Apple Watch in Russia and the Image of Vladimir Putin

On July 30 officially they put on sale the first units of  Apple revolutionary watch, both in New Zealand and Turkey and Russia. Caviar jewelry company Perna has launched a deluxe edition with Vladimir Putin´s signature.

Abel Amón. 04/09/2015
Apple Watch Putin con la firma de Putin grabada
Apple Watch Putin con la firma de Putin grabada
Apple Watch with Putin’s signature by Caviar Perna

In Russia it  has appeared three versions of the clock (basic, sports and luxury) at prices well above the average for the rest of the world. The problem of the collapse of the ruble, which we have discussed in these pages, complicated certainttly  the pricing of the products of the leading technology firm. Recall that in the midst of the monetary crisis in Russia in late 2014, Apple decided to stay for a few weeks its online sales.

Retail sales of Apple Watch began in Russia at 7:01 am local time through the Apple Store, of the Moscow capital. The highly anticipated product, officially launched on April 24, is available for purchase in Russia not only in the Apple Store, but also in the iPort shops, Re Store, and C-Shop of several Russian cities. The price depends on the region and varies as follows:

El Apple Watch Sport puede costar
The Apple Watch Sport can cost about 28,000 rubles
  • Apple Watch Sport: 23.990 RUB to 27.990 RUB
  • Apple Watch: 37.990 RUB to 78.990 RUB
  • Apple Watch Edition: 660,000 RUB to RUB 1,120,000 RUB

The change / EUR is around 75 units, which means that you can buy a basic Apple Watch for 1000 EUR in Moscow, for example, on the island of Sakhalin, near Japan, the same clock would be worth 500 EUR

Russian Prime Minister with Steve Jobs in 2010. (Photo: businessinside)

Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister a frequent  user of Apple products. Dmitri Medvedev, the Russian prime minister was caught with a brand new Apple Watch on your wrist, well before they went on sale on the date that we have indicated. Medvedev has always been a strong supporter of the American company, besides being an admirer of Steve Jobs with whom he personally met several times.

However Apple has resisted the sanctions policy that have passed both the US and the EU, among others on the occasion of Russian policy in Ukraine, because of that Apple is not allowing online sales to Crimea, a territory annexed by Russia Ukraine claims.

Apple Watch de Caviar
No.1 Apple Watch Putin by Caviar Perna

Deluxe edition with the image and signature of Vladimir Putin. The Russian-Italian jewelry Caviar Perna, designed a line of luxury Apple Watch, called Smart Watch Russophilic where the first model launched is the «Putin-watch». As hinted at in the name, this SmartWatch limited edition to 999 units, is inspired by Russian President Vladimir Putin and includes his signature design. It is coated with gold and also includes the outline of the panoramic view of Moscow. Of course, it includes all the functions and features that Apple has all Watch. It costs around $ 3,000.

This is not the first luxury device sold with the image of the Russian leader. Last June, he was released an iPhone 5S coated with 18 carat gold and Putin’s portrait engraved by hand and the two-headed eagle coat of arms of Russia. The phone was described by the company as «the best way to express patriotism.» For this new device, Vladimir Putin has done so far, comments, nor Mandaa stop selling a product for which his image is used. It should be noted that although it is luxury, this is not the most expensive version of Apple Watch, which totaled $ 10,000.

Detalle del Apple Watch Putin con
Detail Apple Watch Putin with the silhouette of Moscow.

More Russian versions.

Caviar Perna said that other versions of Apple Watch inspired by Tsar Peter the Great and the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin are available. «All these leaders are highly respected by the people and they have some things in common, they are innovative and very important people with strong ideas and did a lot for the evolution, development and independence of Russia,» said a spokesman for the jewelry. For now, only the sale of smart watches in Russia is contemplated, but in the near future plan to sell Saudi Arabia, China and the United States.

Sales of technology products in Russia on fire.

As reported in the chain of appliance stores M-Video, in recent weeks there has been an increase in demand to 156% higher technology product offering, especially of the top models of both Apple and Samsung. The possible explanation is that the Russians before the sharp fall of the ruble, prefer to buy products of value, rather than lose big part of their savings denominated in Russian currency. Furthermore, anticipating a sharp rise in prices of these products make advance purchases of their favorite smartphones and computers. A similar phenomenon took place in the final weeks of 2014. In short, Apple for Russians it is a haven.

Apple Watch Putin, detalle
Apple Watch Putin, detail

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