Expensive car? Take a Look the Accessories!

For some years, the bags are a complementary primary line of luxury car brands, not so much.

Two weeks ago, Rolls-Royce presented all trumpeted his briefcase picnic media. A quirk designed for Rolls-Royce called Picnic Hamper and had a value of $ 46,000. The basket in question, a leather box containing crockery, glassware, and cutlery for four. Although it seems expensive is not the most expensive Rolls-Royce collection because the picnic basket for Phantom Coupe has a value of $ 400,000, made even more luxurious materials.

Rolls 4

And Rolls-Royce is not the only luxury car manufacturer to launch an ad-hoc line of accessories for their vehicles. For some years, the bags are a complementary primary line of luxury car brands, not so much. For example, Porche has its line of luxury luggage for each model of vehicle, and the success was so important that the brand already own their additions stores that extend sunglasses, driving gloves and even a business unit fashion. The German firm has two lines, female and male, and can be customized accessories.

Porsche lug 3
Porsche luxury luggage

There are three versions for this collection: one consisting of a set of five pieces, another three and a third consisting of two elements. The full game has two boxes to store objects, two garment bags and a suitcase with wheels. The latter has been specially designed to fit in the trunk of the 918 Spyder and has a capacity of 30 liters. Its unusual shape leaves more than enough room in the trunk to keep the two sides also the removable roof of the 918 Spyder. The trolley can be expanded to gain an additional 10 liters if necessary.

Dos trolleys para él. Cómpra aquí
Mini bags

Much cheaper plan, but no less chic, Mini was the first company vehicle reasonable prices also launched its line of bags adapted to the trunk of their cars. The Mini style and has become a way of life – muppies, technology, millennials and concerned about the environment. Urbanites men and women who see the car one more way to express who they are, and they have the community know exactly suitcases fit them in your trunk.

Ferrari 3

Another classic among millionaires is Ferrari, which of course also has its suitcases model, in this case by an additional 100,000 euros accounts with bags that fit perfectly into the car. British Jaguar also has yours for the F-TYPE and BMW launched its luxury luggage set designed by LV last year.

The accessories have become the business unit that allows this luxury industry or a very niche market extend its «philosophy» of life inside your vehicle.

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