You, Me & The Sun

Five items essential to protect your pet from the sun.

I wish you enjoy a splendid summer  full of the peace  that gives be who  with you loves  in the sun. The first thing that comes to mind are good sunglasses. Undoubtedly the best and most popular brand of sunglasses is Doggles Pet. Here you can see all the models of sunglasses that they have for dogs:

Doggles. Model DGOR Originalz

1. SUNGLASSES: This is the Originalz model, the first designed. As everyone has their own 100% protection, shatterproof lenses and anti-fog. This design has a full screen with fixed glass, not interchangeable or replaceable. Ideal for dogs whose eyes protrude less and are closer together. Not only for the sun, also to protect your eyes when you take a bike ride or convertible jeep or car.

Later they designed the ILS (Interchangeable Lens System) model Doggles style, especially to exchange the colored crystals, by choice or because they are broken or damaged and even for different intensity of the sun by day or activity that go to make you and your dog.

Doggles. Model K9 Optix other seasons.

The Doggles K9 Optix SGMT are Doggles line. There are several models that change seasonally. The crystals are unbreakable, as expected of the brand and for such dogs. This year they have several very cool models. I like  the Aviator model reminiscent of Ray Ban sunglasses, the Silver. Doggles SGMT models have metal frame . If you don´t have the model you want in the size you need Doggles can make for you by request. K9 dog also have a rubber model, this fits better, it´s more functional and durable. But if you want real protection for eyes the best model is the Doggles ILS.

K9 dogs were dogs belonging in principle to the first unit of military dogs US Army, later of  the Armies of Europe, and today police also understood as trained dogs for security services. Even collaborating with organizations such as the Red Cross. These dogs are in charge of tracing missing persons, buried under rubble, snow, etc. Search for drugs and explosives. Accompaniments, guard and defense.

Doggles. Recognition cat doctor.

An excellent application for pet sunglasses to protect your eyes against possible adverse effects of certain diagnostic tests, when they are near the eye contour. Is this photograph you can see more clearly what I mean:

2.- SUNSCREEN: We always remember sunglasses in summer. But we forget really the more important that we should use even in winter. Yes indeed, sunscreen we forget more than once and when we sometimes we are too lazy to apply. And what do you think about sunscreen for pets?

Menforasan. Sunscreen.

There are several brands that specialize in cosmetics that have sun pet line. Personally, the one I like is Menforsan, surely you know since the last few years has become very popular in Spain, but have a strong presence worldwide for 40 years.

This sun milk in a convenient spray applicator, has SPF 30 UV UV-A B. It is a hypoallergenic formula, fragrance free, can be used for dogs and cats. Mainly applied to areas with little hair as abdomen, ears, nose, or shaved for surgery or skin dermatitis and in general areas before and during outdoor activities, especially in the summer months.

Pet BodyGlove pink cap, blue cap Pinkaholic and sailor cap Barking Baby

3.- CAPS: There are many models of caps and hats pet market. I´ve done you a selection of the most original, with higher quality and better design. Body Glove Pet is a  Body glove division specializes in garments and high quality items for surfing brand.  Always I´ll bet on them. They have only  one model in several colors, I’ve put in two pictures so you can watch attaches to your dog’s head with minimal discomfort.

Pinkaholic is a brand of pet clothing with very cute and high quality designs. This cap is an example of the 5 models they have on their web from  ss 2015 collection also all the models have a good head grip. This model looks like a sailor cap, it´s made of felt. It isn´t is  very practical, carries a rubber band to hold, but it is very original and different from any other design you can see in any store.

Barking Baby hat and blue cap Doogles

Following with Barking Baby, among the singular hats for pets that they make this is  original and cool, secured with tape as above. It may be practical to pet who oppresses the above type of grip. From Doogles is this canvas hat, as all you do is quality. You can find it in more colors.

It is attached with a ribbon. On their website, they themselves advise you moisten it a little to refresh your dog, as products and tips that we discussed in the previous post.

Camiseta para perros. Haz clic para comprar
Camiseta para perros

4.- T- SHIRTS: T- shirts sunprotective from Body Glove Pet, the Division for pets from Body Glove . They are Australians and know the dangers of the sun very well. I have chosen this in  yellow but they have more colors on their web.

5.- FOOTWEAR: Something we overlooked is that our pets are usually barefoot. It is normal, but remember that one of the key parts of dog´s body   for exchanging heat are their legs. And remember the  sensitivity of their pads, too. In summer the sun not only affects us and them, also on the ground. This seems like an obvious statement when it would be if we took them to do outdoor activities in the worst hours of sun with the asphalt of the city, the terrain of the field or the beach sand  put about to burn, saver them as we took ourselves.

Ruffwear. Dog in the field in the sun with shoes and trough

To a lower level, as someone well-known says: Oh!  very good radiant heating : Yes, the dogs are jumping! It’s a fun exaggeration, it depends on what temperature you put it, but serves to illustrate what I mean and you extrapolate  the situation. I already talked of the quality of products from  Ruffwear for boots I  only advise those of this brand.

Don´t  forget the advice of my previous articles and especially hydration and replenishment of minerals as well as being in cool places sheltered from the sun are fundamental issues. Most accessories that have appointed in this series of articles, except those specific to dogs, can be used for cats , the difficulty is putting them on.

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