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The physiological sensor of the client and the environment sensor of the room. One will inform the other. The other will in-form the management system which will process the data instantly to acclimatize the space accordingly.

Fernando Gallardo. 07/07/2015
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Nest room (Photo: Click for more information

Google acquired the company Nest, specializing in smart thermostats, by 3,200 million paid in cash. This move confirms one of the clearest trends in the digital landscape glimpsed: the so-called Internet of Things, this is a world hyper via mobile sensors, will take flight in the tourism industry this year, although its final results yet it will take five years to be commonly used by consumers.

What does this new and far-fetched concept? The logic of the new digital era and the derivation of all industrial processes to 3D printing, together with the progressive lowering of microchips and gadgets, allow all objects around us are connected and intelligent detectors of our reality . Like today many of us are already active sensors through misnamed and mobile phones.

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Nest thermostat (Photo: Click for more information

And what will bring this world of devices connected to the tourism industry? Imagine the future thermostat Google, developed and manufactured by its division Nest -the company recently acquired by the giant norteamericano-, once it has been installed in the rooms of a hotel, not unlike the circulator or smoke detectors.

At first, the host can activate by said thermostat app just hours before arrival of the desired room temperature, avoiding the expense in assuming that mechanical function, saving explanation of its operation in the inauguration of the bedroom or forcing the designer hotel standardize their use in all rooms and public spaces.

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Nest thermostat app (Photo: Click for more information

At a later time-and that’s where Google shows his true interest to buy Nest-, thanks to Big Data, the system recognizes the host and activate the thermostat just when you need it at the right temperature. No temperature of your choice, it would be easy, but at the right temperature for the perfect functioning of your body. 

How do? Because it will have connected two devices in common use in the near future: the physiological sensor customer and environmental sensor of the room. One report to another. The other report to one. And both management system, which will process the data instantly to properly acclimatize space.

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Nest thermostat stand (Photo: Click for more information

This is just one example of the advantages that begins providing Internet of Things or an interconnected world through digital technology. We can imagine many things throughout the stay of a traveler whose needs will be met by an intelligent sensor system such as Nest and whose wishes should be anticipated, thanks to technology, a human template dedicated to practicing emotional liturgies rather than mechanical and boring services.

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Nest cam (Photo: Click for more information

The technology goes, again, in rescuing people, the redeemed of his alienation and offers the most promising for intelligent life to them creativity. How to resist to paradise in an industry, tourism, the best promise is heaven itself?

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