Why do We Like the Wellness Real Estate?

The Wellness expands its sphere of influence, now, to the Real Estate, creating a new way of understand the well-being.

How we feel well to be «OK», this idea was born years ago of the Anglo-Saxon word «Wellness», although we should write the truth for never forget it: the cult body and well-being is born with the same condition of the human being, in antiquity, in the form of health treatments using water as a vehicle to improve it, today with a multitude of treatments created by specialists.

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The Real Estate Wellness is fashionable

Everything evolves, and already not us enough with go regularly to sessions with professional, we want more, and, of course, we got it. The term Wellness Real Estate is of fashion, was born of the mix of two sectors of great importance in the societies modern: the real estate and the of the welfare, by separate generate movements of more than one trillion of euros annual, together, still is by see, although is estimated that this year reach to 55 thousand millions of euros (not is wrong?, eh?).

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The concept started in the United States

Of course, the original idea was born in United States, in the lab of the world (which many would say), a group of people valued the ability to increase the performance of our buildings introducing, in addition to the variants of sustainability and the environmental care, the health care. Thus, the buildings not only will serve to reside, work or enjoy inside, also us will protect physical and mentally (all a purpose).

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It is important that we feel good in the home we live

It is shown: the healthy people generate more happiness around, are more optimistic and vital, productive and altruistic. It is good for the society in general that the human being sits well with itself, good for the companies, administrations, and even for our neighbors. The people spend much time in buildings (around 90% of our lives… or more), and if we build it healthy, with certain actions, we will succeed that it lengthen our life expectancy and improve our health.

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Healthy buildings care for the environment

Last year the company Wellness Building Standard® certified 2 million square meters in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and Middle East. The entity accredits around of seven variables: air, water, light, fitness, nutrition, comfort and mind, which unfold in 540 requirements that must be observed in the construction, these premises are the result of seven years of research with professionals of the medicine and science, engineering and architecture.

The company in charge of the certification is administered by the International Well Building Institute (IWBI), a public benefit corporation responsible for ensuring the improvement of human health and well-being through the built environment. For further warranty is another company, the Green Building Certification (GBCI) who issued the certificate, it is also responsible for the certificates LEED and the professional accreditations LEED and they claim to be the first international organization that recognizes the excellence in green industry and practice around the world.

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There are organizations that certify the quality of these properties

The requirements required of it to the buildings are varied and depend on the typology thereof and its use. For example, they review the use of materials, being appreciated that not dirty our air, neutralize the odors, eliminate the bacteria or reduce the interior noise. Others variable include the efficiency of them systems of ventilation, the debugging of the water, the protection facing the radiation, the action antimicrobial of the countertops, systems of lighting circadian (is self-regulate depending on the light outside for facilitate our rhythm biological), as well as the design, that should influence in us through the improves of our state of mood.

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These organizations review all materials used

In Spain we also build healthy, the company Privalore has been responsible of to send us this new philosophy, from the hand of its CEO, Jorge Marqués, the first Spanish accredited by the Well Building Institute. Marqués has been linked to the real estate sector (in a Bank) and to the commercialization of technologies of well-being, so something of the «world« already knew before starting the adventure.

With more than 15 years of experience in the sector (personal, of course), Privalore jumped into the world of the Developers with three premises that really make it very different within the current real estate scene. The first is the Certification Well (in its variants of Silver, Golden or Platinum), which guarantee the care of persons by the building. The second is the promise of being the first developer with neutral carbon footprint, i.e. they offset carbon emissions generated performances with actions in countries in development that neutralizes it (eliminate carbon outside of «House», to put it another way).

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The Real Estate Wellness is an option for housing rehabilitated

The third premise, that the difference of the rest, is that are a Crowdfunding platform in which any person can involve in the projects of rehabilitation, according to say, and can reach between the 12 and the 17% of benefits in eight months. In fact, they’ve already invested 1.2 million euros in five reformed houses in an integral manner, 450,000 € have been linked to the private investors.

The company has all well-studied, and certainly it look very good. From your couch, you can invest in one of the rehabilitations that they propose, and which are already owners, they are responsible for valuing commercial opportunities of the property so they bet with force in their own product. With this idea they promote the care of the environment, the quality of life of the future user of the property and the pocket of its investors, a «full» that would say some.

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Sector companies perform the entire project

All this joins with an investment of 2 million euros for the financing of the purchase of homes in Spain and its subsequent rehabilitation with Wellness finishes. According with the real estate, Privalore, «these funds, by senior investors, represent endorsement to a business model that, despite its youth, is already giving successful fruits«. The company may acquire 60 new housing during the next three years, formalizing thus a model of business real estate unique in the country and giving possibility to others investors (by means of the mentioned Crowdfunding) of incorporate in to the rehabilitation that more cares our welfare, getting, also, benefits.

Privalore invest 2 million euros in Wellness homes

We must congratulate not only by the idea, also by its implementation, their website is simple, clear and effective and answer to almost any question that you can ask before that you do it (it shows their previous experience). However, if you want to interact with the company you must answer “Yes” to these two key questions: would you be able to invest between 3 and 10% more in the purchase of a property that protect you? Would you like to be a promoter of the rehabilitation of a House with zero carbon footprint that generated by wellness benefits for its users and benefits economics for you? If your answer is Yes, you know what to do.

Disclosure: The Luxonomist is not responsible about the views expressed in the article and has no business relationship with any of the companies listed on it.

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