The Views of Central Park in the Florentino Perez Penthouse

The prices of the penthouses next to the most famous Park in the world do not stop, the forerunner of this phenomenon has a name: the One57.

Nikolai could not stop in New York, the city had become in the courtyard of his concerns, the motor of his wishes. For him, the populous city of North America is a great place to experiment with his new title of architecture, a place where start to conquer the world (that was the plan), hopefully, he wants to share someday with his longed Spanish (Sandra), which had to leave the past year.

He dominated the language before landing, the money was not a problem (for now), but no one had prepared him for the curious sense of humor of the New Yorkers, this made him remember the multifaceted Woody Allen, with all due caution, clear. However, he had a wrong profile of what awaited him in the city, against all odds, he felt at home in a way that could not explain, simply could not.

Central 2
The building has many common areas

One of his favorite sports was, obviously, analyze the buildings, in particular had «put his eye» to several mega-constructions which disputed a single Street: the 57. Some who think that this Street will be the most expensive of the world in the real estate market, only the time will say it (with permission of the market), Nikolai not escaped him that the big investors see «favorably» have a property overlooking to the Central Park.

The building that had been a forerunner of this escalation of prices is the called One57, an icon that will go down in the history for being the first residential building at 306 metres of height in the Western Hemisphere, would later lose it this title by other impressive skyscraper, the 432 Park Avenue (also in the 57th Street). The architect, Christian de Portzamparc, Pritzker Architecture Prize, began the design in 2005, while is shuffled the purchase of the land.

Central 3
The One57 building

It was not until the year 2009 when was undertaken the construction, with the crisis over (literally), the Extell Development Company did not want to hear about stop the process, the work began. The complex has 75 floors (although it is advertised with 90 plants) where are distributed a total of 74.353 square meters, allowing 94 luxury residences, 210 hotel rooms and 65 apartments for rent. Another record of the property was overcoming the barrier of 100 million dollars (88 euros) by the sale of a property in the 2014.

Central 4
The One57 building

Nikolai had been short time living in the United States, but had already made friends with several architects of the zone and they had as rule to talk about their impressions once a week. He was quite surprised of the negative comments of his colleagues regarding the One57, did not expect the rejection, according to them the unpretentious Tower denatured the sky of Central Park.

But he did not agree with his colleagues, the Tower represents faithfully the movement pixelated of the elegance, combines crystals of two colors vivid and disorderly, further raising its stylized figure. The pre-eminence of the property is observed from the most famous Park in the world, a fusion of modern engineering achievement and the architecture of always.

Central 5
The interior rooms have been designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen

Inside, the Danish designer Thomas Juul-Hansen has drawn an environment friendly and pragmatic, to take advantage of the stunning views of the property, especially in the attics, where the 360-degree landscape determined brutally the stay. To this end, has combined white walls with pavement of oak or Rosewood (wood much appreciated in the manufacture of guitars) with herringbone pattern. He has been also placed a lot of Italian marble, the best for the best.

Central 6
The building has all kinds of attractions

An attractive added to the building is to live together with one of the most luxurious hotels, the Park Hyatt, thanks to it the residents can count on Wellness Center, a spectacular indoor pool, service rooms, catering, spa luxury, cleaning service (always needed), ballroom, laundry, restaurant and, not least important, a business center.

The company has kept well hidden the names of the tenants, a rumor has it that there live a Russian billionaire, but it is not yet confirmed, there is also another rumor that indicates that this hermetic bolt to the information is to benefit the foreign investment. New York is seen by many personalities as a «safe haven» to its investments. Earlier this year, jumped to the Spanish media that one of its more international entrepreneurs, Florentino Perez, had bought a penthouse in the building for 44 million dollars (39 euros).

Central 7
The One57 building

An afternoon Nikolai became in friend of part of the staff of the building, in a show of guts they showed part of the property, including a penthouse yet to sell. The russian came through a discreet entrance in the 58th Street, thus avoiding the goalkeeper (24 hours), taught him the private dining room, room events with kitchen, library with pool table, the huge aquarium, the gym privately and the study of yoga, as well as the room where they care the pets, the parking of vehicles and bicycles.

Central 8
The glass facade provides much light to the rooms

He learned that the study of architecture responsible for the follow-up of the works was SLCE Architects LLP, which the study Yabu Pushelberg was responsible for the design of the Park Hyatt Hotel, which the not least important company Vidaris was in charge of the spectacular facade of 82,000 square meters, including the curious shape of the roof and the general monitoring of the execution. The company, founded in 1923, has in its works such as One World Trade Center, the Whitney Museum of American Art or the One Madison Park.

Central 9
It has private dining

The current prices of the homes range from the 58.5 million dollars (51.5 euros) on the floor 83, 580 square meters and 3.5 million dollars (3.08 euros) by 94 meters pictures on the 34th floor. Rents range from 95,000 dollars (83,500 euros) by 410 square meters in the plant 59 to 25,000 dollars (22,000 euros) by 186 square meters on the 56 floor.

The enterprise of engineering WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff identified the problems that could have the structure, they have recreated the famous wind tunnel, which is submitted to the theoretical building to weather actions before its construction. They explain that there is talk of a slender building when the high-width ratio is 7-1, the One57 has a ratio of 8-1, which has been reached using concrete of high strength (more than 83 Mega Pascals) in pillars and walls of load.

Central 10
The pool and relaxation area

Nikolai said goodbye to his new friends at the door of the skyscraper, he was pondering the responsibility of the conducting a building of high standing like this, how much bigger is the requirement, higher is the complexity. «We must always be at the forefront, the future will not stop to wait for us» used to say an old teacher, suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder, while listening to a well-known female voice in a clear spanish: «What is dedicated a russian in New York?».

Disclosure: The characters that appear in this article, their different personalities and their relationships with each other and with the environment are part of a fiction. The author is not responsible for the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it.

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