Telefónica Launches Movistar+

A unique television offer with the best content at the best price.

The Luxonomist. 16/07/2015
Movistar premia a sus clientes
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Telefónica  presented MOVISTAR+, the TV offer resulting from the merger of Movistar TV and CANAL+, characterized by its straightforwardness and simplicity, without commitments or long contracts, besides having the best TV content on the market at a unique price.

The new offer will be automatically extended, without any additional charge, from Wednesday 8 July, to all customers of CANAL+ and those of Movistar who have Fusión TV para Todos, and it will be gradually extended to all other customers of Movistar TV, regardless of whether they have Movistar Fusión TV or not. In total, 3.6 million customers will be able to access the new Movistar+ offer.

Movistar users who are currently signed up to the convergent Fusión offer, including TV, will also receive, with the incorporation of CANAL+, the best live sports, all the latest series, many of them exclusive, cult series, Hollywood releases, the bullfighting on CANAL+, CANAL+ itself, a range of over 5,000 programmes, unique and innovative features such as cloud recordings, the viewing of favourite content over the last 7 days and the Yomvi multi-device application, all with the strength of a Digital Telco such as Telefonica, and powerful fixed – 300 Mbps – and mobile – 4G – connectivity and more market coverage. Current customers of CANAL+ will receive new content and channels in their offer, such as Motor Racing, Moto GP and the Movistar series.

The aim of MOVISTAR+ will be to offer the best TV content in Spain and develop the market in the country, committing itself at the same time to different access platforms such as IPTV (television via Internet), satellite and Over The Top (from the cloud), allowing TV to be watched on any device.

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Movistar+. Click for more information

Luis Miguel Gilpérez, Chairman of Telefonica Spain, stated “We believe that with this offer we can reach more customers, as it is designed to suit their needs, tastes and preferences. And we not only have the best content, but also the most innovative features and the most advanced services”.

The basic MOVISTAR+ package can be purchased for 20 euros per month and includes more than 80 TV channels, a range of 5,000 titles of movies, series, documentaries and children’s programmes, as well as CANAL+.

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Customers can add the following to this basic package:

  • All the SERIES of CANAL+ Series and CANAL+ Series Xtra, with all the content of Movistar Series and CANAL+ Series (Game of Thrones, Versailles, Orange Is the New Black, Better Call Saul), for only 5 euros a month.
  • All the FILMS, with CANAL+ Estrenos (Big Hero 6, The Imitation Game, How to Train Your Dragon 2) and five theme channels with the best movies and the most exclusive content, for an additional 9 euros per month.
  • All the SPORTS, on the Movistar F1, Movistar MotoGP, CANAL+ Deportes, CANAL+ Deportes2 and CANAL+ Golf channels, for 20 euros a month. The upcoming events include the Wimbledon final, the German MotoGP and the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix, The US Open, etc.)
  • In addition, the possibility of receiving on demand channels such as CANAL+ Toros, Caza y Pesca, Mezzo and Classica.
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Movistar+. Click for more information

Furthermore, the additional options and packages called PREMIUM, PREMIUM EXTRA and PREMIUM TOTAL are created. The first of them allows customers to add to their basic package options such as SPORTS, FILMS and SERIES. PREMIUM EXTRA also includes the options of SPORTS, FILMS and SERIES, as well as demand channels like Caza y Pesca, Mezzo and Classica. And PREMIUM TOTAL includes everything in the previous two options plus  Canal+ Toros. At no additional cost, the three PREMIUM packages include  the “Last seven days” option: an automatic recording which makes all the content from the previous week available.

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Movistar+. Click for more information

The best content on the market is presented on Movistar+ in a straightforward way. The content is sorted by genres on the new dial and divided into new channels. Thus, in the basic package, together with over 80 channels, a new CANAL+ arrives, a channel created to become the best way of discovering the varied Movistar+ proposals. The basic package, available to 3.6 million customers,  also includes  the Yomvi service for accessing content from anywhere and from any device, as well as the cloud recorder.

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