The Best Pet Carrier Bags

Real luxury  to transport your beloved friend.

Inevitably when you think about luxury pet carrier bags, the first one that we all have in mind is the Louis Vuitton monogram canvas design. This bag has become a classic. They was the first big brand who designed this type of pet accessories. They matched the ideal shape and size for the animal’s comfort. And they did it too with  the materials since it is waterproof and therefore easy to clean. The top can be opened or closed as you want thanks to a zipper and one side has a window with breathable mesh.

El Monogram de Louis Vuitton, un clásico elegante y práctico
Louis Vuitton, pet carrier bag. Click to buy

You’ve seen it a million of times, to celebrities from around the world, both men and women, and may even you have one. If it is not, but you’re considering buying one for your dear friend, customized by choosing from the range of possibilities offered by the brand, such as seared his name into the skin, engraving initials in colors or Mon Monogram cloth tapes.

The brand has accessories such as necklaces or belt too. The belt will be very practical for the safety of the animal inside the bag. We always recommend a blanket or a mat so that even more comfortable journey. You can find it in two sizes – 40 and 50 cm long – and is available from the web.

Jessica Simpson confía en el bolso de Gucci para su mascota
Gucci. Jessica Simpson goes to all places with Daisy in her carrier. Click to buy

Gucci have 3 models of bags to transport your dog or cat. To me, I like this model in 42 cm long, others are more comfortable to wear and weigh less, (remember that the weight of the bag you’ll need to add the weight of the animal) but in my point of view. They are somewhat less comfortable.

Although Gucci knows a lot of comfort in this issue, since all their pet carriers come with a removable inner cushion and a short leash ,so your dog can move without jumping out of the bag. In this model of which I speak, there are two openings with mesh on both sides of the bag. You can also usually purchase from the web, as well as other items such as belts and necklaces.

Bolso de flecos Susan Lanci
Susan Lanci. Limited edition carrier.

One tip, if you look out into the world of internet variations on any model of Louis Vuitton or Gucci, ask about it at their shops or if you haven’t one near you phone them, they will be happy to assist you. Not everything is available on the web. Maybe that’s nice that you see and very good appearance is not original. Louis Vuitton products are only sold in its stores and Gucci have a small exception,  there is a small network of franchisees, department stores and specialty shops that you can check at this web

Bolso Susan Lanci con forro de piel de zorro
Susan Lanci. Pet carrier lined with fox .

Susan Lanci is one of the most luxurious brands among the specialized in pet products. They have a very distinctive style different from any other. Along with the designs of the various lines have released a limited edition of 4 models in the style of the highest quality they use. Two of them oval shaped fringe surrounded and two with the usual characteristic rectangular shape of the mark with overlapping flowers. Among the other bags  I would emphasize that are lined with fox fur with the new bow – one of the emblems of the house, the bows – with Swarovski and fringes.

Set de productos Ivette
Yvette Ruta. Champagne Set

Yvette Ruta is another brand of exquisite products not only to pets, but it has some very interesting collections by their label so personal and high quality. Today I want to show another side, not as sweet and candid in their products, but also fashionable. Yvette Routa proposes a couple of sets to ride that leaves nothing to chance.But the bag can be purchased separately. Ideal pet used to always go to the last. You jackets, blanket, strap and bag.

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