The Most Chic in Winter

Warm clothing is not just fashion, prevents winter own diseases and aggravation of  chronic.

We are going through a tough winter in which it has even snowed in the Sahara desert. A couple of weeks ago I talked about the main precautions to take into account to prevent your dog from suffering discomfort, become sick or even die from the cold, snow or ice. In short, I told you in that article that if you are cold, your dog will feel it too, especially the less protected races for these winter climates due to their origin or their hair, and obviously, to fight the cold there is nothing like sheltering.

Lo mejor para los días de invierno es abrigar a tu perro
Greyhound perfectly conditioned for the cold

Because of this theme I want to position myself on the option of whether the clothes for dogs is useful, harmful or is a whim. Pet clothing plays an important role, mainly to protect the animal from external agents, of course there is fashion in it and also some pampering sometimes. But these clothes – like any of the accessories – have to be of good quality, I would say, of the best quality, so that it does not cause the eczema and cracks in the skin, the baldness in the hair and the wounds it produces – and it is not an exaggeration – the poor quality, reason to which the detractors tell that the dogs carry any type of complement, like boots, sweaters, coats, raincoats or even life jackets.

Es bueno acostumbrarlos a las bajas temperaturas pero también protegerles con algo de ropa
Denim print waistcoat

As a result of the winter climatology the older dogs become more rigid, being able to have contractures. Respiratory infections, such as canine cough (the equivalent of our cold) arthritis and osteoarthritis, are best treated with dry heat.

Ropita o mantas especiales para ellos, fundamental para cuidarlos
Blankets with bone as pillow or toy

Clearly I am in favor of helping the gifts of nature, not to obviate them, and it is good that when the autumn begins the dogs that usually live in the interior of home, begin to acclimatize outdoors with lower temperatures, their hair will respond growing thicker which will be a more help in the cold.

Las prendas que elijas para tu mascota, siempre de la mejor calidad
Dog with blanket

I suppose that those who oppose to cover a dog do not oppose to cover a horse – for which there is also much fashion, otherwise – why? What is wrong with fashion in the way a dog is capped as long as its anatomical, physiological and individual characteristics of the animal are respected?

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