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Tradition and modernity guarantee the trajectory and knowhow of this House, which translates into a flawless product.

Parade after parade, collection after collection, season after season we see that the cape has come to stay in our closet. In Capas Seseña are very clear, after more than 115 years devoted exclusively to luxury craftsmanship of the cloak,  and other models, continue with the same enthusiasm, vision and creating trend, which since its founding. Santos Seseña bet big on the cloak and possible innovations leaving him only as only male tailor made Spanish capes besides the rest of masculine tailoring so he achieved great notoriety among society.

Capa con hojas de lúrex dorado. Compra aquí
Cape with leaf motifs embroidered with gold lurex thread. Clic to buy

In the United States, a country that has prided their business, are «business» know very well and admire that a family business reaches 3rd generation, long story to 4th, as in this case. Hard work, vision, adaptation to the circumstances of time , not lose the spirit of the company on the road and impeccable business plan is required.

Establecimiento principal en Madrid de Capas Seseña
Seseña. Principal shop.

The web of the firm is exciting. Besides being able to buy from anywhere in the world where you are (their first client was a man of Springfield, USA), you can read the magnificent Journal, a blog really interesting, original and fresh, if you love fashion.

Seseña. Streetstyle. Capa Henry. Designed initially for a publisher of Rolling Stone. Click to buy

NOWADAYS. Since the Golden Globe Awards in 2014 Tom Ford stunned the world with an impeccable white coat dress worn by Gwyneth Paltrow and Ralph Lauren dressed Lupita Nyong’o another in coral, the world turned its eyes to the cape again but in an innovative way: The layer has ceased to be a seasonal garment and has other patterns along with the classic. Since 2013 ,  in Capas Seseña, Marcos Seseña and Marina Conde were working on it. Marina Conde  – La Condesa  – made a capsule collection that rose to her first catwalk at Madrid Fashion Show – «Cornucopia» -. That’s being at the forefront of fashion!

foto 6 y 2
Golden Globe Awards 2014. Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a Tom Ford and Lupita Nyong’o a Ralph Lauren. Right, Capa Olga. Click to buy

In addition to the classic models of Spanish layer, especially the 1901 and Alfonso (one of its amendments) by replacing the esclavina for  with large spread velvet collar  and the disappearance of brooches, they remain highly acclaimed even by  the youngest who like to invest in good pieces.

foto 10 y 11
Alfonso Cloak in black and burgundy / 1901 Cloak in black. Click to buy

Marcos Seseña still working to launch groundbreaking collections of capes,  shorter, colorists, with light fabrics and absolutely unique, which can wear 12 months of the year the pieces. Among the proposals you can find lightweight fabrics, unlined, for the warmer months. The more enveloping fabrics are modernized with herringbone tweed and wool blends, cotton or mohair hair. Also tissue type trench coats, raincoats, for rainy days.

Seseña. Click to buy

There are also capes in exquisite jacquard fabrics with floral patterns, vibrant prints, leaf motifs embroidered with gold lurex thread. Looking to the fall, warmer designs in fabrics, herringbone tweed, hair textured , and longer silhouettes that allow transition to the cold months are presented.

foto 12 y 1
Seseña. Click to buy

You can use these new capes as shelter transitional jacket for day to day and even cover up on a LBD, party dress for a wedding in seasons of spring and autumn and even in night summer events, where for reasons of protocol or weather you should go covered. Almost infinite combinations, so that the layer is a real proposal that can be removed to the streets all year.

foto 13 y 15
Seseña. Click to buy

In Capas Sesena have bespoke service. Under the creative direction of Paula Caballero, designer also from the latest collections, they offer the ability to customize or create a model (or even 5 as recently purchased a client), which offers a long life to the company and the world of the cape .

It is true that to wear a cloak must have some personal style. With Seseña capes  , you have no problem, because if you have chosen any model, sure you know why you’ve gone there and not anywhere else, besides the quality of its fabrics, the cut and finish make virtually the rest. Here you have a beautiful video about his classic 1901 model, how to wear, how to «fly» a  woolen cloth of salmantina sheep, with esclavina, brooches in charros style and  embozos in    cotton velvet. The comfort and satisfaction are assured Nobody will offer a cut and such exquisite manufacturing like them!

Diferentes tejidos de Seseña
Seseña. Different tissues.

A LITTLE OF THEIR HISTORY. But how it got here? That people as diverse as the Kings of Spain Juan Carlos and Sofía, Hillary Clinton, Michael Jackson, Jeff Bezos, Pablo Picasso, Camilo Jose Cela, Federico Fellini, Fernando Arrabal and Placido Domingo are or have been regulars of the shop  , buying not only for themselves but for several of his friends is not improvised or a stroke of luck. It is customary in Seseña buy several models or several copies of one or two models, because the work well done and the savoir faire, attract.

foto 19 y 20
Seseña. Click to buy

Capas Seseña was born in Madrid and principal place of remains from the last century: La Cruz, 23. In the heart of old Madrid, where still real gems business «artisans» who really are artists in ancient crafts, preserved the world of Haute Couture , who can never lose them or will die, regardless of the new fabrics and new techniques that they do not reject at all, since they also are true professionals.

Hillary Clinton con capa negra y azul. A la dcha, capa
Hillary Clinton wearing a Seseña cape.

If Santos Seseña specialized in Spanish capes, Thomas Seseña was who internationalized the business interacting with who we now call: celebrities, socialites and «real famous» – We are talking about the 20s of the last century – Something for that Anna Wintour is recognized like part of her innovation and genius as editor of Vogue USA (and made for the first time in the 80s).

Picasso tenia cuatro capas de Seseña
Pablo Picasso had 4 layers of Seseña.

Years later came the specialization by Enrique Seseña and Conchita Diez, who launched the first exclusive collection for women and devoted entirely to the capes. Currently the reins of the company are held by Marcos Seseña, who has completely renovated the business image, he has been responsible for the new website (they have been selling online since 1998).

Marcos Seseña, actual CEO de la empresa
Marcos Seseña current CEO of the Company.

He is also focused on bringing the cape to a younger audience, with new designs that perfectly convey the essence of the firm with a modern and  international touch on both lines: man and woman. Tell me whether or not it is a model business plan.

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