Warm at Home

With the arrival of cold even our dogs and cats want to be warm at home.

With this tremendous cold, we all want to stay home as long as possible. No one can resist a nice blanket and a great sofa to watch movies, read, surf the internet or interact in social networks.

French bulldog sleeping on Divanato sofa. Click to buy the sofa

Our dogs and cats may spend time entertaining or sleeping a nap, as they please, in the beds that I introduce you in the post today. A good blanket also appreciate. They can also be entertaining hours with toys that I recommended last Friday.

Thermo-Snuggly bed. Click to buy

They do a double function, since the’ll be on or off and burning not only serve you so that your pet is warm, your pet can be relieved of possible joint pains too. There are several types that I’d like to show you, after what initially comes to mind is a cushion type electric blankets, no more but are very interesting and crib design types that are shaped igloo or cottage. In all of them the ideal body temperature of dogs or cats is achieved.

New cushions anti-slip base and antideformable mattress. Click ti buy

In the igloos is preserved throughout the interior of the structure but the base is less than halfway to what would imagine (although the completely covers the cushion) has been designed so that your pet can choose if he prefer a more or less warm at all times and can be put on either side of the igloo.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor thermo IglooRigid bowl with thermostatic pad.

Also worth noting that there are interesting cat hanging shelves that can be hung on a radiator or a window structure. In these our feline friends will be happy because they  love heights. Not only do you have thermo , but also with   sheepskin  and although I´m  sure you’ve seen in any online consumer store in Khmfg.com have also you can  find a variety of these and other beds for cats.


These two types of beds are mainly for small dogs, puppies and cats. They are based on the animal feels welcomed and protected but also – and this is the case cuddle cups – to play. Some cats and small dogs like the feeling of being covered with a blanket and play  «you are, you are not» If you buy  a cuddle cup, which is nothing more than a sleeping bag, they can do run all the way down and disappear, then appear. I assure you it is fun to see how much love and so bright eyes that were put in how well they enjoy!

Susan Lanci. Cuddle Cup. Click to buy

Why doesn’t the same function a blanket than a cuddle cup? The blanket is very likely that in the game come to uncover a thousand times or entangled with they most frequent drawbacks, however, a cuddle cup prevents them dog constipé and injury is made – neither are salvation – most likely.

Lola Santoro. Pasha beige. Click to buy

The bolster style beds are those round things that seem a bag for carrying a noose around fixing contour curly. I especially do not like, I seem to bring anything with an animal inside, which is what this is – is completely deformed therefore: why that? For the animal to feel more protected and secure I like this type of bed in which the walls are stiffer than in a bolster style.

Furcedes Dog Bed. Click to buy

If there are some models that are the number 1 in these social networks are definitely in my point of view, without any intention of doing harm to the brands and with a touch of humor, «redesign» models of Mercedes, BMW, FERRARI , etc. Indeed, the model Furcedes that I show you, is the novelty of this year. The Furrari is a classic «forever.» One caveat: There are some countries like Britain, where its sale is prohibited by the law of patents and trademarks.

Chien Vivant Couture. Sofa bed for dogs. Click to buy

Which are part of the furniture in the house. Those who have shaped bed or house for pet are other models to consider. Today I want to highlight two real luxury: The brand Chien Vivant Couture from which you can find a variety of models, from classic to modern, made of premium materials such as leather, velvet, wood , glass … etc with embroidery, trimmings and in many of the models accompanying blankets and pillows to match.

House made in Lapis lazuli, semiprecious stones and Swarovski. Click to buy

The other model is one of the most luxurious brands that exist in the market, if you have $ 25,000.00 and not know what to buy. Rawicz is the brand in question, its flagship model is a house made in wooden and glass but by slightly less – about $ 19,000.00 – you can buy the house in lapis lazuli model shown in the photo .

Susan Lanci. Manta. Faux Golden Chinchilla. Click to buy

There is no doubt that  covers have been installed in the living room to stay even in summer as plaids. To our dear friends there are also special rugs and fantastic ideal for winter. Large breed dogs, the hunting of small breeds and some others prefer the blankets to cover them, they and we also like to be so comfortable!

Susan Lanci. D soft snow leopard blanket. Click to buy

Indeed, many of our pets love to see flames   in the fireplace above the carpet or covered with a blanket on a blanket or play near it. I strongly urge you to have extreme care. They know instinctively that can not be approached but they do not know is whether the rug or carpet is synthetic and can ignite a spark to jump. Close the fireplace door. We also urge you to check that the  the chimney draft is perfect to avoid problems with flames to open the door, of course you and the animal is not close either.

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