The Dior Scenarios in China

Dior bets by the Asian giant... a big way: opening a boutique in its more international commercial centre and with a parade of luxury.

«What would do you, Carmen, thought Raul, he coincided briefly with her on several occasions in the past, while he was partner of Carlos, her son, but, despite being only a possible mother in law, she filled a gap that neither he himself knew. He breathed relieved when she called him, a saturday afternoon, to say that although he not is partner of her son, the friendship between the two wouldn’t change, «great woman». In front of him, four pictures of the same person, for the uninitiated, impossible to decide which is better. For him, photographer of models, not decide was not an option.

Vista exterior de la nueva flagship de Dior en Beijing
Exterior view of the new flagship of Dior in Beijing

The work does not stop in Dior, not in vain, the luxury brand has many and varied interests around the globe. On this occasion, the work was focused on Beijing, with the opening of its new Flagship in the business center of the capital, Beijing, and the impressive parade ready-to-wear spring-summer 2016 that same day, on 19 December last year 2,015. Raul had been immersed in preparations several days before, with the madness of those days not had been able to enjoy the scenery where he was moving, the scenarios of Dior.

La boutique es la más exclusiva de China continental
The boutique is the most exclusive in China continental

The first, the Dior Flagship already named, in the heart of the Chaoyang District, in the China World Trade Center, where have chosen two plants within the more popular Mall of the illustrious business area of the capital. Since its opening on 21 December became the largest boutique of the brand in the mainland China. Its floor-to-ceiling glass façade have the characteristics cannage prints of the mark, the iconic image that invites you to stroll inside.

Detalles del interior de la tienda
Details inside the store

Inside, the architect Peter Marino, has been responsible for distribute the quality design that all Dior products deserve, its collections for women, including prêt-à-porter, cocktail and evening gowns, accessories, footwear, jewellery and its incredible watches. The same designer chose different pieces of art which adorn the Mansion. The sculpture «Siamese Metal 5» of the British Richard Deacon, anyone remains undaunted, the piece of metal look at you challenging, it is squat next to the staircase, so that you can watch it as you ascend.


The table lamps of Veronique Rivemale that adorn the area of jewellery and watches seemed him a success to Raul. In the second floor he will find an exceptional vip room, this room is preside over by two sideboards of mineral of the brothers Juan & Paloma Garrido, although it is not the only of the famous designers, there is also a fireplace in another room of the premises, well accompanied by two mannequins that look proudly dresses and bags from the brand.

Los maniquíes lucen los productos de la marca

The Californian Pae White contributes to this luxurious Dior stay with one of his famous (and vibrant) paintings of aluminium, a pearly sculpture of Timothy Horn prevents us from seeing the mirror behind… or the mirror is part of the sculpture?, rolling chairs by Guillaume Piéchaud, classic furniture by Paolo Giordano, an incredible bank of Terence Main or the living walls of Yorame Mevorach, «this seemed a story», thought Raul. Finally, he felt very much alive when he saw the «Waterwall, Roselyn» work of Gregory Ryan, as if everything was possible in the wonderful house of Dior.

He had the luck of start to work in the company ago two years, although, inwardly he acknowledged that it was not just luck, there was much work back. His bosses had demanded the best from day one, and he had fulfilled, that was obvious. The greatest proof of this is they had rewarded him with this trip to Beijing, where they had visited and photographed the Flagship store of the China World Mall, where he had also seen the limited edition products that will be sold exclusively at the boutique (an iconic «Lady Dior» bag silver calfskin leather, among others).

Vista superior del impresionante
Top view

The second scenario of Dior in Beijing, where he also worked Raul, was the Phoenix International Media Center of the capital, an office building where the brand performed a Repeat Show from the collection of female Prêt-à-Porter spring summer 2016 with the presence of the finest of the Asiatic Society: Du Jiang, Liu Yifei, Zhang Huiwen, Ni Ni, Yang Zishan He Sui, Tang Yan, Huo Siyan or Michelle Yeoh, among many others.

Yang Zishan. Photo: Dior

There, they moved the stunning flowers of Dior that recently graced the main courtyard of the Museum Louvre in Paris. More than one guest did not know the property and were amazed of how its futuristic design was adapted to the implicit classicism of Dior. This building is made with an envelope of metal and glass that simulates a kind of deformed and irregular sphere. It has 64.973 square meters, and his designer Shao Weiping, the BIAD study, conducted it to maximize the natural lighting and the ventilation.

El edificio está abierto al público
The building is open to the public. Photo: Study IADB

The protagonist of the post was highly captivated by the construction, which, as he learned, simulates a double helix of DNA wrapped in a loop. Of course, its unique shape was modelled using 3D parametric software, this not only helped to visualize accurately the contour, it also did in the execution of the construction. An internationally known company, Gehry Technologies, of a well-known architect, Frank Gehry, was in charge of this program.

El edificio simula una doble hélice de and
The building simulates a DNA double helix

The building is fully open to the public, allowing the interaction of all the persons that work… and pass through there. The building consists of two towers, one in the South where are the administrative offices and the other in the North, where are located the radio studios. The Dior show was held in the atrium designed especially for this type of event, as well as for others, such as exhibitions or conferences. Its particular metal tubular structure allows the coupling of lights and decorations, and its clear colours support a wide range of possibilities, making a perfect multiform space.

Raul shuffled quickly four photos of the beautiful model, two ruled out without compassion (low light) and between the other two finally chose the best, had no doubts that had chosen well, he always did this. He thought again in Carmen, this great woman who decided one day be his guide, he did not know from where came the strength and the wisdom that had every moment of her life, «would she like the photo?», he could not prevent a chill when he sense than not. He changed the image, and, now, knew that he had been successful.

Disclosure: The characters that appear in this article, their different personalities and their relationships with each other and with the environment are part of a fiction. The author is not responsible for the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it.


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