The truth about Rich Dogs of Instagram

 Rich dogs of instagram  are not so rich. They don´t live so well. Probably your pet take a more privileged  life than most of them.

Dog on Doggy Lazy Raft. Photo: elitedaily

The truth behind the rich instagram dogs is that Kaylin Pound Pound  @kaylin_pound who works for  and made the famous photographs , trying to imitate the style of the rich kids account Instagram, namely:  I don´t know if the success of the numerous snapchat rich kids that have cost more than a headache even for a country whose leaders believe it is a bad image for theirself, not the picture of luxury and premium products but boast wasteful and contempt for those who don´t has -for some feedback from users about the photos- and not having done anything to get it and not have in mind anything beyond follow and live on the same line.

These accounts also have cost an occasional disgust to more than a father who wants his kids to strut the good life that takes account of the benefits of some   company whose title is still not registered with the official data of  the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Luxury dog. Photo: elitedaily

Kaylin Pound has many post in the   has originality and skill, but consider this just is not one . Even if all she  wanted was people  spoked of  her own and make her famous, she has certainly succeeded. The whole world has echoed. Probably because there was already animated for the  version of  rich cats, she decided to make the dogs version. She arranged and photographed some dog in a scenario. No more.

Rich Dogs of Instagram  (@richdogsofig) assumes that the life of dogs whose owners are millionaires shows and can give them a better life, surrounded by whims and luxury goods.

Dog with money. Foto: Instagram
Dog with money. Photo: Instagram

In principle it is a commercial and interesting idea, but when you visit the account and see a stepping or lying on a handful of bills dog, not beyond that «precise amount»; Dogs drinking or simulating drinking Champagne, a dog in front of a car that could well be there parked, or celebrating his birthday with a candle lit a few centimeters from his face, for they have used a glass bottle empty as support… frightened out of there like a soul by the devil.

Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Rolex, Ferrari, Masseratti, Moet et Chandon, Audi, Hermes and Dior are the most recurrent Firms  that appear in the photos, they don´t have any kind of part in that.   I have nothing at all against the accessories lines what also provide substantial benefits to those companies with the consequent great impact on society. The luxury industry is hugely beneficial to all of us because of  it  and to be «profaned» Articles that have so work of lot of professionals behind it hurts to me.

Dog 'drinking' champagne. Photo: Instagram
Dog ‘drinking’ champagne. Photo: Instagram

If you really want your dog grew up as a «rich», give the best for him. Many of these brands have some special pet products that offer all guarantees and which we have discussed in previous posts as Gucci, Chanel or Louis Vuitton. The date you will see on their websites or directly in store. But please, don´t give your dog spirit even in the most exclusive vintage. There are plenty of gourmet products with which you´ll make for much happier.

If you really want he live like a king, take it to the best specialists, hire the best services but please  thinking it’s not a person that would go well the same things to you and not a toy who have fun if he take more alcohol he must, that it´s to say: a drop.

Dog with luxury articles. Photo: Instagram
Dog with luxury articles. Photo: Instagram

On the proper use of social networks, the responsibility about the information we share and its consequences is more than talked and legislated. But for taste and good taste there is still much to say. We are in a time when several dogs and cats famous campaigns wonderful star luxury and premium products.

Anna Wintour has two very good phrases, one on the democratization of luxury and the other one on a new type of woman consumer. Both what is clear is that we are living in new very different times occurred to anyone before,  She is one of the people who detects this kind of thing with a stunning advance, hence her  influence and value. I dare say it would review the -united concepts – ostentation, elegance and discretion.

Tous.  Tous presents its campaign «Bliss» with Loulou and puppy Tito The Pom, photographed by Mario Sorrenti.

There are certain audience that spends a considerable amount of money and therefore it is important for brands that want to purchase products for their beauty and uniqueness features but who like exhibit at least on social networks, many of them not even show his identity, likes to photograph and upload it to share because they are in love with them, why is not valid? Why you are ugly?

Let us not continue with nineteenth-century concepts for everyone, thankfully are very different from each other and as this exhibition doesn´t imply contempt for anyone, a simple picture of an item is a simple photograph no bones about it, is another way to show with pride with something nice-not self-confidence-as a piece of art is exhibited. Do you like Luxury and you love the other  see how your pet and you enjoy? Perfect. But please, do not boast at least not have half a brain.

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