The Venetian Dream of Angelina and Johnny Depp

Visiting Venice is a pleasure for the senses, is the city of the luxury for excellence, also, has one of the best hotels of the world.

Vistas desde la terraza
Danieli Hotel Venice, exterior view

Hi, when the mankind put the hands to work is capable of the best and the worst, at this time, we already have it rather than assumed. But, if you’re like me, Rodolfo, will understand that you don’t have to conform to discover what is able to make mankind, the important is to discover what is able to improve, and in this direction we still have road for grow, but time to time. 

Danieli Hotel Venice, lobby
Danieli Hotel Venice, lobby

One of the best examples of what our species is capable of achieving when it elevates the art to priority, is the city of Venice, you know, canals and gondolas. This city is so rich in detail that I advise to my accompanying that (never travelled only to Venice) several weeks before they try to improve their visual memory, in this way, may withhold in its retina the spectacular places that the camera can only display in two dimensions. In my last trip, I stayed at one of the best hotels in the world: the Hotel Danieli (yes, yes, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp used it in their film «The tourist») a Venetian dream.

Danieli Hotel Venice, salón
Danieli Hotel Venice, lounge

The dream begins when you’ve not yet set foot in the city, but the nerves have already penetrated deep into you, you know that you’re going to a special place, a region steeped of history, with many legends to tell and with much to teach you. The building in which engages the Hotel exudes tradition by the four pores, exudes experiences in spectacular details, not in vain, was built by one of the most traditional families of the region, before nation. This family gave to Venice four Doges, one of whom was Enrico Dandolo, which conquered Constantinople (almost nothing). This building is the PalaceDandolo (Did you had never imagined?).

Danieli Hotel Venice, terraza nocturna
Danieli Hotel Venice, night terrace

The construction dates back to the 14th century and exhibits a marked Venetian Gothic style, with its pointed arches (a arc than is cut by two lines parallel to the sides of his shaft and is join thus forming an arc with tip termination) and its windows with form of clover, something that is repeated in the interior, also has a characteristic pink colour in its facade. For several centuries it belonged to different families: Gritti, Bernardo, Mocegino or Nani, were holders of the property until 1822 when Giuseppe Dal Niel bought the second floor and turned it into a hotel, years more late his daughter AlfonsinaMuzzarelli, ended up of buying the rest, appropriating of the building.

Danieli Hotel Venice, habitación
Danieli Hotel Venice, room

Over time it changed of owners, Genovesi and CampiBozzi& C. invested a small fortune in 1895 to introduce the electricity, lifts and steam radiators, a luxury at that time. In 1945 it completed what is now the hotel, demolishing the buildings between the Palazzo Dandolo and the Palazzo dellePrigioni, and building the Palazzo Danieli Excelsior. This last building was redesigned by the famous French architect Jacques Garcia in 2008, giving it the appearance that today have proud.

Vistas desde la terraza
Views from the terrace

The dream continues when you arrive at the hotel, and discover that it is located a few meters from St. Mark’s square, from which you can explore the Centre of the city and its most emblematic buildings, such as the Basilica of San Marcos, the bridge of Sighs, or the Doge’s Palace. There is no better place for you, especially if you let yourself guided by itsConsierge Luxury Collection, he knows and he show you the city in all its aspects: sport, fun, art or culture. The Hotel is included within «The Luxury Collection», a wide range of high quality spaces in more than 20 countries that carry the Starwood Hotels brand, a guarantee.

Danieli Hotel Venice, salón
Danieli Hotel Venice, lounge

When you enter the Gothic portal of the CalledelleRazze you feel that you invades you the relief, you’re there, it is real, a unique decoration in pink marble and a staircase where you will want to stay. The spaces are divided by columns with elegant fracture, floral motifs adorn each corner, busts of marble receive you with joy, without a doubt, the place wait some time by you. The majority of guests at this hotel stand out, first of all, the feeling of home that was feeling in their stay, in my case, of course, more than a feeling is a reality.

Hotel Danieli Venice, suite
Hotel Danieli Venice, suite

Crystal lamps of Murano adorn the living room of the Suite Dandolo, marble coverings are everywhere, in the bathrooms are transformed into bathtubs or walls. One of the outstanding successes of the owners of the place has been give personality their space. Thus, Marco Polo lends its name to a receiver, in that the rest is insured and several Renaissance-style rooms located in the Palazzo Danieli Excelsior, with silk curtains and ceilings with cream moulding and golden. I have also heard the name of Bond, but, frankly, I do not know to who refer.

The three Signatures Suites are inspired in three celebrities: Greta Garbo, diva of cinema in the 1930s, in Maria Callas, great diva of the opera and the last, but not least inspiring in her Royal Highness Princess Grace of Monaco. These suites have antique furniture, parquet flooring and spectacular ceilings, woven soft of bronze colour, and a bed that will make you do not want to get out of there (if you’re in good company, I don’t know if I explain me). All decorated by the French designer of interior Pierre Yves-Rochon.

Danieli Hotel Venice, room
Danieli Hotel Venice, room

You will want to travel throughout the hotel, visit the bar Dandolo, which is located in a corner of the Gothic Hall of the Palazzo, you’ll want to memorize rich tapestries that evoke the legacy of the Pearl of the Adriatic, you soak of the smell of the Acqua di Parma with which you feast in the bathrooms, you will want to spend more time at its bar terrace, with its unparalleled views of St. Mark’s basin , or its restaurant from which you’ll see the unparalleled Santa Maria della Salute and the Palazzo Ducale.

If you have lucky enough to stay in one of our Executive suites, you’ll see how pays homage to the Gothic grandeur in its main lobby, and, in its marble bathrooms, you will become in fan of the fragrances of Laura Tonatto, you will enjoy of the earliest childhood with its comfortable bathrobes and slippers, all unique elements, as befits a Hotel five stars. Speaking of stars, the Royal suite Doge Dandolo overlooks 180 ° of the lagoon with the San Giorgio Maggiore island as a backdrop, a real portrait of the 19th century, baroque armchairs and marble tables (again, yes) carrara, has an original fresco of 18th-century of JacoboGuarana and carpets on the venetian terrazzo floor.

Danieli Hotel Venice, baño
Danieli Hotel Venice, bath

The terrazzo is a floor of origin venetian carried out with a mass of clay with pieces of marble scattered, with the time realized that adding sealants and polishing it turned into a beautiful surfaces. Today instead of clay, it using cement (normally white) and dyes to mingle with marbles or stones of easily polished, don’t usually add granite because it hinder the polished. Of course sold in tiles and decorative elements, they can be also manufactured on-site, becoming a surface without joints, in this case, you have to calculate well the expansion joints so that cracks do not occur.

Danieli Hotel Venice, bar

Of course, its facilities have fitness, Spa, TV, you can savour the delicacies of the region, wines and cocktails of first (the bar Dandolo has recently received the award Gambaro Rosso), and much more to discover. Anyway, once inside, you run the risk of not wanting to leave the Hotel, the last person who was there with me said to me: «If I take piece-to-piece, the Danieli hotel would have the best place to live, only would fail Venice». Byebye.

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