The Trump Skyscrapers in New York

Trump is indissolubly linked to the New York City thanks to his numerous buildings, many, are iconic skyscrapers.

Bart and Lisa looked at each other with complicity, the jokes and taunts of their colleagues (for their resemblance with the popular characters of a fiction series) the first months of work had become cheers for their excellent work, no doubt, they were a good team. After the success achieved in the search for a SuperHome for the Superheroes of Hispanic origin, the boss and filmmaker, Matt Springfield, had commissioned them a new challenge: find a center of operations for the SuperVillain of the history.

Thus, facing Guadalupe del Rosario, single mother with the superpower of moving in the space-time, Emiliano, brother of Guadalupe, capable of changing people and objects of size and Jaqueline and Juan Pablo, twin brothers and sons of Guadalupe, with the powers of read the mind and cause the burning of objects at distance (respectively); the evil Daniel the Trumpet, their most lethal archenemy.

Edificio "Trump Tower" en Nueva York
Trump Tower New York

When they received the order not made them lack look at each other to understand that were thinking, the similar aesthetic was more than apparent, a famous Donald Trump had been chosen as future President of the United States with an electoral promise very singular: build a wall between Mexico and the United States, accustomed to reasonable similarities, and taking advantage of the fact that Trump is one of the largest real estate entrepreneur of the country, it seemed logical that one of his properties was the headquarters of Daniel the Trumpet.

The Trump Tower

In just a few hours they enumerated the skyscrapers that the magnate owns in New York, began, of course, by his iconic Tower: The Trump Tower, a building which has deeply marked the aesthetics of the city since its inception. Built in 1984, occupies the 725 Fifth Avenue, and houses the headquarters of the Trump Organization, his private residence (in the triplex in the top floors), retail shops, offices and residential luxury condos.

The Trump Tower

Its architect, Der Scutt, set up a staggered plant, this allows that the main rooms of the residences have views on two of its walls. The building also has two unique elements: a cascade of terraces in the outdoor with green areas and a public atrium of spectacular dimensions (occupied the first five floors). The luxury apartments are between the 30 and 68 floors (the last of the Tower) with famous owners of the size of Bruce Willis or Cristiano Ronaldo.

The tallest building in to use structure of reinforced concrete

This skyscraper of 202 meters was the tallest building in to use structure of reinforced concrete with the core of the same material, in the city of New York and at the time of its construction. Lisa Groening argued strongly that this building should be the headquarters of the evil Daniel the Trump-et (she called him so), its location, its sinister beauty and elegance (marked, no doubt, by its dark glasses and its lyrics in bronze) made it worthy of such prestige.

Trump World Tower

«Don´t rush dear, wait to see if the Trump World Tower is not (also) his style», nothing escapes to Bart Silverman, he is a lynx… and he was right! No doubt the aesthetics of the luxurious skyscraper of 262 meters located at 845 United Nations Plaza (at first Avenue), of dark rectangular shape, defies all the around with sufficiency (as could made a villain in fiction).

The tallest residential building in the world

This unique building was, at the time of its construction, the tallest residential building in the world. Account with 72 floors (although inside called to ninety), 376 luxury apartments (some studies) and almost 90,000 square meters of built area (this is so). Inside, if you’re lucky, you can stumble with Bill Gates, Sophia Loren or the star Harrison Ford.

The design was conducted by the Greek architect Costas Kongylis

The design was conducted by the Greek architect Costas Kongylis, who worked with the engineering WSP Cantor Seinuk firm to build this building between 1999 and 2001. They tell us that the slenderness ratio is 1:11, one meter wide by every 11 high, which is possible thanks to a novel reinforced concrete structure (combat effectively the wind) and a mass-damper of 600 tons at the top of the real estate.

Interior de la Trump Tower
Trump Tower

Both reminded another fantastic Tower of the President, the Trump International Hotel and Tower, an office building built in 1970 by the Gulf and Western company that was refurbished by his new owner in 1997 to reach 178 meters adding some plants more. The complex, of use residential, houses a Hotel with 160 rooms of the chain Trump and 158 apartments of luxury.

Health Center pool

In the reform intervened the same team that in the Trump World Tower, Costas and Seinuk, they respected the original steel structure, reinforcing it with another adjacent of concrete to avoid uncomfortable movement to which it was subject when it exist strong gusts of wind. It was not difficult to imagine Daniel walking in his building and enjoying its facilities, its cover, its sauna, its Health Center pool… all for be well while practiced the evil!

Trump World Tower

They rejected the Axa Financial Center, a building built in 1963 that had been refurbished in 2012 and which had a capacity of nearly 170,000 square meters in its 44 plants. Lisa and Bart agreed that its purist lines in gray and crystal (despite its considerable 174 meters high) were not the ideal image for future science fiction film. In addition, not them liked much the location, in the 1290 of the Avenue of the Americas.

Axa Financial Center

And yes, they loved the skyscraper called Trump Building, built in 1930 and, at least for a few months, was the highest of its time (surpassed by the Chrysler building). This feeling of having been the first but that other stealing your title was something that attracted to Bart, «is something that disclose your part dark», whispered to Lisa, that disagreed with him (something usual).

Trump Building

Has 71 plants of height, reaching the 255 meters (283 with the antenna) and an aesthetic Art Deco very of the time, its location, in the 41 of Wall Street, it was also perfect for the use to which wanted to allocate it, in first line of action. With steel structure and cladding in limestone, to the «seekers of buildings» seemed them incredible that it was built in just a year, a prodigy for those times… and these!»

Trump SOHO
Trump SOHO

Other complexes of Donald Trump, that were willing to examine, were the Trump Palace, a skyscraper of 55 plants built in 1,991 with 190 meters of height in the number 200 East 69th Street, the Heritage at Trump Place, of 41 plants built in 2001, the Trump Park Avenue, of 32 plants and 119 residences, another classic of 1.929, or the ultra-modern Trump Soho built in 2010 and designed by the architectural firm Handel Architects, despite its limited 138 metres in height, had in its favor its views in 360 degrees.

Hotel Plaza

However, Lisa Groening and Bart Silverman not advised to Matt Springfield none of these skyscrapers as headquarters of the evil Daniel the Trump-et… forgiveness, wanted to tell Trumpet. The future headquarters of the archenemy of the superheroes Mexican should be, to their trial, the Hotel Plaza, built in 1,907 with style modernist and in a unmatched location facing the Central Park… was, undoubtedly, the best option. Clear that the characters of this post, not them surprised that his boss chose another… so is the life!

Disclosure: The characters that appear in this article, their different personalities and their relationships with each other and with the environment are part of a fiction. The author is not responsible for the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it.

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