The Obama (Presidential) Library

Barack Obama has presented his future presidential library, a modern Centre which will be located in a historic park in Chicago.

What have in common Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush?, moreover (clear) of to be Presidents of North America. Very easy, they have already his presidential library, as a mark of the country tradition, initiated by Roosevelt in the 1930s. This month of may, the popular ex-President Obama has presented one which will take his surname and, with luck, his philosophy of life.

El expresiedente Obama, presenta su proyecto

The Presidential Center of Obama (another way of calling it) will to be ubicated in the Park Jackson, in the South of Chicago, where studied the young man politic, and is expected to be opened in the year 2.021. In addition, will be the first presidential library (there are currently fourteen) that will be built in the centre of an urban environment, as part of its lung, judging from the animations and models that have prepared for the future urban element.

Ubicación de la biblioteca presidencial de Obama

The performance will have two key elements, a Museum that will make up the tallest structure, and (according to the Obama Foundation) will serve as the Presidential Center headlight, as well as entry for the visitor; and two buildings of a plant, the Library and the Forum, which will melt with the environment through gardens on its cover, as well as outside access.

Así será la biblioteca de Obama, entre jardines

It is expected that the project achieves the LEED V4 Platinum certificate awarded by the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council), which recognizes the maximum effort in the proper use of water, the energy efficiency and the ability to reduce the emissions of gases effect greenhouse. The final surface will be around 21,000 square meters and for to reach them is necessary reset the current Park, increasing green space of the historic place.

Detalles de la estructura de la bibliteca

Another new feature that will take the Center will be that all documents that house the building will be digitized, including the records of the Obama administration listed as «unclassified», helping to the NARA (archives and national records) that is the entity responsible for the continuous control over the presidential records, also, they promote easy access to these documents to the general public, historians and scholars in particular.

Edificio principal de la biblioteca presidencial

The Center will cost 500 million dollars (447 euro) and was designed between studies of architecture Tod Williams Billie Tsien (a couple happy, of New York) and Interactive Design Architects, based in Chicago. This Centre will be able to attract between 600,000 and 700,000 visitors a year, creating new jobs and revitalizing the area, according to a statement from the Foundation, it is believed that the figure will reach 4.945 direct and indirect jobs during its construction and then, a few 2.536 when it opens to the public.

Fachada del museo, en la maqueta

The museum will have trapezoidal form with a inferior part in decrease and a high part in increase, two of its opposite corners have been cut giving it a characteristic form, in addition, these cuts will provide light and ventilation natural to several of its rooms interiors. The facades will be covered by platelets of natural stone, material that will contribute to its integration with the environment that surrounds to the building.

According to its promoters, the Center is designed to return the Park Jackson its role of «people Park» and which may enjoy it, both for the local residents, as the visitors. Supporting this concept, the project foresees a small artificial lake, an area for sleds, children’s playground, abundant grass outdoor and winding roads for the pedestrians. In addition, a centre of athletics at the side opposite to the Library will be built with over time.

Maqueta general del espacio presentado por Obama

Since the Foundation Obama insist that the Presidential Center will be a place where shape (together) what it means to be a good citizen in the 21st century. For my part, I understand that all architectural project must have an end before its conception, this project has it, only remains to be seen if it will be conducted as it was designed or will be transforming over time… By the way, I know it still does not carry a year in office but… can you imagine now the future presidential library of Donald Trump?

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