A Dialogue Between Fashion and Food

La Roca Village combines the best of fashion and food this summer.

The Luxonomist. 30/06/2015
Javier Torres (Chef), Tamu McPherson (Directora de arte), Sergio Torres (Chef) - Fotografía Carmen Vila
Javier Torres (Chef), Tamu McPherson (Art Director) and Sergio Torres (Chef) (Photo: Carmen Vila)

Fashion and food require a creative process based in inspiration. Throughout this summer, La Roca Village is combining these two worlds to create a sophisticated confluence of inspirations, capable of inspiring the senses. The best selection of fashion brands will combine with the highest quality gourmet Catalan food, providing the visitor with a unique shopping experience and a perfect day’s excursion this summer.

The new campaign was presented by the award-winning chefs the Torres Twins- Javier and Sergio Torres – who have been a fundamental part of the discovery of a dialogue between fashion and food, through a creative exchange with photographer and ArtDirector Tamu McPherson.

La Roca 1
La Roca Village Fashion / Torres Twins Royal almond milk with fig leaf (Photo: Tamu McPherson)

The textures, colours and shapes of 10 recipes created by the Torres Twins have served to inspire Tamu, who has created a series of photographs of 10 fashion looks that will remain on La Roca Village’s digital platforms during the coming months.

This collaboration was presented yesterday before our guests and ended with a challenge: the Torres Twins created live a Royal with milk, almonds and fig leaves, adishmade exclusively for La Roca Village and inspired by McPherson’s style during the event. Javier and Sergio Torres talked about how interesting it was getting involved in this project, «joining together these two similar worlds which both find in inspiration their union bond.»

La Roca 2
La Roca Village Fashion / Torres Twins Strawberry Charlot and wasabi (Photo Tamu McPherson)

La Roca Village will continue this fashion-food dialogue until 30th August, before transforming itself into a showcase of the best ofmade in Catalonia, focussing on food and putting the best in class of Catalan gourmet in the reach of a highly sophisticated international public constantly in search of the exquisite and the exclusive.

La Roca 3
La Roca Village Fashion / Torres Twins Lily with pumpkin (Photo Tamu McPherson)

During the coming months, visitors to the village will be able to experience the authentic taste of Catalonia through the Catalonia Gourmet Market, a unique space located in the plaza of the Lobby Cafe, catered by theCluster Gourmet de Catalunya. The gourmet market will feature a selection of exclusive gastronomic souvenirs of the best gourmet Catalan products, which the thousands of visitors to La Roca Village we expect this summer, of which it is estimated 60% are international, can purchase and enjoy at home.

La Roca 4
Catalonia Gourmet Market, La Roca Village (Photo Carmen Vila)

Amongst the more than 130 boutiquesof both the best national and international brands, the best of Catalan gourmet will be presented: from the mythical nougats of Torrons Vicens, to the yogurts of El Pastoret de la Segarra, Juve i Camps cava, the cocas of Perafita, oils from Dama de Elaia and Serra Ferran, cheeses from Betara and sausages from Mas Gourmets and Embotits Salgot.

Show cooking Foto I - Hermanos Torres (Chefs), Peté Soler (Periodista) y Tamu McPherson (Directora de arte) - Fotografía Carmen Vila
Show cooking: Twin Torres (Chefs), Peté Soler (Journalist) and Tamu McPherson (Art Director) (Photo: Carmen Vila)

The eight restaurants that comprise La Roca Village’s gastronomic offering also join the gastro experience, which the visitors will experience through drink kiosks that will serve organic juices, ice creams and cocktails, creating an authentic gastronomic route throughout the length of the village.

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