The Pool that Removed the Hiccup

The spectacular building of Singapore boasts with the cantilever that you can be visited more length in the world.

Vistas desde la Piscina del Marina Bay Sands. Foto: tripadvisor
Vistas desde la Piscina del Marina Bay Sands. Foto: tripadvisor
Views from the pool of Marina Bay Sands. (Photo: tripadvisor). Click to book

Hi, the life is full of indecipherable and indiscernible riddles, so that the truths give security, that is the conclusion to which I, Rodolfo, I reached after countless interviews in various media, where never knew what questions I would make journalists, in revenge, they never have obtained the same response to similar questions.

One of the Islands where I thought make my future construction is Easter Island (Rapa Nui), I had a shiver of joy just from thinking about eating the Umu Rapa Nui several times a year! I have even come to imagine that the building that will built there would have form of Moai (sculpture of dimension incredible and unique in the world that on the island there are some 900) and this will have some iconic sense, even put a Pukao (stone of reddish color that is supposed to represent a «headdress» on the top of some Moai). Speaking of Pukaos, I’ve found one that even has a swimming pool without end, in one of the world’s most incredible buildings: Marina Bay Sands.

When you see the hotel for the first time, you tell me if the comparison with a Pukao is correct or not, I do not know, of course, if the designer took account of this parallelism (I presume that not), and it’s a Pukao on three Moai, a dream for the most advanced of the Rapa Nui. The silhouette spectacular of the Marina Bay Sands dominates the skyline with its spectacular design changing forever, since it was built, the meaning of the word Costa.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Click for more information

When you are place under the complex the first thing you ask is how it can support one building against another, and who thought install a huge cantilever uniting three (or six) buildings. The singular architect is none other than Mr Moshe Safdie, whose head had the idea that materialized in just four years (2007-2010), a record considering the difficulties that they faced.

When you asked for a room in the hotel, you will discover that the smallest (Deluxe Room) have 39 square meter, access to the SkyPark® and the pool’s infinity and exclusive entrance to the Fitness Club on the floor 55. Of course I was in a major: Charmaine Suite (the best) 629 square meter, four bedrooms, hydro-massage, two lounges, gym (with massage room, steam bath and sauna), piano, 24 hour of butler, free breakfast (than less) and several more surprises.

When you want to enjoy the views of the SkyPark® only you will have to pay $27,00 (€25,00) but you must request it in advance because they tend to rent for events or parties. The infinity edge pool is for hotel guests (have to pay one of 2,560 rooms available) from 6 in the morning (my preferred time) until 11 o’clock. They have restaurants, shops of leading brands, cultural events and (a forced) visit to the spectacular Museum of art and Science (with its unique flower shape).

The Cantilever. Click for more information

When you search the company that made the complex structural calculations for the execution of the building, its foundations and the cantilever, your friend Rodolfo will guide you: was responsible for the Group Arup, where are very proud of the work done. The longest cantilever with public of the world have almost 200 meters high on the three 55-story towers. The structure covers 340 meters of long and 38 meters of wide and excels in one of its ends almost 65 metres (amazing).

When you claimed facts about this wonder, I’ll tell you that the cantilever was made piece by piece from steel trusses that are anchored to the three buildings with reinforced concrete structures, always analyzing the various movements that were to have the three buildings. It took into account the wind, the weight of the entire structure of the swimming pool and the movements of the users of the cantilever.

When you think that it is not possible, I will make clear that the entire structure of the cantilever is supported by three buildings through five plates of union, this ensures that different movements will be absorbed by the plates. For your peace of mind, I say you that the metal beams that connect the structure are post-tensioned (armor which induces a voltage that is opposite to the normal direction of loads acting against it, ensuring a balance of tensions, this tension is induced after the placement of the armor).

The Swimming Pool. Click for more information

When you analyse all the data and you discover that the three buildings are subdivided into six, hanging on every vertical element a construction that slides from it, and that depends on the main structural and aesthetically, you cannot do anything else that love this work of art. The main buildings have vertical walls of reinforced concrete which sustain the entire structure and that support the adjacent buildings (anchored by steel trusses).

When I say you that the foundations of the construction are about deep sea clays and that, by the unique structural form and the angles of the feet of inclined buildings, raised serious problems when they were executing, even they practice the introduction of prestressed armor (like the post-tensioned but with the particularity that the tension is induced before starting work) in vertical and inclined walls to reduce the movements and resulting tensions. 

When you are enjoying your favourite artist (or a double) in any area of the complex and you calculate the length of stay that you have, surely you never want to leave. If you have not noticed an unusual rate in this article is that I have done well my description and you’ve been absorbed, and if you’ve noticed it, is that you’ve been very attentive. Bye bye.

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