The hidden cottage of Manhattan

At the top of a building built two centuries ago is located the tallest cottage of New York, now for sale.

A hidden cottage between the crowded streets of Manhattan? Close to the most popular shopping areas? In the top of a building? No, not everything is possible in the most famous city in the world, although, in honor of the truth, this is real, and now we have the fortunate enough to be able to buy it for only $ 3.5 million… 3.05 euros! What this don’t stimulate you? Keep reading and you’ll see that you change your mind.

But… where is the jewel of this Crown? Where is this oasis of love to nature located in the bustling and, sometimes, little judicious New York City? In the number 72 of One Street East of Fifth Avenue, in a more that favorable first line, front of the First Park where you can practice sport in their basketball or handball courts, bring your children (or nephews) to playground games or refresh yourself in the outdoor shower.

The Minthorne House, thus the building called since it is located in the former farm of Philip Minthorne, who acquired the lands from the hands of the Dutch company of the East Indies in the eighteenth century (Yes, it rained a lot since). Since it was built in 1868, it retains the original structure, wrapped with characteristic terracotta bricks and the typical double-hung windows.

If you’re not interested, I’ll tell you that it is near of the Whole Foods Market, that it boasts of the healthiest supermarket in America, more parks such as the Sara D. Roosevelt Park, a train station on the other side of the street and , what I like best, plenty of restaurants and nightlife-ready. I am capturing your attention? Because we are going to the «heart» of the matter: the home.

The house occupies the fourth and fifth floor and has direct access to the «cottage» located in the walkable roof. This cottage, hidden because you cannot see from the street because of its distance of the facade, occupies about 30 square meters, and has only one bedroom, a kitchenette, a bathroom and a closet to store belongings, is the ideal place to hide in plain view, with access to one you terrace of more than 35 square meters and with an aesthetic very opposite to the rest of the building… with the classical structure of wood formed by panels vertically of the same material.

The problem is that, to enjoy of the cottage, you have to buy the rest of the House, with its 834 square meters, four bedrooms (master with dressing room), kitchen, living/dining room, three bathrooms, a toilet and a large hall space where to entertain the guests (i.e. a party room). Cleaning the twenty-two double-hung windows or deal with the two wood burning fireplaces (very green) will be part of the day to day if you decide to buy.

The distribution continues to be somewhat curious, on the landing of input we have two doors, right will take you to the party room, with double-height in its central part, a bathroom and a huge Hall at the top. From the left door will give you access to the residential area, with a bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen and dining room, in the upper area of the duplex you will find another room, a bathroom and the master bedroom. The upstairs joins two areas of housing, not so, in the lower part, a mess of a house.

The company that sponsors the sale of property, Compass, suggests that it can become two residences being «very creative», would add «very, very, very» given that distribution does not much play, and the works to be carried out would be a high-volume. Said this, and because of the high prices being shuffled in New York, it is clear that would not be a bad deal sell two duplexes instead of one, it is feasible.

The property has been refurbished recently, and boasts with appliances of granite kitchen countertop and stainless steel, with a window into the dining room, very practical. The wooden floor occupies the entire surface of the housing and continues down the stairway to the upper floor, is great to feel the wood under your feet, the more versatile and eco-friendly in the world building material.

Imagine now waking up in your wonderful cottage Nantucket style, leaving to the terrace (larger than the inside) by the French door with two leaves, stroking wood shingles outside (by smelling it, feeling it), while you scan (I love this verb ) the horizon for the World Trade Center, fantastic eh?, therefore although you call me «killjoy», I must warn you that you must pay $2.405,17 per month (2.097,47 euros) in taxes and $1.375,60 (1.199,62 euros) a month of Community expenditure, chokes you, eh?, as consolation: you can have a pet.

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