Xiaomi Also Sells Mattresses

8 Hours of Healthy Sleep on Mi 8H Mattress M3.

The Luxonomist. 26/04/2017

Xiaomi stands in line with big names ensuring sleep comfort for millions of people. Recently the company came up with an upgraded version of its hit Mi 8H Mattress M1. Unlike foam M1 mattress the new M3 is a spring mattress. It is made out of eco-friendly materials, has impressive cooling features and provides perfect body support.

The mattress is made out of Thai latex

Mi 8H Mattress M3 comes with 696 individual pocket springs crafted out of reinforced carbon steel. Such amount of springs allows better motion isolation, which means that your sleeping partner will not feel any movement of yours.

It is made out of eco-friendly materials

The mattress is divided into 7 zones with different spring firmness to ensure that every part of human body is aligned properly during sleep. That zone, where the head should rest has firmer springs, and the zone, where pelvic should go, has weaker springs.

The mattress also comes with a detachable waterproof cover on YKK zipper

The mattress is made out of Thai latex, which is known for its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. It is resistant to dust mites and other microorganisms that could disturb your health. For a better ventilation and thermoregulation, multiple holes are spread evenly all around the mattress surface. The mattress also comes with a detachable waterproof cover on YKK zipper. It prevents coffee and other drinks from soaking through and can be cleaned with a simple cloth or using machine wash.

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