Timeless, Beyond Time

Sergio Villa at Salone del Mobile 2016.

The Luxonomist. 14/04/2016

Sergio Villa Mobilitaly is a furniture collection created from a thirty-year collaboration between Swiss Architect Carlo Rampazzi and Sergio Villa’s artisan workshop in Brianza region. The company, which works at very high international levels, produces an assortment of collections and unique pieces, conveying cultural traditions and contemporary taste.

Villa 2
Sergio Villa Mobilitaly. Click for more information

An atelier of “tailored furnishing” based on seductive eccentricity, realized through the continuous pursuit of artistic and design, sophisticated handmade procedures and high quality decoration standards revitalized thanks to the continuous research and innovation of techniques to make available of Carlo Rampazzi creative ability. A real system, made of creativity and technique which evolves continuously in the spirit of formal beauty and the most important value of living.

Villa 4
Sergio Villa Mobilitaly. Click for more information

Creativity is the strength of sergiovilla Mobilitaly activity which inspires to a series of essential values, among which the colour is an important element: through the combination and the match of colours, new forms and ideas are generated. The creation of unique timeless pieces is the point of convergence of sensibility, taste, intuition, preview of styles, forms and fashion. Everything is joined with a refined care of details and a precise production.

Villa 3
Sergio Villa Mobilitaly. Click for more information

The company is continuously in evolution: commitment, discipline, perseverance and determination push the company to never back down and to be always oriented to avant-garde.

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