Uma Thurman Sells Her Apartment in Gramercy Park

For 6.25 million dollars you can live in the apartment which Uma Thurman used for 15 years.

Tom had woken up before feeling the tremendous arrival of his «boss«, however remained in a uncomfortable position on the desk, to see how he reacted. The object of the observation came through the door as if it didn’t exist, almost he crossed it and, when he saw asleep on the table to his «employee» his blood pressure went up near the roof (not much more than what was usual, clear), John didn’t like to see resting to another person… so that, almost immediately began to scream.

Un pisazo de lujo en pleno centro de Manhattan
A luxury apartment in the heart of Manhattan

«It will be possible that my effort to bring forward this magazine worry as little to my great partner and friend!! This beautiful window that illuminates this hole not keeps you enough awake? «, he said, dragging the «e» to the infinite. Tom pretended his awaken and asked almost in whispers, «What about you today, Anti?», Anti was the nickname of John at the University, among other things because he was anti-all (Nothing liked him), he had not changed too much outside the College.

Puedes vivir en la casa de la protagonista de 'Kill Bill'
You can live in the house of the protagonist of ‘Kill Bill’

«What happens is, nothing more and nothing less, than the New York Times, got the news before us, and, in our profession, this mean the END,» he grumbled dropping in the small and uncomfortable chair, «in other words, we are finished». To the question (evident) of which news have mentioned the NYT, Anti responded lifting a tablet with the icon of the famous New York newspaper, «here – he passed finger across the screen and appeared the picture of the famous actress Uma Thurman – has published the exclusive of the sale of the apartment of Uma in Gramercy Park».

El precio de venta es de 6,25 millones de dólares (5,48 de euros)
The house goes on sale for 6.25 million dollars (5.48 million euros)

The legendary Gramercy Park, where every resident of the adjacent properties has an access key to the most famous private park in North America, here has inhabited (also famous) Uma Thurman for the past 15 years, in particular has lived in number 1 of Lexington Avenue. The selling price is 6.25 million dollars (5.48 euros), she has it clear and expressed what she thinks: «It has a great sentimental value, but my past will be the future of another person».

John read the article to Tom almost with tears in the eyes, he really thought that it was a tragedy that the newspaper would have achieved before the news, not in vain, the two partners boasted of to have the «blog» which communicated faster the real estate of the famous in New York, and this time (obviously) they had failed. «Look what it says here: the owner bought first, by 2.65 million dollars (2.32 euros), a three bedroom duplex, although later she added another for 1.55 million dollars (1.36 euros).»

Las vistas del dúplex son un espectáculo
The views from the apartment

The property has 5 bedrooms and almost four bathrooms, and has undergone a profound reform to merge the two primal apartments. These photos, Tom, show the good taste who inhabited it, at the entrance a classical wooden staircase takes you to the bedrooms of the upper floor, while from the hall you have broad vision of the House thanks to the almost total elimination of the partitions. A lounge with a discrete fireplace, a library and a fantastic dining delight the guests.

From the dining room you can enjoy access to a charming terrace overlooking Gramercy Park, next to it a huge kitchen with countertops marble and walnut and appliances Miele and Bosch. On this floor there are two bedrooms, one with dressing room, and between the two shares a bathroom. I forgot something, Mole, (in the Faculty they called Mole to Tom by reasons unworthy) the light enters each room in form almost blinding, this apartment has a great lighting!

Cinco dormitorios y cuatro baños en el apartamento
The house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms

On the upper floor there are other three bedrooms, a master suite with dressing room and the most luxurious bathroom that your eyes have seen: decorated with white marble, tiles with spa, Turkish bath with ceiling domed of tiles and a tub that you will not want to leave, incredible. The other two bedrooms share a bathroom with shower tray (the share bathroom is in fashion). Other delicatessen are: wooden flooring of oak, laundry, central air conditioning and a toilet for guests.

The house is a luxury

If you didn’t know, the architect responsible for the building was Herbert Luke, and was built in the year 1910 with a facade of limestone and brick.» John dropped the tablet aside, stared at Tom for a while, at that time the red color of his face was decreasing its intensity slowly. When he was more relaxed slowly rose from the chair and said: «You have to put the batteries Mole, or they are left us without business». He then gave a solemn slam of farewell, without saying goodbye, clear.

Uma Thurman vivió aquí 15 años
Uma Thurman lived here 15 years

Solo, Tom picked up the tablet and was entertained looking the article, there was talk that the Real State who sold it was Corcoran, where they explained that the monthly maintenance was $ 7.779 (6820 euros), spoke of the successes of the actress (such as Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill), personal relationships during her stay, that the reform of the apartments had taken five years and how much that had liked to live there with her family (see grow to her children in the park and similar things).

All materials, of the highest quality

Apparently the tinplate roof was in the kitchen when she bought the duplex, as well as the exquisite guardrail of oak that accompanies the staircase, she added the underfloor heating to the spectacular main bathroom of the second floor, the general air conditioning, walls of fabric in the bedroom and, for example, the door of galvanized steel that gives access to the joint bedrooms of the upper floor.

El lujo es clave en el apartamento de la actriz
Luxury is key in the apartment of actress

The article talked about of the different properties that Uma Thurman had bought, he reads with indifference and after picked up the phone. He dialed a number and heard the voice of an educated young lady, they talked a great time and, when hanging, smiled from ear to ear. «If John learns that I have not posted the news before the NYT because I gave the exclusive as a condition to bid for purchasing the apartment… our friendship would be finished! thought Mole, without feeling a bit of guilt.

Los hijos de la actriz se criaron en esta casa en NY
The children of the actress were created in this house

Disclosure: The characters that appear in this article, their different personalities and their relationships with each other and with the environment are part of a fiction. The author is not responsible for the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it.

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