Sushi Take Away for Pets

Sushi take away, is one of the coolest trends in pet food.

Minabo is a restaurant from Madrid that mixes Japanese cuisine with Latin traditions. It has always had several signs of differentiation from other establishments serving Japanese or Latin food, like their famous solidarity sauces that have completely conquered  to me.


Perrita Pepa Princess, la inspiración de los sushi packs de Minabo
Pepa Princess dog, the inspiration of the sushi pack.

From this month of September they have launched the doggie bag, a package of sushi to take away, which costs 6 euros and the Minabo’s owners will donate 1 euro to an association to work with the defense and help of animals. Imagine mostly have to do with the non-abandonment and adoption of dogs (and cats) for so hard story behind it their Pepa Princess dog, who was the inspiration of this product and who loves sushi so as to be photographed.

Cajita solidaria de Minabo. Compra aquí
Minabo. Solidarity box: The doggie bag. Click to buy

Minabo sushi is fully prepared with boiled rice natural, without any additives and prepared with salmon and vegetables. It consists of maki and nigiri pieces. But is healthy give sushi our pets? It is true that in recent years has spread Japanese cuisine , specifically Sushi has become popular in the extreme to make packs ideal to take away some of them really exquisite -.

Es frecuente que ofrezcamos sushi a nuestras mascotas
Often we offer sushi our pets

Get home with one of these packs and dinner with a glass of good wine after a day of work, it is one of those pleasures in life that I love. Hence we want to share with our pet that special moment when our side watching us and we give you a portion goes a step. But more than one of us has assaulted us doubt whether we will or not doing well, much as they Helaman and coming back for more when they have eaten.

Es saludable dar sushi, siempre que los ingredientes sean compatibles con la alimentación adecuada a tu mascota
It is healthy to sushi, provided the ingredients are compatible with the proper nutrition to your pet.

In principle by the small amount they eat and the infrequency with which they do, that pets eat sushi is not harmful as long as it continues basic and logical rules. The sushi is prepared in principle for human consumption so do not worry about possible bacteria and parasites since it is already solved (if you buy it in a quality shop or restaurant).

Sushi en forma de pescado para gatos
Sushi prepared as fishies.

Another point to consider are the other ingredients that are prepared sushi for humans: avocado, spices, garlic, raw seafood, wasabi. Obviously the latter and all those who know that your pet does go wrong, you should not leave them eating your pet. Avocado -so beneficial for us- contains a substance: «persin» – a fungicide – which many say it is a poison for dogs, but that really has it in as little as one piece of fruit to be toxic to a pet would have to eat a huge number of avocados and not a hint that is the amount that actually is on the sushi.

Sharples and Grant. Aspecto rollos de sushi. Compra aquí
Sharples And Grant sushi rolls. Click to buy

Some veterinarians and nutritionists reach beyond and refuse to accept that the sushi is a suitable meal pet for rice vinegar and sugar, rice, salt,processed salmon and opt only for the high quality sushi specially prepared for pet following their direction, all natural ingredients and fancy restaurants.

Los ingredientes del sushi crean controversia entre los distintos expertos en nutrición animal
Sushi ingredients create controversy among different animal nutrition experts.

If you find that after eating sushi your pet exhibits symptoms of stomach and intestinal damage, go to the vet and remember to keep well hydrated. Around the world you can find organic sushi prepared especially for your pet (like restaurants that serve Kobe beef with truffle oil, for example).

Un capricho para tu mascota
Luxury sushi for pets

In the broad  market of pet nutrition there are various types of foods that are not strictly sushi there also marketed as such. This is the case of sushi rolls packaged and ready for your dear friends, and to be preserved for longer. This type of product is generally made of fish skin, cut into pieces and cooked, they are also a natural source of Omega 3. They also have a delicious flavor to the taste of dogs and cats.

Creature comfort. Sweet rolls and oatmeal honey-shaped sushi. Click to buy

Keep in mind that because of the trendy sushi have appeared lots of treats for pets in the form of maki mainly but are meat, sweets, vegetables and even meat mixed with salmon. But they have nothing to do with sushi, or with Japanese food.

Sushi pups. Compra aquí
Sushi pups. Click to buy

If you do not have to reach a quality sushi and do not want to prepare yourself, you can also opt for these fun cuddly toys that will delight your pet and are super trendy.

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