The Most Modern Hanging Rooms of the World

If you want to enjoy of the nature to the great and high will have to travel to Lapland and sleep in this hotel, do you dare?

Something that becomes very clear when we see the success that have hotels in the trees is that the man descended from the monkey. A success, inter alia, because it brings us closer to our me more natural, so that sleep in a tree is an exercise of the most advisable, especially if you long for the childhood times when you played in a hut at the top of the tree in your garden (such as Bart Simpson) or, as I, you dreamed to do so someday.

But, since we are going to do it (sleeping in a tree), the better way to do it is with style and modernity, nothing of cabins made with the nearest factory pallets, or cabins of Leroy Merlin adapted for the tree placement, the best is to collect a little money and go to the Lapland Swedish, in concrete to the TreeHotel, where we will discover the world’s most incredible pendants rooms, those to which gives vertigo to climb, and which gives laziness to lower.

There they offer seven different types to enjoy of the nature, the Bird’s Nest, the Blue Cone, cabin, MirrorCube, the Ufo, Dragonfly and 7th Room. What should we choose? Maybe that suits our tastes… or that is vacant! Anyway, now I say unto you that I stay with the MirrorCube, but before reaching it we will talk about each one of the rooms.

The Bird’s Nest is hardly seen from afar, its camouflage exterior gives the most arboreal of the aspects, but the interior is very cozy, with walls lined with wood and very small windows. It is designed for four people, one double bed and two singles, but you will have to go to a nearby building to shower or enjoy the sauna. Its architect, Inredningsgruppen Bertil Harstrom, gave wings to the imagination to design. Price: 517 euros for two people per night.

The hotel boasts of to be integrated in the nature of form innovative and sustainably, thus, the cottages have been built with the least negative effect for the environment, making constructions in living trees, without destroying or cut none during the task. The exterior soil is composed of wooden Eco, this wood does not contain any chemical substance, to guarantee greater resistance heats up to 200 ° C prior to use.

The Cabin has stunning views towards the Valley of the river Lule. It’s a platform at the top of a steep slope that you access through a horizontal bridge held between trees. It has an area of 24 square meters shaped parallelepiped, with capacity for two people in a bed double (look for where), toilets and a spectacular terrace on the deck. For the designers, Mårten Cyrén and Gustav Cyrén Cyren and Cyren, prevailed the views. Price: identical to the previous.

All the rooms of the different complexes are heated thanks to the underfloor heating (the best invention of mankind), enjoy of thermal insulation and acquire electricity thanks to hydroelectric systems (generate water power in movement), of course, this is possible thanks to the use of luminaires Led´s (always Led´s) whose power consumption is of laugh. The hanging quarters do not have sewer, avoids the impact that would have on nature waste leakage.

The Dragonfly is the largest room of the hotel, with 52 square meters of cabin, we can use it as a large suite or conference room (cool). To access the building via a ramp from 15 metres long, in it, you can enjoy the views thanks to huge windows. The rusty look of the exterior metal combined with the interior finish in dark wood. If you use it as a conference room can accommodate up to 10 people. All, interior and exterior, it has been conceived by Rintala Eggertsson Architects, they deserve a praise. By the way, the price per day is 792 euros per day.

The cabins are cleaned with environmentally friendly products, you know, those which if you spill it not make a hole in the stone, not stay eternally there, or kill who touches it. The toilets have a system of incineration by combustion to 600 ° C, basins are free from odors and are electrically powered. The baths care expenditure of water so no more than necessary to wash hands, face or teeth is wasted.

The Blue Cone is the most accessible building of all, is composed of a structure of traditional wood sustained by three points from the ground, giving lightness and stability. It is located near a mountain from which access to the cabin by a bridge, this bridge is adapted for people with disabilities. It has 22 square meters, four beds, toilets and living room. Its designer, SandellSandberg, loves wood, is clear. Price: 517 euros per night.

The Ufo was designed by the same creator of the bird’s nest, test of the contrasts that exist in the same person… It is the ideal place to discover that you feel when you are abduct, that yes, in company, given that is intended for five people, who are contesting their wonderful 30 and extraterrestrial square meters. If perhaps you feel fear, you have free wifi (as in other buildings) for call for help. Price: identical to the previous one.

The 7th Room has a picture at the bottom with images of canopy trees, more camouflage?, the building holds 10 metres of height, almost in the clouds, and you reach it through endless stairs. It has incomparable views of the River, thanks to large windows and is ideal to see the Aurora Borealis. The courtyard is covered with a network, where appear a pine. The surface covers 100 square meters where are two double beds, a sofa bed, lounge, toilets, bathroom, and a lot of Scandinavian Interior wood, and wood carbonized in the exterior. Price: 1.583 euros per night.

As I have already said, my favorite building is the MirrorCube, an incredible work in form of cube whose facades are covered with mirrors, this is camouflage!! An aluminum frame with 4 meters per side surrounds the tree, mirrors on the outside and plywood on the inside, a great combination of materials. 12-metre of bridge separates us from the cube, inside only there is space for two people who will enjoy a double bed, toilet, living room and a terrace on the roof (I love). Designers: Bolle Tham and Martin Videgard of Tham & Videgard. Price: the usual 😉

Of course, you will not spend all day doing the monkey in the tree, the hotel offers summer activities such as hiking, guided tours, in mountain biking, excursions, kayaking, horse riding or enjoy of the Sun at midnight. And, if we are in winter, you can ride on snowmobiles, excursions on sleds pulled by dogs, ice-fishing, build an igloo with our hands or cross-country horse-drawn. Don’t tell me that you don’t feel like of a getaway this Christmas

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