The Garden-Building that You Will Want to Visit

The buildings that permeate its surface of green are each time more, this week us approach to Taipei to discover the fantastic Agora Garden.

As soon as the fearful teacher heard the rhythmic and melodic voice of his pupil, he knew that he had a problem. All her classmates had obediently responded that the letter drawn on the Blackboard was «Y Greek«, even the bold and surprising Abelardo, so hard time who had made him pass…, had interpreted the melody along with the other children. But Stephanie had not been able to contain her character, and, against all logic, she had risen to say out loud: «In addition to being one Y Greek, this consonant is a mystery».

The most popular girl in the class, at least, the most required by her peers, was standing, defiant, determined not to be less than her colleague. «This can be a catastrophe if not handled it with subtlety,» thought the master, aware that, despite the alleged sufficiency of the girl, she was as vulnerable as the others. «Explain us, Estefania, what represents this consonant», said, with too much slow.

Fue el rascacielos más alto del mundo durante seis años
All surrounded by up to 23,000 trees and shrubs

Stephanie realized of the contempt in the way of speaking of the teacher, but did not fall in the provocation, and explained her point of view. «The life is full of mysteries, as in the mathematics, so, the equations to which have that face us during our existence tend to have more than one variable, for me, the «Y» represents the unknown of how fits the nature in our cities, and its resolution should seem to the building that is running in Taipei in these moments, the award-winning Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, or, how it christened its architect, the Agora Garden.

La estructura está rodeada de árboles
Its architecture and engineering to transcend the technical and the aesthetic

Surely you have already seen its curious shape in some media, its architecture and engineering to transcend the technical and the aesthetic, linking the natural environment to the urban one like never before it had become. The building has a height of 93,20 metres and a shape representing the DNA, in other words, a core joins two towers that are moving as it rise up to complete ninety degrees… All surrounded by up to 23,000 trees and shrubs! (In some medium I have read that could reach up to 40,000… We will see!).

Since the start the promoters of the project, BES Engineering Corporation, bet by an international architectural competition for the design and construction of luxury apartments, able to integrate into the new philosophy of environmental care. The Belgian Vincent Callebaut won the award and the construction began in 2013, it is estimated that this year (2.017) will end and the lucky owners may take possession of the properties (42 apartments of different types at 21 storeys).

Overlooking to the famous Taipei 101, the skyscraper that was the top of the world for more than six years (already isn’t), our Agora Garden represents an orchard without equal, in 8.160 square meters of plot develops 42,000 square meters of construction. It has a private swimming pool and a fitness centre for the users of the building, exclusive space for a helicopter, Ballroom (with six meters from floor to ceiling) and a colossal lookout on the last floor. In its central tower fit two stairs and four elevators of high speed, of which one is large-tonnage, and can go up the heavy furniture, grand pianos… or cars (do you like the idea? Oh, master of teachers!).

En su interior caben
These wings move 4.5 degrees in the clockwise sense while it go climbing

The team of architects collaborator of this incredible mega-project (whose cost, ensure, is of the double of any other of architecture of high level) is the Taiwanese LKP Design. Each floor of the building has approximately 990 square meters distributed in two wings (or helixes), with a view to 270 degrees. These wings move 4.5 degrees in the clockwise sense while it go climbing, taking advantage of their morphology to obtain an outdoor and one indoor terrace.» 

Impone también su vista nocturna
This building opt to Leed Gold certification thanks to its high energy efficiency

Stephanie left her desk, in the first row, and turned to the rest of her companions, giving the back (deliberately?) to her red teacher, to continue with her sharp and crisp tone of voice. «This building opt to Leed Gold certification thanks to its high energy efficiency (almost independent from the mains) due to photovoltaic panels covering its upper part, its design, which includes an analysis of the environmental conditions of the place (sunlight, wind and temperature variations), its green surfaces that absorb 130 tons of annual carbon dioxide and other features such as the collection of rainwater for reuse, greywater recycling, the use of Low-E glass low emissivity, or the inclusion of automated saving monitors that are adapted to the climatic conditions.  

The space inside of each apartment has a surface diaphanous and without columns

One of the innovations that makes it «different» to other buildings with vertical forest is that part of its species are aromatic plant, medicinal herbs and vegetables, turning the property into the first energy self-sufficient building and with food, an important milestone for the future. Another milestone is the ecological care during its construction, using recycled or reused materials, treating its waste to reintegrate into the nature or return it to its industrial life, nothing is discarded, even it has been reused part of the foundations of the old building which occupied the plot (brilliant!).

The space inside of each apartment has a surface diaphanous and without columns in its odd plants, possessing pillars in its outline each five meters in the plants pairs, the plants are perfect for enjoy of its generous three meters of height in each floor. The structural engineer, King-Le Chang & Associates details that the building rests on 68 piles that reach the bedrock, possessing an advanced seismic isolation system.

El interior de los apartamentos cuenta con una luz espectacular
The structure can be described as a skier

Also, explains as you do with your matter, Professor, that the structure can be described as a skier. Thus, the canes of ski would be the four mega-columns that follow it while the building tilts to the edges (two to each side), the arms of the athlete would be the frameworks stabilizers upper to which connect the mega-columns and, the Tower central, would be the back, that holds all the set. The columns of the plants pairs are part of the beams Vierendeel that support the forged between the core central and the mega-columns (how I like this word!) and that allow that the homes to be diaphanous.

The beams Vierendeel are constructed in different materials (usually of steel or reinforced concrete) and consist of a network similar to a lattice in which the upper and lower sections are connected by vertical bars, is a convenient form and useful of save great distances, and, although you may not believe it, carries the surname of his creator, the civil engineer Jules Arthur Vierendeel« said the girl winking an eye. In silence, she returned to her desk, with crestfallen head, seemed to have ended, but it was not so.

Impresionante desde su parte baja
To the next generations goes us to touch a world best thanks to the advances technical

«To the next generations goes us to touch a world best thanks to the advances technical that so much progress have brought to the specie human, and, also, thanks to performances as this, capable of save the distance that had between the nature and us by understand wrong the process industrial to which submited us hastily -with a tear in the eyes, concluded- thanks, Professor, for letting me to expose my preferred question».

The master had the blood pressure by the clouds, confused, angry, e unstable emotionally is directed again to the slate, his hand, trembling, supported the chalk an instant before start to write (he had to write a «Z» and ask his students for it), after ones moments, drew a beautiful puffer fish.

Disclosure: The characters that appear in this article, their different personalities and their relationships with each other and with the environment are part of a fiction. The author is not responsible for the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it.

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