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The Luxonomist. 08/05/2015
Bamboo and Wood
Bamboo and Wood hand made sunglasses

Radikalvip Bamboo and Wood Sunglasses was born in the heart of Dublin in 2015. Directed by Lara Oliveras from ecommerce accelerator of startups IDODI IRELAND LTD. The company is designed to offer the ultimate sunglasses totally natural product . It is also recyclable, biodegradable, energy efficient and non-toxic. With minimal treatment, unique natural bamboo or wood grain patterns and affordable price.

Sun lovers, entrepreneurs, scientifics, exploratory aviators, sports addicts, music and fashion admirers, and cool business people. We are much more than just a sunglasses brand. We are a lifestyle, an attitude, a way of understanding life. Follow your dreams and enjoy the live. We are Radikal, we are Vip, definitely we are Radikalvip.

Bamboo and Wood 2
Ocean blue lens and eco-friendly natural bamboo. Surf with the power of a wave or swim with dolphins! Or just lay down on a palm tree! Relax and chill out, enjoy the view with agent sunglasses!. Click to buy

Radikalvip offers a wide range of sunglasses all of them based on the most trendy fashion style. Choose between a wide range of natural bamboo, carbonized bamboo, elegant painted bamboo or natural handcraft wood sunglasses in a different natural treatments.

Bamboo and wood are 100% natural material therefore all our shades are handmade. To have and excellent vision, all our lenses are UV400 Protection and meet CE Standards and of course they are polarized. Each sunglass is carefully designed and handcrafted.

Bamboo and Wood 3
Red rose skateboard wood sunglasses polarized lens. Red skateboard wood sunglasses will give you power and leadership! Red always promotes ambition and determination. Some of the celebs. that love red sunglasses are Madonna and Ceelo Green! Front frame red and arms natural wood colour. Click to buy

Inspired by the beauty of natural bamboo and wood for the frame and wild nature colors for lenses. Our Radikalvip are bespoke sunglasses finished one by one, we are proud to say that we are designing luxury handmade sunglasses but a reasonable price. We have more styles and colors than anybody; use them in every kind of weather, everywhere and any time; because your Radikalvip will be inimitable!

Bamboo and Wood 4
Top round bamboo polarized flash lemon yellow. Round glasses for real creative people just like Salvador DALÍ which glasses will be the infinitely minute part of your personality. As Salvador Dalí quote: “Take me, I am the drug; take me, I am hallucinogenic.” Click to buy

If you want to follow your dreams, do not settle for you and each day is a challenge, Radikalvip is your reference brand from now. We work caring for the environment, all handmade and with great affection. Try a Radikalvip and nothing will ever be the same. You will see everything more radikal, smarter and more vip.

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