these of Kogan, dominated by bright and open interior spaces with stairs suspended of oak wood, behind of lamas of the same material.

It will affect us in a positive way the landscaping outside, capable of carrying us at tropical latitudes, the feeling of Biophilia (human connection with nature) will flood our rooms, where the vegetation seems improved thanks to the elevation of the gardens on the floor of the house (up to half a meter). This is a idea of the landscaper Isabel Duprat, responsible for the flora: species local to withstand year-round, and Magnolia trees, olive trees, lemon, lilac of the Indies, azaleas or Jasmine scrambled among other species.

We will want choosing this place as residence when we discover its home automation, which includes panels multifunction Lutron Homeworks QS, able to control the blinds and lights, alarm and room temperature… from anywhere! You can open the main doors only with our fingerprint biometric technology. And even when we teach as air conditioning is the most inaudible on the market thanks to the reduction of up to 43 decibels of noise, in addition, clear, of to have a system of cold and heat, of the company Daikin Inverter.

And we will end up convincing us (of the idea of living in Somosaguas by Marcio Kogan) when discover us that the treatment applied to interior doors (unique in Europe), microwave capable of providing mechanical resistance and ensure its perfect finish (say which) of by life. When we know the finishing in bathrooms ensures the tightness without sealing silicone classic and that toilets have integrated an odor extraction system. When we know that the light that enters the housing is regulated by some automated mobile and adjustable slats that fold up to disappear out of sight… sublime!

Yet there are only two issues to be resolved if we want to be a homeowners of this urbanization… will spend enough time there to enjoy its privileges? And, not least… would like us have of neighbors to the cream of Spanish society? The cost should not worry… If we don’t have the economic capacity to reach that level of luxury real estate… always can imitate their solutions in «other» residences!

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