The Most Awaited Tower of New York

Between the criticism and the admiration is being built the One Manhattan Square, a new iconic skyscraper... and not because of its height!

Not always you can build the tallest skyscraper in the world, or the rarer, the slimmer or more inclined, but, if you have talent and a good grounding, you can really build a good skyscraper with something big and that do not pass unnoticed , as, for example, gardens. This must have thought in Adamson Associates Architects when they received the commission of to design the Lower East Side, clear that, it could also be that they saw too much ground…

As good sellers, just need to listen to the President and founder of the real estate Extell Development, economic authors of the promotion, to be convinced to buy an apartment: «with a fantastic package of amenities, spectacular views and attractive prices, One Manhattan Square is a game changing», says Gary Barnett, «we are offering the best lifestyle – along with an opportunity for smart investment – that is not available anywhere else in Manhattan«.

Although some pockets not can afford it, it is clear that the new building is born with the idea of being fully competitive in prices, attracting people and entities that are already view too high prices in other parts of New York. The 815 apartments that the complex is composed are divided into three types: one-bedroom with an average price of 1.5 million dollars (1.32 euros), of two rooms with average price of 2.5 million dollars (2.20 euros) and three rooms which reach the average value of 4 million dollars (3.51 euros).

The tower, which will culminate to the 243 meters of height, is under construction, and has already surpassed its geometric center so you are only to two television news (so to speak) for to reach the completion of the structure of reinforced concrete. While it rises, is being executed the woodwork outside, formed by a curtain wall of glass, that maximize the views, while protecting us from the outside, however, since the real estate announce that any apartment will have an incredible views of the River, which, needless to say it, it is an incentive of first.

We can imagine the good of Adamson walking through the area, facing to the Manhattan Bridge and thinking how to achieve excellence at market price. Yes, although it may seem trivial, no building is exempt from its economic reality, and no architect is exempt from search it carefully. But the great attraction of this building, as we already announced, are its recreation areas.

The complex has an incredible area of sport, with basketball court, bowling area, court squash, golf simulator, and ultra-modern gym. It also has a Spa with hot tubs, sauna, an ‘almost’ Olympic swimming pool of 22 meters, pool for infants, culinary salon, theatre, multimedia room and the essential: a bar cellar. Of course, also feature Concierge 24 hours a day, refrigerated storage, laundry service, lounge businesses and parking of private vehicles and bicycles.

In total are more of 10,000 square meters are intended for leisure and enjoyment of the users of the building, from which a large part will be outside, becoming the largest of New York private park. This urban oasis of 4,200 square meters will include the winding Garden under the bridge, a pavilion of tea, many social areas, a house tree for adults (also entitled), the garden of the birch, ping pong tables, houses for dogs and even an Observatory astronomical. Honestly, gives some envy (healthy) how well they are going to spend it in the garden.

The curious form of the building, as if it were a piece of tetris, responds to the intention to give users the best possible views. The glass with silvery tones of the skyscraper will make the silhouette alive and changing, as it will also serve to «occupy» less the urban landscape. The podium, where are the entrances to the building, as well as several areas of the Tower, will be coated with a very special metal: Muntz, mixture of 60 % copper and 40 % zinc, with some traces of iron.

The podium, the entries of buildings and parts of the facade of the tower will be coated metal called muntz, who will bring a warm, earthy tone to the exterior aesthetics. This material is a variable of the brass, used in the 19th century, almost always in the shipbuilding industry, and has several good reasons to exist: it is a material cheaper copper fulfilling the same functions, has a high durability even under the sea, resists corrosion and is stronger than the copper.

At the base of the building will coexist two shopping areas, one will be a supermarket, replacing that stood on the same site, the Pathmark, whose disappearance made react against building part of the residents of the neighborhood, but nothing it is defined yet. Meyer Davis Studio, has been responsible for the interior design of the various apartments, giving finishes in two types (light and dark) where will shine with own light with oak floors, imported stone and custom finishes.


According to the owners, the pace of sales is good, taking 100 contracts signed in March this year, which includes one of the two penthouses of luxury of the property, whose value is located in the $ 13 million… 11.40 euros! These «Penthouse» have an area of 344 square meters, boast of master suite in one of the corners (with 270 degree views), a large dressing room, a gourmet kitchen, a spectacular Hall and the best, almost 40 square meters terrace… protected with our beloved Muntz metal.

The «Vertical Village», as they has dubbed this building, has multiple reasons for focusing the attention of the New York real estate market, one of them, which has been moved forward to other three skyscrapers that they will be born in the same area in a few years, probably, marking them prices and taking from them the scoop. If all goes as Extell expected, the construction will be complete at the end of 2,018, and, as in these cases, it will boost housing prices.

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