The Eight Apartments Most Expensive of New York

Always you have dreamed with living in one of these apartments of luxury with a room, but you never dared to imagine its prices.

The pianist dressed of black, his color favorite, an elegant coat that covers his calves, who views him, not be capable of forget of his silhouette. He approached to the number one of Central Park South, there expected him a building that for long time he not visited, the mythical Hotel Plaza, built in 1,907 with 12 million of dollars (almost 11 million of euros), a fortune in its time (even today 😉

001 1805 apart 440x660 copia
15 Central Park West

He not greeted to the presents in the lobby, nor asked any key, simply, he stood in the elevator and went up to the eighteenth floor (has nineteen), he entered in the apartment number 7 and toured its nearly 130 square meters of surface. The apartment have only a room and it is the most expensive apartment of this tipe in sale in the market of New York, and, consequently, one of the most expensive of the world, its price is of 6.895.000 dollars (6.285.037 euros).

003 1805 apart 440x660 copia
Central Park

He toured the few stays of the property enjoying of the spectacular views facing the Central Park. Wood floors, marble floor in the bathroom and the toilet, with accessories of Lefroy Brooks (hand-made), dark natural stone in the kitchen countertop and a bedroom almost as large as the main room will delight of who acquire this property.

006 905 apart 440x660 copia
15 Central Park West

Then, he came down to the ninth floor, the apartment number five, other of similar characteristics but a little cheaper, its price is 5.495.000 dollars (5.008.887 euros), also is smaller, with 112 square meter of enjoyment. Even so, is located in the list of the buildings most expensive of New York in a desirable position, the fourth, just cheapen its price at $500,000, fall a position in this curious ranking. He examined the ceilings, 3.35 meters high, its oak floors, walls hand-painted with exquisite detail.

007 905 apart 440x660 copia
15 Central Park West

The two floors described enjoy not only of the location predominantly of the building (by the way, the owner is a famous… political?) Called Donald Trump), also have a concierge of five-star, the parking service, the mythical Hall of Palm Court Ballroom, Wellness Center, gym, salon and beauty spa, an example of the most exclusive luxury. The pianist rubbed his white beard for a few seconds, then departed from the historic building.

Eleven minutes later he was facing another fantastic building that dominates the view of Central Park, at number 15 Central Park West. Was opened in the year 2008 although its aesthetic is of principles of century last, style Art Deco, indeed, the critical recognizes the fantastic work of its architect, Robert to. M. Stern, to the design of this complex of two buildings of 35 and 19 plants of height and limestone in its outside.

15 Central Park West 2
15 Central Park West

Again he passed in front of the Concierge without anyone view him and visited the plant sixth, entered in the apartment called «H» and toured its scarce 100 square meters, was in the apartment of a room most expensive of New York, with the incredible cost of 59,000 euros by square meter, the cost total is of 6,500,000 dollars (5.924.981 euros), «a bargain», thought the famed musician.

001 15 Central Park West 440x660 copia
Central Park West

He should recognized that it was very nice to be there, the entrance with marble floor (and a closet for storing coats that the pianist did NOT use) gave way to the luxurious living room, with high ceilings and huge windows. The property has a small terrace of 10 square meters next to the living room, kitchen with appliances of first, master suite with views to the West and another terrace. But what more he liked was the Super gym equipped with baths of steam, sauna and spa, in addition to the pool (of 22 meters of long, quasi Olympic) and the great library (all this to share with the rest of users of the complex).

002 15 Central Park West 440x660 copia
Central Park West

His third visit, was to the third property most expensive of New York, in a building still in construction in the number 100 of the East 53rd Street, all a bet architectural led by Norman Foster. Despite his loneliness, the pianist managed to reach the seventh floor door B, where will be the apartment of nearly 170 square meters at a cost of 5.600.000 dollars (5.104.599 euros).

100 of the East 53rd Street

Had understood that the finished were to be unique, with pavement of concrete polished of great resistance, as well as walls and ceilings of the same material, giving it the site that is deserves the material in our society today, which it is hard to imagine without it. Will have also the best views due to its panels glazed from floor to ceiling, that, with crystals of control solar of low emissive (of high protection against the rays UV and great efficiency energy) and curtains custom.

003 One-Hundred-East-Fifty-Third-Street copia
100 of the East 53rd Street

The great room joins to the exquisite cuisine, with washer and dryer hidden of the Miele brand. All will breathe modernity and efficiency, with LED lighting (always LED) in any part of the property, floor heating (essential), control to the temperature throughout the year using four fan coils. It is expected to finish in the year 2017.

53 del West 53rd Street
53 of the West 53rd Street

The fifth most expensive apartment of one bedroom in New York share it two buildings, one located at number 53 of the West 53rd Street (26 door A plant), which is still in construction, and another in the 15 of the East 70th Street (plant 5 C door), both for the great sum of 5.475.000 dollars (4.990.657 euros) , both with a surface environment to the 170 meters square and, oh, coincidence!, the two with the price by metro square more low of the list of the pianist.

53 West 53
53 of the West 53rd Street

While visiting the street 70th, the musician not could avoid think that the two properties were antithetical, one of principles of the century last, built with limestone in 1.910, and the other, still in construction with structure of concrete armed designed by the famed architect Jean Nouvel. One distributed in a duplex in a four-storey building and the other of a plant inside a building of 77 floors and 320 meters, around a skyscraper. This showed, according to the character, that the opposites attract even in Architecture.

One 57 copia
One 57

In sixth and seventh place, two apartments within the same building, the wonderful One57, a skyscraper born to mark the time, but no the trend. Again, the pianist step unnoticed by the entrance of the building, nobody realized his haughty and distinguished figure, nobody saw him or touched him, took the elevator and stopped on the floor 38, where are located the apartments of 127 square meters, with a cost of $5,250,000 (4.785.561 euros) and of 98 square meters whose cost was $ 5,200,000 (4.739.985 euros).

One 57 2 copia
One 57

The floors were magnificent, although, the pianist would have put a piano in any of the apartments, but not is could ask all. Who would bought any of the two apartments would have to enjoy with the service’s 24-hour concierge, dining, catering, library, billiard room, an aquarium, gym, room yoga, garages, private exit to the outside (away from prying eyes), the company and services of the Park Hyatt Hotel, indoor pool, and, of course, a restaurant.

One 57 3 copia
One 57

Another economic advantage over the other properties of the list was that the One57 apartments have lower monthly spending, and the difference with respect to the first is three times and twice with respect to real estate from the center of the table. When you have to pay a mortgage, details like this is essential to look it. The pianist concluded his visits, but, when came out of the property, a girl is came to him, she looked staring. The musician is bent down and whispered a secret in her ear: «only those of pure heart can see me» to which the girl replied: «I don’t talk with strangers, Lord».

análisis de precios copia

Disclosure: The characters that appear in this article, their different personalities and their relationships with each other and with the environment are part of a fiction. The Luxonomist is not responsible for the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it.


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