10 unforgettable places to married in North America

If you want to have the best wedding, think big, you must go to the most powerful nation of the world, to a State that have style and elegance.

There is no excuse for not marrying with a big ceremony, the traditions have gone out of fashion, the social networks allow your loved ones to enjoy in the distance, if you organize it well may even you exit most cost-effective (no guests), and, finally and ultimately the marriage is just for two, the marriage could to be a unforgettable adventure. This week, at The Luxonomist, I teach 10 amazing places in North America where you will not only can to marry once… you would want to do it several times!

The first building in which you will not regret never having married is the Chicago Cultural Center. It was opened in 1897, and it’s a building protected (of course) that has been official reception of the city for Presidents, Kings and diplomats. It was the first cultural center of the United States, but before it pointed out ways: was a library. There you can stumble with the Chicago children’s choir and give the «Yes, I want» under a 12-meter-diameter with Tiffany glass dome.

From Illinois, we traveled to California, where you can marry in the very city council of the San Francisco. Built in 1915 by replacing a building that was demolished in the earthquake of 1906. It has a dome of 90 meters high (one of the largest in the world) and inside have been shot movies like «Wedding plans» or «The rock». It is one of the favorite places for many couples in the area… so prepare in advance the event if you want to marry under their dome or in the fourth floor (with greater intimacy). If you are of the same sex, you will have the incentive of knowing that you contract marriage in the first Town Hall who married same sex couples (in the U.S.).

After an hour and fifteen minutes we landed in Los Angeles, there we suggest that you link your future at the Angeles Gate Park. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, on a perfectly green lawn, this park which houses the Korean Bell of friendship, with exquisite architectural with details in bronze that has been recently restored. If you love the countryside you can carry your kites and enjoy a good picnic or stroll along trails that wind around the Park, always, overlooking the Pacific.

Now, we are going to cross the country to teach another magical place where to unite lives, we are in Detroit, in the greenhouse of Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory (in the «Belle Isle» or beautiful island). It opened its doors in the distant 1.904, and is the greenhouse that has not closed the oldest United States public. On the island there is only space for it and a botanical garden. The glass building maintains the original design, although in 1953 wooden frame was replaced by one of iron and aluminium. Get married here has prize… Green!

Four hours later, if the plane does not suffer delays, we can be in The Hamptons. There you can get married at the Parrish Art Museum. It is an ideal place if you are lovers of architecture since it was designed by Herzog & de Meuron and constructed in 2012, you can enjoy of as the combination of iron beams, covered with wood and concrete walls make this elongated building a perfect place to enjoy of art… or marrying!, also is perfect if you have much family that you don’t want to leave you in the happy moment… can accommodate up to 300 people.

And from coast to coast, from New York to Louisiana, we would land specifically (after five hours of flight) in New Orleans. Where expected us Il Mercato, which, as the name suggests, was built as a market in 1931, ideal if you want to marry reminding our beloved country nothing better that this place, due to the Spanish colonial style, which permeates the outside and inside. Its doors opened in 2014 of the hands of the restaurateur Joel Dondis, and if you love the romance you can convert your large patio in the place where to exchange the vows.

Go back (as the crabs) is something that you will want to do this time, believe me, New York awaits us with the most incredible place in which you can be handcuffed: the Public Library. Yes, you read well, you can marry in the fabulous Fifth Avenue building, if you can take off the eyes of the amazing environment that surrounds you… of the more than 53 million books and articles containing and a story that continues to grow.

You could not miss in this singular list the State of Texas, we show there the Caswell House, in Austin, a building which is on the national register of historic places. The Victorian building is one of the favorites for a wedding, enjoy the atmosphere and Texan hospitality under your porch or on the second floor overlooking the beautiful dome of the State Capitol… your retinas will obtain unforgettable memories forever!!

Now, if you are of those people who desperately love the nature, calm, we have found the ideal place for your wedding: the New England Aquarium in Boston. If you are able to imagine your future surrounded by nature, you are suitable to join your lives into romantic Boston Dock, without a doubt, one of the few places in the world where the guests will be penguins, sharks, seals or turtles… The New England Aquarium awaits you with its backdrop: the sea.

And, as in the best movies, the highlight comes at the end, we moved to Philadelphia, in particular, to the State Penitentiary, Yes, again you read well, must have a robust heart to marry where so much suffering was infringed, it must be of noble sentiments to give birth in a gloomy building, although in this sense the hosts have lit the pavilions with LED lights enhancing the unique and historic architecture of the criminal place… Would join your lives in this place? You dare to so much? Or do you prefer the Church or town hall in your town or city?

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