The Impressive Sailboat Hotel

The largest sailboat of the world is in Panama and has a hotel five-star, luxury residences and a promising future.

Trump Ocean Club
Trump Hotel en Panamá
Trump Hotel in Panamá

Hi, have you longed my presence in the last week? I hope that if… the disappointment would be capital if it were in another form, as large as a few years ago, at the opening of the sailboat largest of the world. When write my historiography, in a future yet to come, could to entitle this episode as «when Rodolfo inaugurated a Hotel Trump and he did not make any business», as well as you read, I was so embedded in the environment that I didn’t put care to what could be a great opportunity. Finally, as is wise to rectify, I returned recently to address the «deficiency». During my visit I could not help remember the José de Espronceda’s famous poem: the song of the pirate. “The breeze fair aft, / all sails on high…”

Trump Hotel en Panamá, lobby
Trump Hotel in Panamá, lobby

The building has the design of a sailing ship, in fact, the greater sailboat of Panama with 284 meters, becoming in the highest building in Latin America at the time of the inauguration (July 2011). The planner, Arias Serna Saravia, foresaw this marvel of 262,000 square metres of built surface that is distributed in 70 plants and containing a Hotel, private residences and, 10 (as the cannons) floors for offices.

Trump Hotel en Panamá, habitación
Trump Hotel in Panamá, room

“The moon in streaks, / the waves illumes…” The promoter is Newland International Properties Corp. company, which began the development of the complex in 2006, acquiring the license of the Trump International and hiring Trump Hotel Collection to the Hotel Management, becoming in the first foray of the Trump Group in Latin America, years later from a comment by Mr Donald (Trump again) on the Panama Canal , which, to put it mildly, annoyed the Panamanians. Despite the headwind, Newland got its purpose and changed forever the Panamanian coast.

Trum Ocean Club, piscina
Trum Ocean Club, swimming pool

“Sail on, / my swift one / nothing fear…” The Trump Ocean Club International Hotel&Tower cost 430 million dollars (382 million euros). The Hotel is considered by many as the first six-Star of Panama, and I, of course, am agree completely. For the cheapest room will pay 300 dollars (266 euros) overnight and you can make own one of their apartments from 250,000 to 1,000,000 dollars per unit (222.000-890.000 euro), if you want the best is that you contact with the Cervera Real Estate operating from Miami without fear or enemy.

Trump Hotel, piscina infinita
Trump Hotel, infinity pool

“Despite the English cruisers fleet / We have full twenty prizes made:…” Of course, as luxury resort has the possible comforts: the hotel has 369 rooms (you can go with your football team), including 47 suites (was said), 37 lifts, spa, an infinity pool on the coast, gourmet restaurants, boutiques and stressing about this, a club with a private beach on the island of the Pearl, only two hours if you go in boat or fifteen minutes by plane. In its instalations has an international Casino managed by Sun International in which you can get the dams you want, despite of the banking or your opponent.

Trump Ocean Club
Trump Ocean Club

“My treasure is my gallant bark,/My only God is liberty;…” The backbone of the building is made of reinforced concrete of high-strength, to bring this material to the top, the constructor used three different pumping systems, when the concrete are pumped exist the danger of segregation (separation of the constituents breaking the uniformity of distribution within the mass, and therefore diminishing their characteristic resistance)Luis García Dutari and Oscar Ramírez structural engineers enjoyed this treasure and of its freedom of calculation.

Trump Hotel, interior de mármol
Trump Hotel, marble interior

“There blindly kings fierce wars maintain / For palms of land, when here I hold…” For the interior of the complex, Trump chose to the renowned designer Adriana Hoyos, this veteran, with over twenty-five years of experience, has developed her career in several countries of Latin America, she was in the United States where he began his training in interior design. Colombian by birth, her company is based in Ecuador, from there she has designed the 140 models different of residences that have the complex, as well as all the public residential areas with their 66 halls, lifts and residential entrance. Certainly, seeing the exclusive collection created for the Trump, this professional has won this ferocious war.

Escultura de Botero en el Trump Ocean Club de Panamá
Botero sculpture at the Trump Ocean Club Panama

“Nor is there shore around whate´er. / Or banner proud, but of my might…” Deserves a special mention, of course, the material that I will take to my future building (you know, I will do a construction in an island by to decide). This is none other than the pavement of marble that looks at all the residences of the property. The marble is a metamorphic rock (which is caused by processes of pressure or submission to high temperatures to already existing rocks) its base is limestone or dolomite. It has two properties that make it irreplaceable, the first being its singular beauty when it is polished and the second its workability, or ease of carving, making it highly prized by the sculptors and the designers. Using this material, you guarantee the splendour of your homes.

Botero sculpture ‘Women on horseback’ in the Trump Ocean Club

“¿My treasure is my gallant bark / My only God is liberty;…” When you go to the Trump Ocean Club, enjoy of the views, of the pools and their food. Also enjoy of great sculptures by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero, the «female horse» of 3 meters high and the «Reclining woman» of 2.4 metres wide. Enjoy of its materials: wood, granite, concrete, steel, marble. Feast your eyes with its unique designs, or its unrepeatable horizons. But before you go, saves one minute and you sing the song of the pirate: “… My law is might, the wind my mark, / My country is the sea”

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