“Wave” table

Designed and manufactured by Nikolas Piper, it is the outcome of a creative process in which the artist’s personal satisfaction does not only lie on the work itself but, most of all, on the excitement of the person who commissioned it.

The Luxonomist. 27/04/2015
Wave Table, Nikolas Piper

The “ Wave” table was designed for the dining room of a splendid, newly re-furbished flat in Madrid. Its design did not only have to comply with its role as a table, but also with being an important decorative piece in the flat, the home of a businesswoman who loves art and is very loyal to Nikolas Piper’s creations. For this mandate, Nikolas Piper was inspired by a “huge prism”, the sea, to confer transparency to the table.

Wave Table, Nikolas Piper
Wave Table, Nikolas Piper

This effect was achieved by using glass for the top, which also enables the enjoyment of the piece from a bird’s-eye view.  In addition, the table manages to not invade the space, despite its large size. A light table yet with a grand presence, thanks to the design of the legs that make up the foot.  They evoke the flow of the waves, induced by the action of the wind over the water’s surface layer.

Wave Table, Nikolas Piper
Wave Table, Nikolas Piper

The table’s movement contrasts with a perfect finish, achieved through the material used, automotive steel, as well as through the double-coated oven-baked lacquer paint. The choice of colors was made according to the decor of the home and the chosen fabrics. A relaxing and harmonious design but with movement, which invites us to enjoy it.


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